Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am Back.......

can you say..yahooooooooo. We finally got the computer up and running and even DSL ...again yahooooooo, so more dial-up for us, I am so glad DSL has come to our area. The computer`s hard drive was full , so hence to the repair shop, it went. new hard drive and cd rom on top of that .
Nothing has been going on around here, loving the beautiful sunny weather the ozarks has blessed us with today. So many things to check back with on the computer so tah,tah for now and again yahoooooo

Soon Will be back

The title says it all, I will be back soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

things going on.....

I have not falling into a big hole or dropped off somewhere on this earth or got lost somewhere. Our home computer hard drive is having to be replaced for one thing and the funds are limited around here on the farm , so maybe in a couple of weeks ,I can post from home.

OPther things mascara ( muscovey) hatched out a total of 16 babies, two in which are yellow, so I am hoping that they will be solid white, in which is hard to find in this neck of the woods.

We have had water problems as well, had to lay new pipe into the house and and total new pipe in the bathroom and quite an ordeal to say the least. We have boulders in the yard from the digging.

so , to be so short but I am at the libary using the computer and there is a time limit!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jellies, fireworks, concert.....not in that order...

I picked up my jellies at the local fair and low and behold all first place except the grape jelly, I thought it was good.....mmmm need to work on that flavor. I entered blackberry, apple, gooseberry, red raspberry, black raspberry. I also entered one of my afghans and it didn`t place , but I thought it was pretty, if I ever get the Baltimore afghan done , it will be entered, yes, I am still working on it and it is very heavy, one day it will be done.

Me and the girls went to Seymour last night to see the fireworks and watch a concert before the fireworks.....The band was called bad habit and they were good....It is a rock band...not the hard stuff....the rock from the 70`s-80`s and few songs from today ( country, like miranda lambert), they put on a good show and I would like to see them again, sometime. It is nice to hear the music that your grew up with. and their sure was alot of children around....then I thought this place needed a clown and balloons,....mmmmmm I should have thought and been a clown there, maybe next year.

The fireworks were good, the youngest was getting impatient though waiting for it to get dark enough for them....but fun was had by all, even the oldest daughter , even though she won`t admit it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

nothing to report here .....

Nothings really going on around here on the farm. I have made some jelly for the local fair, Blackberry, Red Raspberry and Black Raspberry, Grape, Apple and Gooseberry. First time I made Gooseberry. My Aunt gave me some Gooseberry jelly...I really didn`t want a gooseberry pie or cobbler. I have been picking blackberries or rather dewberries, or both Some dewberries and a few blackberries anyway. Dewberries are just like blackberries, but the vine grows along the ground instead of up. I have picked about a quart so far, the blackberries are just now beginning to turn black a few at a time, wish they would hurry up and turn black, so I could get my bucket full, but all in due time I guess. Bandit ( crazy heeler ) goes along and takes a swim in the ponds along the way, even though they are algae covered ponds.....yuck to me. I did walk around one of the ponds ,while I was in the field checking on the blackberry patch and Bandit did protect me from a few
The garden so needs to be weeded . I do have Zucchini on one of the plants as well as few green tomatoes, I did see one cherry tomato thinking about turning yesterday. We have gotten some rain, but I still have to water the garden everyday , it seems like and I have gotten into some poison ivy along the way of picking.And pretty soon will be having some green beans as well.

Lavender`s 13 babies are doing fairly well, with a variety of color in that bunch ( chocolate and white, Black and white and grey and white) I think I might keep a grey and white , just to see what color in tunrs out to be. Mascara is setting now and I think there might be a chicken egg or two under her, I really can`t tell as she is setting under some boards and as with the snakes being out I ain`t to crazy about moving things around to see.

Well, that is about it for the day!!!!Everyone out there have a blessed day in which God has made!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

new ducklings.....

Here is a couple of pictures of Lavender`s baby ducks for this year. She hatched a total of 13. The father of these is Chocolate. It surprised me she hatch so many of them considering that Chocolate was gone a few weeks before I noticed she started setting. And yea , no bouts with a snake this year!!!!!

This is a surprise hollyhock that came up in one of my iris beds....I just wonder how it got here, as I don`t remember planting any hollyhocks....I have seeds , but have not planted them.

I just had to throw in this picture of Cricket ....the new cowgirl looking for a horse, lololol

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jelly making again...

I am making fresh batches of jelly again for the local fair. Today I made red raspberry jelly, I made a total of 3 pints. I kinda of cheated in that I didn`t pick these red beauties as I would not know where to find some red raspberries around here, no-one has advertised that they have any , ( note to self , might be good idea to plant some). The local market had some on sale, and hence I bought some just to make the jelly.
They had blackberries as well on sale, but I still have some in the freezer from last year , so I am planning on making a fresh batch of blackberry jelly as well. I might throw in a few dewberries though, as they are beginning to ripen , which means the wild blackberries will be soon be ripen and that means picking blackberries and selling them again, along with some jelly. I soo love to pick wild blackberries....the thorns and the chiggers are sooo fun to deal with. My tame blackberries are just now blooming and forming blackberries on them. I only have about 5 plants of them. The tame ones might be a little bigger , but the wild ones win out in taste to me.

I plan on making a few more varieties as well to enter into the fair. I wish they had an other category , as I would love to enter my root beer jelly, it is a winner at least for my youngest , who won`t eat any other jelly on her pb and j sandwich. i need to see how many more jars I have left.

I am being entertained by her at her this time , playing big sis`s guitar, at least playing with it, lolol. Ok , she is not really playing it like a guitar , but like a drum, lol. It is so nice to be entertained.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No title really.....

Well the I really didn`t know what to title this , so many things are happening and then again not. Our trip to St Louis was uneventful, except for long........... Our first appointment was at 11:30 , but we were by 10:00 and got in early, the next appointment wasn`t until 1:30 ,so goofed off at the hospital...went to the beautiful garden that the hospital has on the Eighth floor, went to look out the window on the 12th floor, then went on to the next appoitment, they told us to come back at 1 pm, we came back at 12:45 and almost didn`t have a place to sit.....seen the people who were to see.......then on to labs, which to just as long.....we didn`t leave the hospital until 4 pm....long day.

Heard of a new ice cream flavor , I don`t want to try...Locust, uhhhh Yuck, but I wonder if they make the noise when you bite into the ice cream...It is made with real locust, lol.

Today is water day at the youngest summer school, I wasn`t gonna send this year , but the oldest can get a high school credit out of the way, so I did send both......that seems so weird saying the oldest is in high school ...where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday she was beginning to walk. she had the choice to take English or Science...she chose Science , thinking experiments and it might be fun...she is enjoying it and has heard that the English has homework, so far the science has no homework.

On the garden , the tomatoes in the bed frame are doing great, I even have a little cherry tomato , green, but there is one on there. I have beans planted there as well and they are doing great. One head of cabbage is doing great the other three not so well, One head is in one bed and the other three are in another bed...I sure can tell the difference ....The dirt in the one head cabbage is miracle grow dirt that I put in there a few years ago...the other bed was just regular dirt., that we bought from a friend who was selling some. The squash is coming up nicely, not blooming yet, that`s all I got to get in so far, the rain put an damper on things, every thing is drying up and we do need rain, and I have started watering at night everything in the garden. The tame blackberries are blooming and have a few blackberries on them , that are green of course, the wild ones down the road has quite a few green ones. I guess that is enough of rambling for now.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boss is a keeper...

