Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quilt show, fall

We went to a quilt show yesterday in springfield. I saw alot of beautiful quilts.I also saw alot of pretty fabric. So much fabric ,sew little time to quilt with. I got a glittery fat quarter to use in my barn quilt for the month of December, which means snow sometimes here in missouri.I do not like snow to drive on, but it is pretty to look at after the falling and seeing the glistening of the sun hitting it.

We have a persimmon tree in the field behind us. I went and pick one or other 4 and looked inside of two of the seeds, a shovel is what I seen ,so that means a lot of shoveling in these parts. I have been thinking about trying some persimmon butter and some jelly. I have to wait until it frosts here, but with this cool weather , probably won`t be long. I have never made any of these but wouild like to try them.

Some of the trees are now starting the turning of the leaves to orange, yellow and red ,brown. Which comes the soup making and chilli eating time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

nothing exciting here....

Well, like the title of this post nothing exciting going on around here. The summer heat is back, along with the humidity.I so enjoyed the cool nights we had a couple of weeks ago.I thought of something to post on saturday night ,while I was waiting for my husband to get home, but come sunday morning the thought was gone. They say , that`s the first thing to Ok I am not the old, just a young chicken, lol.

Enough bout age. All of the tv shows are coming back on, yay. I get see my favorites, new ones ,instead of reruns. I am anxouis to see all my favorites and check out a couple of the new ones. I watched Chase last night, it was pretty good.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

therapy, new modem, first place.....

I have some catching up to do since I posted last.I am now doing physical therapy at home ,due to neck pain. The neck pain stemed from the migranes I was having.The doctor sated that I have bone spurs in the neck, ( several) and degenerative ,which is like arthritis, but not.Sometime my left arm goes numb but able to still move it. This is due to a bone spur between the 6 and 7 cervical vertibrae. So therapy for now. I do cervical traction, which is a contraption that pulls your neck up, I don`t know if any of you have seen the Andy Griffin show where Barney has to be a certain height ,so they put a device like the cervical traction on him,Yes, my family laughs at me, lol.
The old modem went out, don`t know why , but it did, seems like we replace the modem every year.
I entered 2 of my quilt tops at the Seymour Apple festival and one won first place. Yay, it was my county fair chicken quilt, It took me a long time to get all the block patterns for this. I was not gonna enter this one but my mom stated why don`t you enter that one, so I did. The other quilt top was the Peace quilt pattern that Walmart had put out in July. My oldest so loves this quilt, She might get it for christmas.
I have started 2 quilts for my girls for christmas, I hope I get them done, as well as an afghan ,that I work on at night.The quilts that I am doing are rabbits doing various things, it is embroidery work and I am trying hard to keep it from them.I am also making a another quilt just for fun of barns.The Afghan is a stained glass window, which I am using scraps of yarn that I have, I work on this at night, since my old eyes can`t see the eye of the needle to thread it, lol

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We finaaly got rain ,we got 2 1/2 inches heres yesterday. Other places in southwest missouri got more ,some 10 inches ,that is total for the day.I hope it will convinced the grass to grow where the Cocoa ( miniature horse) is. The cooler air with out the humidity is gonna be great.The chickens are starting to lay somewhat again, yaya. I hate buying store-bought eggs. The home grown eggs are so much nicer, deep yellow yolks, yum.
Something got a hold of mascara, she is not gone but is now penned up for her safty and my piece of mine.Hopefully she will make it, at least the flies are not around her wound. The youngest put Blue eyes 2 children in the pen next to Mascara, she stated she wanted them to keep her company.So Blue Eyes is hanging around the pen and talking to these 3. Blue Eyes children are grown and she still treats them like they are small.