Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fun outing and other stuff

Last Saturday we were invited to go on a trip to a private lake called Isaiahs Run. Grant Wistrom, former NFL player was the one that sponsored the trip, needless to say, we had a good time. My youngest got to ski for the first time, as well as canoe and go on a innertube thing at this lake , plus fish. The trip was a short notice thing, but thankfully we was able to go.
A lady on the board of the cattle barion`s ball asked us if we wanted to go, of course the youngest is all about going. She caught three big catfish and won a fishing pole for the largest ones caught.
Grant Wistrom, former St Louis Rams Player has this organizations that takes young cancer patients and their families to fun things to do, needless to say, I am glad for this. I have been saying their needs to be a group in this area of Missouri that does these things, other then in St Louis. So, it won`t be a s far to go to.

Tip hatched out 11 babies, more whites ones , of course plus a few blue. Thank goodness for the rain we got the other day, I know I lost 4 of the baby Rhode island  red/easter eggers, that i hatched out. One of my cochin hens has been setting , I put some baby chicks under her and she took them gladly, they are a mix that I got from a friend of mine ( his egg, hatched out of the incubator)
Well, thats all for today.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

no title really

We are still without internet at the house, but on my phone, on which I cannot blog but just go to facebook.....Most of the baby muscovey have found a new home except for , Heart, stripe and Lillie. I am expecting more babies in the next few weeks- Tippy  and Zoe is due to hatch, then in little over a month Aflac will be.....
The babies from eggs, that I had gotten from the fordland swapmeet hatched out so pretty ( Rhode Island Red/america), all in different colors except for the few rhode island red. More eggs are due to hatch this weekend..a mix that I got at the Bradleyville swap meet, in which one of our friends has put together. During the swap mett I managed to get a blue laced red wyandotte hen, she hasn`t layed yet, but I am hoping soon she will.
If anybody has any spare rain you could send some to the ozarks, we are needing it badly.