I just have to share this story or what happened yesterday. I always water before I feed in the evening and gather eggs at the same time. Well, my hens have been very secretive about where they lay their eggs, since I have been turning out every day to help with the tick problem here ( not as many now). So, I had checked all the usually places and Boss ( new Muscovey drake) starts hissing ( as that is how muscovey talk) in the chicken pen and low and behold their was two chicken eggs , I guess he was telling me hey here`s two, I had just checked in there, but did not think to look outside in the run,...duh.....As I was picking up those two I found another nest outside the pen in the weeds of course, yes I do need to mow in some areas,lol. It is so funn to go egg hunting every day.
Of course, Boss doesn`t let me know where his hens are laying, just the chicken hens.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new Muscovey Drake....Boss

This is sparkles, from last years hatch. she has not been hanging around with the others as of yet.

Here is Boss with his ladies after turning him out and talking up a storm to them

This is a better picture of him and still talking to them, Mascara, Elizabeth and Zoey

Mascara talking here to Boss.

I had to get a new drake as Chocolate was gotten by some critter that came up in the night and got him, never did find a body. I was needing a new drake to get new blood into my muscoveys though, as all the hens except one were his daughters/granddaughters, so I think I did need one.The New drake is a dark Blue and white and we named him Boss and he is big. My younger daughter calls him ugly when we first got him. The hens directed to what we call the duck pond a few times, I think They was telling him or rather hinting to him he needed a bath, lol. Lavender is not in the picture as she is setting under the porch, which seems to be her favorite place to set , so hopefully next month more baby ducks.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

confused !!!!!!!!

Ok, I am confused on something, in which it don`t take much. Anyway, when you have a child it is either a boy or a girl , that child does not make the decision on whether it wants to be a boy or a girl....GOD does . Today on the Today show, their is a couple that is keeping the sex of their baby a secret and letting that child make the decision of whether the child wants to be a girl or a boy. The child is only 4 months old....I just wonder how old this child will be when the desion is made. This just makes me a little upset and wonder what this world is becoming in too. Letting the child make the decision on whether it wants to be a boy or girl is absurd, the child is either a boy or a girl, there is no getting around this.
Letting the child make this decision is crazy, ....Let`s see should a child make the decision whether it wants to learn to read or write....or should it make the decision to climb on top of the roof and jump off..... I am just a little confused on this can anyone out there help me out on this....?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prayers go out to Joplin...

My heart and prayers go out to the city of Joplin, I could not imagine losing everything and in some cases losing part of your circle of friends or possibly a family member and to think storms are forcasted for today for that part of the ozarks. Joplin is about a couple of hours away. My mom and visited there the first part of March during the quilt shop hop.

Lots and lots of prayers to the city Joplin.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

results of talent show...

Well the results of talent show , was not what I expected. The students and teachers did not vote on talent , but I do believe on popularity rather then talent. The talent that won should have gotten third place in my mind, but I did not get to vote. It was a group of young boys that won, in which I know was a original song, but the singing in my mind was not as good as Mariah, who got second place....and I do believe will be someday on the radio, if she chooses to be. Third place was a tie between two singers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation, talent...other things

My oldest is officially now an eighth grade graduate, she looked beautiful in her dress, of course some of the other girls did too..., but she was the prettiest by far...of course I am alittle bias, lol. a lot of her fellow classmates did not recognise her at all. The class was a total of 13 young adults, on to high school.

Today at school was the annual talent show and I know who won in my mind...hands down, but then again she does sing in branson and has sung at other places as well. The winner will be announced tomorrow during the awards program that the school holds every year. I will try and post the winner the contest tomorrow and If I think they deserve to be winner. Each grade level the teachers hand out awards to students who have done well thru out the year.

The American Cancer society`s jr cattle baron ball was fun that we went to Sunday. the youngest got to ride Missouri Foxtrotters, of course with the oldest daughter...was upset , as she didn`t win any prizes, as the prizes were only for the children with cancer and not for the siblings, in which in some aspects I think is unfair , but I understand to a point. It is not only hard for the child with cancer, but for the other siblings as well, because the main focus is on the child with cancer and alot of times the siblings get left out, and that is all I am saying. I could go on, but I won`t.

I told the a few teachers, that anytime they need a clown and I am not doing anything....I could be one,....I sooo enjoyed it!!!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another death in the family..

I have a few deaths in the family this year and it is only May. First my Uncle Wayne died, then shortly after that his exwife Lavona and my grandmother ( the last one living), then past week my cousin Melinda died. Her parents were Wayne and Lavona. I think it was just too much for her to take and she ended , but I dont` know for sure. I remember when she was a little girl her spraying hair spray on her hair so thick that a comb would not go thru it. I feel so sad for her sister Tammy and hope God lifts her up during this time of need and loss , she loss her mom and dad and now her only sister. I will not be attending the funeral as it is so far away and I have other obligations today , but will be thinking of her.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Old style iris

This peony was just dying to it`s picture taking.

The above iris came from my grandma`s yard a few years ago.

I thought everyone might like to see some pretty irises in bloom, I have several different colors of these beautiful flowers and Would like someday to have some planted in red, white and blue in the form of the American Flag. I do need to find a red one, I know I have a deep red but I am wanting a red , red one and a blue one as well. I have the white covered to do this.

On the chicken note...One of the banties ( Cochin) hatched out a birchen at least I think it will be a birchen as those are the eggs I put under her . And one of the other golden lace cochin has hatched out one baby so far, but then again their is about three setting in the same spot, it will be a buff/ welsummer, at least I think the is what layed the egg that I put under them, the eggs came out from the pen where the two buff hens and a few mixed hens are at with a welsummer rooster that I had extra.

We got a hail storm last night as well as about 2 inches of rain total.

Monday, May 9, 2011

What`s Happening....

What is happening this week is alot, but let`s start with happenings from last week. The oldest had her field trip to Jefferson city and enjoyed it , yay! I went with her on her Silver Dollar City field trip and of course had a blast, she hung around with one of her friends, who thinks by the way I am a cool mom. Rode the water rides several times, lost river at least 2 time and the huck finn 2 times the plunge got soak and rode the train twice and a couple of other rides a few times and walked around alot......
Saturday went to a few yard sales at the Seymour city wide, listen to music at the Seymour`s first music festival.....the band long way from nowhere, at least I think that was the band`s name...they was pretty good. I did find me a red iris at one of the yard sales.

Happening this week, more field trip, imax theatre, cardinal game, talking rocks and the spring concert and a meeting on the phone to find out what test concluded for the youngest. And of course for the weekend...the Junior Cattlebarions ball and getting geared up for graduation

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother`s Day

Happy Mother`s Day to everyone out there in blog land. My day started off with breakfast in bed, bowl of cereal and cinnamon toast ... my youngest made for me, with daddy`s help of course, the oldest was still in bed. She made me a card . the youngest is suppose to let me have a bubble bath later...we will see.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ooh sunshine...

I think maybe now we can dry out from the rain alittle. I worked in the garden today and planted some tomatoes that i had gotten Sunday when my hubby and I went on a date , mainly see Fast Five.....their will be a sixth one. It was excellent with a lot of action, by the way , would go to see again if the movie ticket price was better and more reasonable. I planted rhubarb, I have never planted this before , but at Lowes they had it 1/2 off and thought I would give it a try and see. I also planted some zucchini seeds and lettuce seeds in the mud no less.

I took my walk today with mom and checked out some irises down the road , along side the road, found some more purple and some brown/ red in color ones. and planted these as well. I so love irises and would like to get some of every color. i would like to plant some in the shape of the American Flag Red , White and blue, I think it would be so pretty. I have not seen no red ones though, or blues one either. mom is suppose to get a magazine with nothing but irises in there , so I am waiting for that.

My oldest daughter is in Jefferson City today on a school trip, touring the capital of our lovely state. Every year the local school takes the eighth graders to tour the capital. This year is the final trip for the eighth grade classes to go, from now on it will be only the fourth graders, in which they went this year as well.

We still have not seen any out of our little Chihuahua, Princess, who has been missing since last Wednesday. I think that somebody picked her up or the coyotes got her, since we do have a coyote problem here . we soo miss her. But I will still keep my eyes open for her, maybe one day I will know what happened to her . She disappeared just like her daddy, Jake, who was really old and didn`t have any teeth. Well I am go for now... and enjoy some more of this sunshine...what a beautiful day !!!!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still here.....

I am still here, I didn`t float awy down the stream or rather creek. I did think about building an ark though with all the rain we recieved. And it is raining again..ugh. Well , to catch up in all the details of the past week...Let`s see.....the modem was hit by lightning , just got that fixed today or rather yesterday and just got the tower back today before the rain started again. Trip to St Louis is done until a couple months, all is well with the youngest, she had a test to see how best she learns as we are having some problems related to memory and a hearing test...The hearing test came back A-ok , in which I knew it would, don`t know what the other test results until a couple of weeks.

I soo enjoyed myself or rather my clown side enjoyed as well as the kindergardeners in the area school. I handed out rainbow seeds and donut seeds as well as bown-E`s and Black and Pink -I`s and of course a couple of black-I -P`s and a couple of blue -J`s, the blue -J`s flew away and the kindergardeners caught them,besides making a few balloon animals, mostly dogs. The children figured out who I was a couple of days later,...they went around saying you were the clown, you were the clown and you handed out skittles for rainbow seeds and cereal for donut seeds. I sooo enjoyed myself. I also visited some of the other classes in clown. I told the kindergarden teachers any time they needed a clown , just let me know.

Our Princess, Chihuahua has been missing since we got back from St Louis, We think one of several things happened..someone picked up up, coyotes got her, or someone hit her with a car, or she had a seizure and is gone. We have looked everywhere and calling in on the local radio station`s trading post and still no luck in anyone seeing her.

Next week will be busy week, the oldest has a field trip about every day except maybe Monday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy, Busy....more Busy...

The next few weeks will busy around here. We have a trip to St Louis, Field trips at school- that I want to attend and of course my oldest daughter`s graduation to go to, oh yea , I forgot JR Cattle-barions balls to go to tooo- The youngest got selected to go to it this year and she gets to ride horses and see horses........of course the family is invited tooo.

My grandmother passed away this week and her funeral in Saturday, I will so miss her. She has been in a nursing home for a couple of years and had Alzheimer's. She would have been 91 years young. She always made the best biscuits and the best gravy that went along with those biscuits. I have family coming in that I have not seen in a coon`s age, as they live in Kansas and cousins that I don`t remember seeing since they were little things. Well, I am bout to cry , so I will go on this blog and happy things.

Today, I will be clowning at my girls school...Balloon animals ( the simple kind right now) and of course being silly as well

Next week , a trip to St Louis , in which the appointment will be an all-day thing. A Field trip to Glade Top Trail as well.

The first week in May...ummm last see the oldest has a field trip everyday except Monday. Track meets, Softball tourment, trip to Jefferson City and Silver Dollar City, in which , I am thinking will be going with her on the last one.

The second week in May...Another week of field trips. that weekend .. JR Cattle-Barion Balls

Then the week after that.....GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!

Busy, Busy, busy as the saying goes

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trip to the ER...

The youngest daughter woke up with her left hip hurting slightly. Later in the morning it was hurting so bad and I could not touch took to the ER... They x-rayed her and didn`t find anything wrong, but told me to limit her activity for a few days and if still bothering her to follow up with her regular doctor. They asked if she had a limp with which she didn`t and stated it was probably her muscles around her hip bone and that if it was bone cancer , nothing would show up on the X-ray. Thanks for that knowledge and let`s not go there , after all she is in remission from Leukemia.


We just found that a minister friend Cancer has come back. He had Leukemia a few years ago. He was diagnosed shortly after our youngest was. I know this is rough on the family. I have heard when the cancer comes back it is more rougher then the first time around, and it is harder on the adults then on the children. So , I am asking for prayers to be head his way from all that is all there in blogland. I don`t know where exactly the cancer is right now, but I know after you are in remission from cancer , it does have a chance to come back.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

another trip to Branson... among other things

Sunday, my hubby had the day off , so we went to branson , mainly to get the oldest daughter a pair of shoes for eight grade graduation. We stopped off at forsyth and had a picinic lunch before heading on in to branson . The oldest wasn`t feeling that great, but her classmate was gonna be singing at the Branson Mall again, and this time she actually had a pacific time to sing. Our first stop...Branson Landing and we went to Debs to get the shoes and she found what she wanted, even though we thought the heels were alittle high for her. These were the only pair she liked that were in her size....6, in which they did not have a alot to choose from in size 6, but at least they had size 6. Then the next stop was at the Branson mall....and yahoooo Mariah had a time slot, so we goofed off in Walmart until time for her to sing. The youngest taped her performance on her ipod. If you want to see and hear her sing go to youtube and search mariah Thomas....I think one day she can be a singer , as long as she stays with it. Now on to other things...The yougest is gonna be going to the American Cancer Society`s jr. Cattlebarion ball next month. She is so excited , she will get to ride horses and see horses. every story at school has to have a horse or pony in it, even if the teacher says to write a story about something other then horses. I think this will be perfect for her. She is kinda of mad at her older sister , who gets to go to Silver Dollar City for her field trip ( annual 8 grade trip), and she states that the oldest cant go to the horse thing. We heard a song the other day , that brought back memories....I am Strong by the Grascals.....this song touched us so deeply....So we are now looking for the cd of this group. We bought Randy Owen cd, just because of the song braid my hair, in which we are so fortune it to see the youngest brush her hair and all the other things she does. Everyone have a good night and bless you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

blooming here...ahhhh Spring

Here is a young cabbage plant that is one of my beds, along with some radishes and about 4 pansy in the color purple. The frost that we have had here last month didn`t touch it
Here are some tulips in all the blooming glory. Yes, that is a barbeque grill in the background, it is part of the bed. I planted tulips in there as well, in which they didn`t come up. I am thinking I do need to need to replant them.
Even one of the irises, in which I have lot of, decided to bloom as well!

Here is one of the apple trees, I planted last year, budding out....The other one I do believe bit the dust, not budding out at all
A beautiful redbud tree in his purple glory!

One of the daffoils in the yard, I bought this one last year at lowes

Of course , I can not forget the greatest smelling flower bush....the Liliac in all the sweet smelling goodness

And lastly a wild plum tree in bloom. The dogwood are in bloom around here as well, besides all the other budding things around here on the farm . I didn`t get a picture of the dogwood as of yet, I didn`t walk that way this morning where their are a few trees and I didn`t take my camera either. All of these photos are of in my yard or garden area, or rather in the different beds that I have. Yes, the watery eyes and the running nose is apparent here as well for myself as well as my youngest daughter`s ..she has the scratch in the throat as well.....I think the chemo that has been in her body makes her worse for her . Thank You GOD for all this beauty of Spring!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

time of the year for coons...

The coons are at it again...oooh I so hate coons, yes I know they are so cute to look at, but you must remember they sooo love chickens and ducks to eat. Saturday, I lost one of my hens, in which was a mix, but layed a pretty dark egg . Then sunday the coon hit again and took the other hen that was in the pen as well, they both layed a dark brown egg, I had hatched these two out a couple of years ago. I had thought about moving them into a pen with a rooster, but never did. Last night the coon hit again the same pen and took out a young cayuga duck, in which I hatched out last year. So the cayuga`s now are free-range along with the youngest daughter`s muscovies--Sparkles and and uh peggy who has been since named Captain Hook. It turns out it`s a drake and not a hen. Hopefully this will deter the coons in coming and getting my chickens and ducks. You know if they had to take one they could have tooken a drake instead of a hen cayuga duck. I was wanting to see another dark egg from them.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

thought from cricket about the rain...

Do I really have to go outside? It`s raining out there, do you not understand ! I don`t want to get wet. I am not like the silly heeler, Bandit, who I think loves the rain, just look at him...he is chasing the rain drops with his studid can you get?. Ok, I do need to go, but don`t leave me out here that long, it is raining pretty good out there and it is cold....brrrr. I am just a wee little pup, you better have a nice warm towel or a blanket for me to curl up under then. how would you like to have to go outside and use the bathroom when it is raining, and cold rain as well.
Ohh and by the way I did like the treat you put in my food this morning broth from something or other and it made my dog food ...sooo good....can I have some more of that stuff over my dog food, Don`t give it to Bandit or Tinker, they wouldn`t like it that know I am your least I think I am your favorite..what am I talking about I AM YOUR FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok the calender says spring but I think old Mother Nature is a little confused. I woke up this morning to thunder storms and believe or not sleet hitting the window and it is in the 40`s today and is suppose to be in the 40-50`s all this weekend. Ohh I long for those 60,70s degree weather days we had earlier in the week. It has been raining most of the day here , I know, I know I shouldn`t complain about the rain, as come summer I want rain. The rain will make the garden grow, in which I do want, but I could have done without the sleet. Oh well, that`s missouri weather for ya...If you don`t like the weather wait and it will the old saying.

And , here I was thinking about getting me some more plants... blueberry and blackberry bushes, maybe some raspberry. I do have some blackberry bushes, but they are not budding out as of yet, some of the wild ones around the area where I picked last year are budding out, as the pear tree where I picked some pears up last year. I sure hope the cold don`t snap them, but it will. I will let you go for now as I need to go pick up the one daughter from school. The younger one stayed home today , as she wasn`t feeling up to par this morning...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chickens or should I say roosters......

Here is a picture of what I call my little bitty chickens. I have had the hen for a few years, the roosters , I got him last year for her since my rooster died , she really didn`t like him though, lol, hopefully she likes him better now. these are not laying yet.
This is my Birchen Roosters, he is more beautiful in person , the photo don`t do him justice. I have two birchen hens in with him. I do have a total of 3 birchen colored cochin hens. None of the birchen cochins are laying yet.

I really don`t know what color this rooster is, but he is sure pretty and he is from last years hatch, and for the life me can`t remember which pen he came out of. He is in with a birchen hen as of right now. I hope I can get better organize with the eggs hatching this year.

The above picture is of Reverse, barred cochin rooster. He used to back up whenever you said reverse, his hen is black as of right now. I don`t have any barred cochin hens. This black hen is laying me an egg every other day, just about.Ok, this picture is of some of the Easter Lillies coming up, i was thinking that it was some that are actually blooming. These have not bloomed yet, but I do have pleny of them blooming around the house. During my walks down the road their is plenty of them blooming around some old houses and along side the road.

I really don`t know what color this rooster would be called either, he is rooster for the frizzle pen and throws alot of babies colored up like him. He is out of a frizzle rooster and a red cochin hen. The frizzle rooster was exactly colored just like him. this hen is very small and is laying some.

This is columbian rooster, and his hens are a buff and a red cochin. I have young hen that is of the same coloring, but not in this pen as of yet. I was gonna do away with him a couple of years ago and my hubby put him with reverse and I am glad he did....he is such a pretty boy.
I also have a couple of Golden lace cochin roos, they wasn`t very cooperative for the camera. Their is five hens for the both of them. These are just my cochins. I have welsummers ( 3 roosters and about 6 hens), and my mixed bag of hens that are in with one of the welsummer roos.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

garden is started.....ducks,chickens

The past few days, it has been beauitful outside, alittle windy at times ,but the weather has been superb. Today after picking up both girls from school, I started the garden. I have always been told that things that grow under ground, like onions, radishes, potatoes are to planted on or around St Patty`s day. So I planted four different types of radishes, some onion sets ( still have more of them to plant), turnips and some cabbage plants. I know cabbage grows above ground, but I wanted to include this now as I planted one cabbage plant in the middle and four rows of radishes out to each corner of the raised bed and am planning on getting me some pansies to plant in the bed as well. The radishes usually don`t do that well for me, but hey I keep trying them...I so love radishes. I have one whole bed of onions sets, will have to add another bed of them, as I kinda got more then I need and I will probably be giving some to my mom as well.
I planted a cabbage plant last year that the cabbage worm got, hopefully this year will be different. This will be the first year with turnips, so I will see how that goes.
I think I will have to add another bed or two in order to get some tomato plants as well., of course I want to plant some peppers and corn. I don`t think I will put the corn in a raised bed this year. I put corn in one last year and it didn`t do that good for me, so I am gonna try something different this year.

I need to get the incubators up and going as well, but I just can`t get motivated this year, maybe it`s because the hens are in full swing as of yet. The muscovies have not started laying at least not that I am aware of , I have not found any nest and I have been looking and watching them alittle. The cayuga ducks have not laid as of yet either. On the chicken side of things, the welsummers have not laid yet, the silkies( one pair) I get an egg every other day, some of the cochins are laying as well, but not all. A few of these hens are a few years old, so I do need to hatch a few of these out and keep and not rehome them either that or try and get some more hens in the colors I am looking for; red, buff,golden lace,birchen ....oh heck I like all the colors of cochins. I sooo love the cochin breed. I do have one standard cochin ,black in color with no rooster as of yet.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

trip to branson....

Yesterday we went to branson. The oldest daughter`s friend was suppose to sing at the branson mall, in which I was alittle upset at not being able to hear her voice, have seen her on youtube. I was looking forward to hearing her live and in person. Anyway , I got to meet her parents and they did seemed nice. she didn`t get to sing because of some red tape, in which I think her manager should have seen coming, but who am I to say, I don`t know what it entiles to get into the music business. I just hope someone don`t take advantage of her and she don`t get into trouble as we have seen the other young singers do. She`s seems like she has a good head on her shoulders for the time being.
We also got a dress for the oldest daughter to graduate in....oooo it don`t seem possible for her to be graduating from the eighth grade this year. It seems like yesterday I was watching her graduate from kindergarden. The graduating class girls have to wear a formal dress to graduate in, she wanted a long dress , but we got a short one and is very pretty to say the least. Now just to find shoes to go with it. I was gonna borrow a dress from a neighbor , but I thought I might have to dart it or something as the neighbor`s daughter is alittle bigger then my oldest daughter, who is small for her age and smallest in her class. I am sooo Glad I don`t have to dart her dress I got her, I wouldn`t know where to I am not that good at sewing least I don`t think I am as regards to clothes. I was not looking forward to darting the dress. So I opt to let her get her own dress and of course the yougest picked out a dress ....just to try on..... definitly not ready for her to do this.
The traffic was not that bad considering how bad it does get in branson, the tourist season has really started as of yet, not to say their wasn`t alot of people there, because there was. Branson tourism just isn`t in full swing as of yet.
Now the oldest just got her graduation trips , one to Jefferson city and the another one to Silver Dollar City, in which don`t know they will be. i am not looking forward to the oldest daughter going to high school, then next it will be getting married. Hopefully that is a long way down the road from now.........
We had fun with our trip to branson and it was such a beautiful day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rainy day projects.....other ramblings

It is pouring down rain today here in the ozarks and possible storms are expect here tonight. With it raining outside it is a good time to work on some projects in which I have started, my baltimore afghan, and yes , it is still going and getting heavy with each row. I have been working on it at night, I am over half-way done with just the afghan part, when I get back to making each block design I will start posting pictures of each block again.
The quilt projects are quite a few, let`s see, their is the buck-a-block which I am doing in both colors ( mauve and white, purple and white); then the barn quilt from last years quilt shop hop ( I am embroidering it the blocks) this quilt has also fall leaf block as well, another barn quilt , in which ewach block has ribbon embroidery and applicate things on it, their is a block for each month and I am making two of them and am only on block March; a rabbit quilt that is embrodiered. I know alot of projects, I will get them done one of these days. The buck-a-block is a month by month project that my mom and I signed up for from the ozark quilt shop , sew simple. these buck-a-blocks are so simple to do and easy as well, they use thangles, in which is but half-triangles patterns. Using thangles are a easy way to half-triangles.
The shop hop barn quilt is very time-consuming as the I have to trace the barn pattern onto the fabric and then embrodery it in the colors of my choosing, I will be working on this when the youngest has the next doctor`s appointment in April, in which it will be all day appointment, she will be having a neuropysh test, she has been having trouble with comprehending after she reads a chapter book ( a book with chapters in it). This is a late effect from the chemo that she took.
Anyway I will probably be working on the other barn quilt as well, as February and March are ready for the embroidery part of the block. So I think I will get off of here and get busy with my rainy day projects

Saturday, March 5, 2011

storm damage......quilt shop hop 2011

This is the quilt shop hop of 2011 quilt specific to the shop hop. It is done in 7 colors, two of the pieces of fabric were designed for the shop hop. Friday my mom and I hit six shops of the hop, 2 in joplin and 2 in carthage and the one in springfield and the one in ozark, in which is our home shop. Today we were to hit the the two in arkansas and the one in branson, in which we love to go to whenever we are in branson, so much fabric. Needlss to say the storm from last night changed our plans, I do belive that a tornado came thru here last night about 8:30, the rest of the pictures are the damage that was hereThis next picture in of the pipe in the wellhouse that busted, it lifted up the pressure tank after it took the top of the well house off and scatter it and busted the pipe, so a night without water, we now have water, thank God for forest pump service
This next picture is the car window that was busted by two 4x4 post we had on the well house top that what we figured slamed into the window, this was a rental car ( we don`t trust our cars to go that far for the shop hop)

This is the building for the miniature horse that it up lifted, the entrance to the building was dent in and lifted up.

The side of the building , that is part of the quacker pen, that moved the chain link panel

Another view of the building, the cage on top was not there yesterday it was by the garage

The emergency mangement was here to acess the damage and according to them we were the only ones with storm damage, ain`t that is so nice to be loved by mother nature...not.
I thank God that itn`t do any damage to the house as what we figured it over the top of it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doctor`s visit...other things

Took the oldest to the orthopedic yesterday to have her knee checked out and the knee pain has something to do with the patella ( knee cap ) and her still growing body. The doctor just informed her to do strecthing exercises and take over the counter , like tylenol and the like. Needless to say the teenager don`t want to do the exercises and thought she could hide the papers in which they gave us with the exercises on it that they recommended. I think she was trying to get out of P.E., or maybe she was hoping to get out of it....oh the joys of a teenager.
she was sick with some bug monday , so, lots of homework, the youngest brought it home yesterday for her and she did do some of it. The youngest was complaing about her stomach hurting last night , but no fever, of course she always complains about her stomach hurting, I think the chemo might have done something there, but don`t know for sure. As when the last time we went to st louis , we addressed that issued and the doctors informed us that other children as well complained about stomach pain, so that is why I think that is the reason.

One of silkies have been blessing me with an egg every other day and now so far, so has my oldest daughter`s chicken , Indian( a mix, pink egg of sorts). I will be glad when the others start laying as well. I have been thinking about getting my incubator up and running again , but that`s as far as I have gotten on that project. i have been kinda watching the muscovey ducks as it looks like they could be laying soon or maybe now. I think this year , I will be on the lookout to find me another drake, not related to these as well, I would like to find solid white one. I would alos like to get me some more Cochins and some more welsummers, but we will see what I can find along those lines. The swap meets will be starting up soon, Fordland swap meet starts the end of the month.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

busy week ahead...and other things

This week will be busy, not to say the last week wasn`t, of course it wasn`t busy as compared to this coming weeks. Let`s see, what all is on the schedule for this week, a visit to the clinic in town to pick some x-rays, then a appt with the youngest speech teacher ( a new iep), then a doctor app in the big city, another trip to town to drop off x-rays, then the quilt shop hop is this next weekend. busy,busy busy. The quilt shop hop is so much fun though and the other things are a must. Oh yea need to bake cupcakes as per oldest daughter`s request , it is her favorite person`s birthday.....drum roll please..justin bieber`s birthday....My oldest daughter is gaga over him as with all of the other young girls out there, except my youngest who just likes some of his songs and not at all gaga, I am sure her time will come when we get closer to being a teenager ,lol. I sure hope Justin likes chocolate , as that is what the cupcakes will be, if he only knew, lol. If she were to meet him, she would probably run and hide, lol. So, Justin if you happen to read this my oldest daughter is a big fan.

Last year Me and mom took the quilt shop hop in one day , this year we will be doing it in two days, nine shops in one day is alot of traveling. As was last year their will be a quilt pattern specific to the shop hop. Lat year is was leaves and a barn pattern to embroidery, in which I don`t have done....I have been working on the barn the last few days. I have not done any of the peiced blocks as of yet. This year the I will only get the pattern for the quilt as the kit with the fabric varies from shop to shop and money is low this as I am not working except as a mom to two beautiful girls. I will try and post some pictures of the shops .Last year each shop did the their blocks different, this year it will be one big quilt and just broken up into nine sections as I understand it.

One of the silkie hens have been given me an egg every other day, I just wish the others would take the hint, then the incubators can get up and running again. I have two silkie hens, not of show quaility , but pretty none the less. I have several hens with red combs. The muscovey hens are scoping out areas to start laying, at least the ones the free range. I might try this year and get a new drake, as most of the hens except maybe one our chocolates offspring.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family.....other ramblings

I thought I would blog about families. This past week , I lost one of my Uncle Wayne, who didn`t live a very chrisitan life. In which I am not gonna get in to, as it would be long and drawn out. I remember from my childhood how both sides of my families were close, they would have dinner about every weekend. I do admit that most of the time we did spend time with my paternal grandparents, but we also spent time with the maternal as well. Both sides used to get together regularity. Now, they don`t for whatever reason, somebody said someone`s wife went out with whoever or something was said. I have cousins on both sides, that I remember from when they were little and now they are grown and have childrens of their own. It just seems that families are as close to one another and it is a shame that we can only get together and remember the past during a funeral or something tragic like that. I know families are widespread across the country , as I have relatives in Arkansas and as well as Kansas and Tennessee among other places.
It just saddens me that families have to get together on these occasions and that we don`t stay in touch with one another. I know a few are on Facebook , and I do keep in contact with them that way, but it is not the same as seeing them face to face. I know we have our own lifes , but we should connect with the past and the families that are a part of that or show pictures of other people that were once family and no longer are , such as divorces that took place, as those people were part of the family once and for whatever reason they are no longer part, but still are thought of, if everybody knows what I am talking about , I am sure that every family has those members in the family that go from one person to another. but then again that would be arkward for some of those involved .

I have so enjoyed the weather that last few days....70s even though the wind has been blowing like crazy. Oh the March winds, ok I know it is February, but I wonder if we are getting March winds in February will be getting April showers in March, I wonder.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

no title really.....

Sunday, my hubby and I went to the big city of Springfield , You can say somewhat of a date and I realized, I am so glad we live where we do. I mean the city is a nice place to visit with the various places to shop and the wide variety of places to eat, and different things to do. But I wouldn`t trade our small town living for anything. In the city , things move at a faster pace then the small towns, yes we still have a micky D`s and even a Wally world. I know I did grow up in the city, big Kansas City and love it to an extent, but I so love the country and the slower pace that it is. We do not compete with others in the community, we embrace our neighbors and we all lend a helping hand when it is needed, if we know the need is there...for example when our youngest was diagnosed with Leukemia,neighbors came out of the woodwork to lend a hand...even the local Pizza Hut gave my hubby and oldest daughter a free pizza while I was with my youngest in St louis getting her starting on the treatments that were important. The community came together and had a benefit in her honor and I seen how much this community cares. I do not think if we live in a big city they would have done that. It dawn on me how lucky we are to be living in the small community we do live in and that everyone should know this type of comminuty where we help one another out when need it used to be when our great country was founded.

I have been enjoying the sunny weather, I have tooken a walk the last few days and basked in the sunshine, it is so nice to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather . My hubby is just waiting to hear the peeper frogs at night. I have not had a siting of a robin as of yet , but I am looking for them. Everybody have a glorouis day that the GOD has made...mud and all

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunshine, Glory to be sunshine....

Need I say more then beautiful sunshine for here in the ozarks and temps to match 60s and 70s this weekend and all next week. Both the carriers that are in the house are getting a good cleaning and airing out. I seen last week, Princess the chihuahua ( my dainty girl) buring a crust from bread in her and trixie`s carrier. My youngest daughter don`t like the crust on the bread , so the chihuahua get it or sometimes the muscovey ( part of my clean-up crew,lol.) The rabbits , Are going out of the garage and getting underneath clean as well today or maybe monday.That is all for today , as I am gonna enjoy the weather.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ramblings.... I am alittle delirious from the snow....

I think the white stuff was pretty this morning and it is finally doing some melting...yayayayay. It looked like sparkling diamonds....Ok maybe not that pretty....I am so glad it is finally melting some , due to the big bright thing in the sky today.....oooh sun how have I missed you...with your warmth and melting of this white stuff. I know I am delirious...ohh how pretty is the snow melting...just beautiful, beautiful. I hope and pray this is the last of the snow at least. The girls say no......way mom...we need to pray for more snow.....I say nooooooo. The youngest is not looking forward on going back to school, which will be next week hopefully, I do love them but keeping them busy and is another thing and not fussing with one another is another. They can and have had some fights.....the younger one sitting on the oldest and pulling hair. It is soo nice to be a referee sometimes. any who!

Funny site , I just have to tell...The muscovey hens have been flying around the yard and when they landed they would slide alitttle before this last bout of white stuff funny. They hang around under the bird feeder and pick up what the bird knock out...Their is one bird that knocks out alot of feed, kicks out what he don`t like you know.....A couple of the hens did think about hitting the suet feeders , but never could figure out how to get to them,lolol

The Chickens don`t like this white stuff either, some of refuse to come out. Some of them I notice the combs are getting red....which means eggs soon.....

I hope everyone has a good day and to those that have snow, I hope alot of melting goes on...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Freezer door opened again.... and ramblings

Here in the ozarks ..someone left the freezer door opened again, it has turned bitter cold. The last few days have been nice and some melting was done, but not enough. We can see the ground in some places. I took a walk yesterday, it was so nice, of course still had my cover-alls on...still nice and no wind blowing. Today is another story all together...the wind is blowing out of the north and it is brrrrrr cold outside and I have seen a few snow flakes now and again and we are expecting more in the next few days and the temp is suppose to dip down in the single digits again and it is slicker then snot.....I know gross ,but it`s old saying and true as of today.
I think it is gonna be a muddy mess when this stuff melts off and the girls porbably won`t go back to school until next week.
Our female cat or rather my oldest cat is searching for a fella ..I guess she don`t like Spunky, at least that is what we discovered last night ...a big beautiful grey and white cat was here visiting her. oh the thoughts of spring with kittens...........of course baby chicks and ducks. I don`t have my incubator up and running as of yet...I am thinking sometime in March , I may get it up and running. The first part of March is the next quilt shop hop..The same shops as last year..we are planning to take two days this year as of right now. Last year we didn`t win a thing ,but it was fun. This year will be the third year in doing the shop hop, just like last year their will be a quilt pacific to the barns this time, I think it will be a piece quilt, but not for sure as I have not seen the quilt, just the fabric, In which I don`t remember the colors,.....but they was pretty. I have not finished last years quilt yet or the year before, but hey it`s fun to get these patterns . I guess I`m just like my mom , she always has more then one quilt going at a time. She doesn`t crochet, just quilts and embroiderys. I have made my oldest a peace quilt , hopefully this year , I can get it quilted and give it to her for her birthday or maybe Christmas.
I am still researching goats and am thinking about the kinder goats, I so love the floppy ears and the size will much better then the bigger goats. I would love to start from scratch with a nubian and a pygmy, but I need to get the fence situation in order to get any goats. Since the tornadoa of 2009 wiped out the electric in our garage, can`t put up electric fence, so I don`t know as of yet and still need to get my hubby sold on the idea of having goats. Well that is enough of rambling for one day. Everybody have a good day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

we missed the bullet......

What I mean by that title is ,that we got mostly sleet and just alittle snow to mix in with that. Of course a little freezing rain with that. We got a total of 2 inches of slippery mess and about 1 inch of fluffy white stuff on top of the slippery mess. Thank GOD, it wasn`t all freezing rain, even though some of the tree limbs are leaning a bit, I think we would have had a power outage....I was prepared for that....12 milk jugs filled with water and enough food to last. We had a blizzard of sleet here on the farm instead of dealing with the bitter cold air...13 high today and I am not thinking about the wind chill which will be somewhere below 0, besides alittle wind too. I am sooooo ready for spring to come around. The weatherman is forecasting chance for more snow sunday and monday....oh what joy!
I will say our road is icy and I haven`t been down it...looks slick. i have been out to do morning chores and someplaces was very slick and others well just say drifts of snow. The sun is shining as of right now.....I would say the groundhog saw his shadow today.....I seriously don`t think he would come out of his hole in the ground just to look`s too darn cold to out there. Ok maybe he might of stuck his nose out then turn around and burrowed down deep again and curled up to get his body warm again. At least that is what the inside dogs did, they didn`t want no part of it....I had to make them go outside to potty. Well, I am gonna go and cuddle up to get alittle warm.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice, Snow....ugh........more thoughts from cricket

Yes , that is right more snow for here in the ozarks is headed our way. The weatherman are stating it`s gonna be ice first, then snow anywhere from 1/2-3/4 inch of ice....then on top of that 6-12-inches of snow......ugh is all I have to say. Where did the nice weather that we had friday and saturday was so nice then.....oh yea, I forgot we are in missouri, where if you don`t like the weather...wait it will change. The way the weather forecastors are saying , I think we might be snowed in for awhile and possibly power outages......... I hope not I guess we will have to wait and see what we get regarding ice and snow.....But I don`t want either.

Saturday ,we went to my aunt sue`s surprize birthday party, little cricket came too, in which she seemed so bored Her thoughts of the day;

This place is so boring All I get to do is sitting on a lap ....things to eat but I don`t get to at least try anything.....bored , bored. Oh their is another little puppy here, he looks as bored as me...he don`t get to eat anything either. We smelled noses but that`s all I was allowed to do, I don`t think I wanted to play...too many people around and every once in awhile I hear a swaek from something....they say it is a bird of sure don`t look like a chicken or a duck...they are so fun to play with sometime. Then we went to a place where green grass and terrible barking of two other dogs.....I so wanted to be friends , but the big hairy one was a little scary to me...I think she thought I was something to eat....oh, I so don`t like it here with this big hairy thing.

The big hairy thing was my mom`s shih tzu, Ruby, who really thought cricket was a play thing, maybe even a hot dog , lol.....well that is all I have for now

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh spring, you are near.....

Yes, spring is around the corner. Here is a picture of some Easter Lillies coming up, I do have some more planted , but they don`t seem to be showing as of yet. It was nice today and I was gonna pull some weeds out and worked the raised beds some, but muddy as can be. The frost was alittle heavy this morning and so creates mud. Why can`t this happen in the summer when the gardens need of course then it would be called dew. I am so looking ofrward to spring and all the flowers , besides the garden vegetables....the ones bought in the store don`t have the same flavor as the ones from your own garden or per say a farmers market.
This is an Eagle flying , even though it don`t look like much. We had just gotten back from town and seen this Eagle flying and it perch on a tree and stopped so I can get a picture and it started flying. I just love to watch the Eagles soaring overhead. It makes me Proud to be An American when I see this national symbol soaring in the sky, free as can be. I also like looking at American Flags flowing in the wind like a kite on a summer`s day just floating in the wind and drifting as the wind takes all I have to say.
Tonight is the first home game me and the girls will be attending. The youngest one is cheering tonight, the oldest opt out this year of being a cheerleader , even though she has said that she will help if needed. The oldest is having some knee trouble , don`t know what it is, a couple of days ago it was swollen alittle. She has had some trouble in the past with the knee hurting and got it x-rayed , but they didn`t find anything wrong, so if it still giving her trouble she will be going to the doctor hopefully tomorrow, if I can get her in. Somethings not right about it, I think it might be her knee cap not fusing like it is suppose to , But I don`t know.......

Monday, January 24, 2011

gearing up for spring.. ..other ramblings

Yes , I finally bit the bullet and couldn`t stand it anymore looking at all the seed packets. I got some , just a few. I am also trying to think what I want to grow in the garden this year as well. of course, they will be green onions...( Oh , how I love green onions), tomatoes, yellow squash and zucchini ( they did good last year, alot). I am planning on trying to grow two different types of pumpkins , of course jalepenos and radishes ( didn`t do great last year), and turnips and corn ( didn`t do well either). I have planned on putting the corn and radishes in a different spot, hopefully I will have better luck this year.
The seeds I have so far are as follow: Radish-Early Scarlet Globe,French Breakfast,Sparkler White top , I am gonna look for some white ones too.: Turnip - Purple top white globe; Garden beans ( green beans) Contender( bush); Jalapeno M; dark grren zucchini; early Prolific Straightneck squash ; Cantalope ( daughter choice); Jack O`lantern pumpkin and Small sugar Pumpkin. It looks like I am gonna be busy planting
I tried working in the beds today, but it is just too muddy still yet. I did clean out another two chicken pens today and put the manure in the one of the beds. I think I am gonna try and get another two beds up and running for spring somehow. I might have to use rocks to go around the beds for now, in which their is plenty of here on the farm.

I have started to research goats and their care and am thinking about getting a couple, don`t know how that will work out this year though. Our fence is just barbed wire for the most part . I think baby goats are so cute and enjoy looking at the picture over at granny best and at tonia`s and others.
I am still working on my afghan , I think it will be queen size and have not done any other blocks as of yet, but have done other rows on it and let me tell you it is getting heavy just turning for the next row. I have also made a couple of grape doilies that I plan on trying to sell this spring when all the swap meets start happening in this area, and farmers market which is in March. I am so looking forward to them and hatching baby chicks and baby ducks.

I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of my cayuga`s, but have not let go as of yet. I would like to keep the hen that lays the black egg, yes a black egg it is what the cayuga`s breed is known for besides ,the beautiful color of black and when the sun hits it shades of green and purple surface, but still not for sure on the idea. i know I do have extra drake, in which he is not pure cayuga, I think maybe alittle kaki cambell or mallard not for sure. The main drake is not pure as well, he has a look of being mixed with kaki campbell or mallard as well. I am not planning on getting rid of my muscovey , I so love watching them talk and fly, even though when they start laying it is like Easter egg hunting, lololol.
I guess that is enough rambling on , I will go for now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ozark sledding.....

What do you get when you take an old car hood.., a truck with a chain..., a little snow ? A exciting sled ride and fun, fun, fun and some more fun and a face full of That is what we did yesterday , a sled ride down the road ( gravel road). The girls had so much fun thaey want to do again, but we have to wait till more snow some of the road is showing because of the sun...which I do like to melt all the white stuff. Needless to say the ride was much more fun then any theme park ride and cheaper as well. We would buy one of those plastic sleds .....but with all these rocks it tears up after one day of riding. Ohh the joys of riding a old car will even go down a hill without the I did when I was a teenager.
I am truly sorry I didn`t get a picture , but a person can`t hardly get a picture and hang
With the two girls and me on the sled and hubby driving the truck ...noone can take the picture and concentrate on holding on or driving...... Ohhh the joys of living in country!!!!!!!

I don`t know if we will get any more snow or not, they are calling for another snow fall but this area is only expecting a light dusting...We will have to wait for another good snowfall,but with this Missouri weather who knows when that will be ?

Friday, January 21, 2011

chocolate frappe

We bought a frappe machine before Christmas , as both my hubby and me are frappe fanatics, You know they are habit forming...the one `s from mickey D`s and of course the ones at the St John`s Hospital coffee shop. i tried recipes in the booklet it came with, but that didn`t seem to have much of a chocolate taste. So here it what we came with......It is good and tasty.
Ohhh , by the way , it is a Mr Coffee Frappe machine.

Put about 2 Tablespoons of coffee in filter and 1/2 cup of water.
Then in put 3 Tablespoons Hills Bros. Cappuccino Double Mocha in container, add ice then pour in about 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream and 1/4 cup of choclate syrup, the measurement on the whipping cream and chocolate syrup is not exact. then put the container in the machine and push frappe and then pour into individual glasses and add whipped cream to top and then yummmmmmmmmmmmmy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter wonderland

This is the tree is snow and it is still snowing here, i just had to look around at the beauty! We got about 4 inches give or take.
This is looking in on my quackers pen. They have a building to get in to, but I guess they just love the snow. These are cayuga ducks. Sally is in the front , I think she is a blue swedish, but not for sure.
The muscoveys didn`t get out from under the garage and they don`t like the snow when it is this deep.
Another look of the snow lined trees

Our dog ( Crazy) Bandit eating the snow. He was, I swear running around just biting the snow and of course panting alot. He just loves the`s his first year with snow. Cricket loves the snow as well....she so has a hard time going thru that much snow... sorry I didn`t get a picture of that.

This is such a perfect snow angel that my youngest made today.....they got to have a snow day....and probably will be tomorrow as well...not for sure. The youngest has cheerleader practice tomorrow...I so hope they have school.
We are expecting another round according to the weather man sunday into monday

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dreaming of Spring......

Morning Glories in all the glory for spring.

These are just a sampling of whats to come in my yard.....I didn`t plant morning glories last year, but I am this year.......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thoughts from cricket....

Hi! My name is Cricket and I am a little puppy of the Dashund ( not sure of spelling as I am a puppy) variety. Sometimes 2 of my humans , in which their are a total of four of them ( how lucky am I) get on this big yellow thing....or would I say they disappear into this big yellow thing....then beep,beep,beep sound goes off and the big yellow thing goes down the road to somewhere. I missed those two girl humans terrible when they get on the big yellow thing and go away. But later I do get to see them, sometimes I have to wait for hours , in which seems like a lifetime to little me. I am told by one of my humans that the big yellow thing is a bus, but not for sure what a bus is.

One day one of my humans took me to loud place ,at least I thought it was loud at the time...alot of screeming going on....I just looked around and snuggled in the sleeve of the humans coat and soon their was my favorite two human girls coming to hold me......hahahahahaha. I was so happy to see them.... This place was a school that I was tooken to. I kinda of now enjoy going there as I know I will soon see the two girls who I adore.

I so love my humans. They play with me and my favorite part is snuggling with them and going to sleep.

I thought this might make some of you that follow me a laugh.... Enjoy and a have a happy day!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tinker is back...

Yes, that`s right Tinker is back. Both me and my hubby was thinking she was dead somewhere. Three days gone and she appears out of the blue. I just wonder what she has been doing the past three days. I am so glad she is back. We have missed her terribly. That just goes to show don`t give up hope on animals that disappear.
She seems like she really don`t know what the fuss is all about. Almost like do I know you from somewhere. She didn`t seem at all hungry....I just wonder where she has been the past three days. We have looked all around the fields around us and down the road and called all the neighbors to see if they had seen her.

I am glaaaaad she is home finally.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wanting to rush things....

I went to town today and lo and behold they had seeds at the local Wally world.....Flowers and some know the seed packets that cost only 20 cents....ooohhh how i thought about getting a few....Pumpkin, yellow squash, a few flowers seeds. Needless to say I looked on the back and seen I couldn`t plant them until March/April.....darn-it.....they shouldn`t temp me like that..... I am waiting patiently I swear. I didn`t get any of them..not to say I didn`t want to. Ooh I do need to do some gardening...Maybe I could start cleaning out the beds and cleaning out the Chicken Coops and adding that to the beds. It will be warmer tomorrow ....that is what needs to be done. Maybe that will get my need for playing in the dirt for now .....until the spring planting time begins.......ahhhh I can`t wait

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

disappearing dog....Tinker

I got up this morning and went and made sure all the animals had water. My hubsand had had his coffee while he walked outside earlier and turned the heeler loose. Needless to say the old dog....Tinker was missing ...not in her dog house....she is deaf and blind to some extent....She is 14 years old. At this writing she is still missing ,...the heeler has come back ( Bandit), but still no Tinker. I think possibly she went off and died , but not for sure. Our Chihuahua Jake did this about 3-4 years ago and we have not seen any bones from him....just up and disappeared.

Tinker has been a good dog. She is a chow/lab/heeler and what ever else mixed in there. She has killed amany possoms that were after my chickens as well as coons, even a skunk after it sprayed her in the face. She did everything we asked her to do. She loved to play hide and seek with my husband in her younger years. she has drunk out possoms under the porch.....possoms from holes........skunks out from hole in the ground and protected us from harm. She is/ was a good dog and she will be missed if she doen`t come back to us. I am sure if she is gone to her heavenly reward she is up there running rabbits...squirrels and possoms amuck.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spring.....oh where r u?

Oh where can you be ? Yes , to some point I do like winter, but I have had enough of it for now until maybe December 2011 or January 2012. I know here in Missouri, we have at least the rest of January and then February and then March which sometimes winter weather peaks it`s little head up for. Ohhh, I want spring with the warm weather, the flowers of different colors, the fuzzy baby chicks and baby ducks, the farmers markets, the swap meets, the trees with leaves, the dogwood flowering out.........Ohhh you are just a few months away.

We got about inch of snow here and wind blowing the snow off the trees, which were so pretty last night. I was gonna get a picture of the snow covered branches......mother nature had other the wind blowing it off before I woke up. I am sure I will get my chance to take pictures of the snow covered branches as snow is expected again this weekend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

This our road this morning when I woke up. It started last night about 9 with the first round of snow. the forecastors are thinking we might get 1-2 inches of snow. I say we got about 1/8 -inch of snow already. This is part of our driveway and looking down the road. I seen the muscovey this morning taking a snow bath......they try and take a bath everyday....cleaniness is a have to look your best......I didn`t get a picture of this as I was just having my morning coffee.
This is Spunky, our bob-tailed cat wacthing for bird at the suet feeder , which you can barely see in the top left corner of the picture.....He thinks the tree is hiding him.....the birds are smarter then that. Yes , he is in the bird bath...another use I guess. This tree would have gone in the house ,but the space I put the tree wasn`t big enough....So the birds got it.

This is another picture of Spunky trying to watch the birds with Panther the black cat asking " Are You having any luck ? Panther is the oldest daughter`s cat, he was born on her birthday, he is rather small and enjoys riding in the basket on her bike down the road. i tried to get a bird at the feeder , but with the bird watcher there ............I don`t think so....