Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still Here....

No, I have not fallen in some  hollar around here or tripped on some rock, and knocked coo-coo, of course I am a little silly at times. It just took us along time to get a new computer since the lightning fried the motherboard on the old one.Still getting the hung the new one, so ,I have not put photos on the new one as of yet.
 I am now working two days aweek, in home health, one income was just not cutting anymore, in which I know everyone out there in blog land can relate.

 Their has been so much happening here, it seems like forever. First off , WE NEED RAIN badly. We have gotten some rain, but not e3nough maybe a drop here and a drop there, not any gully washers.

Second everyone of my duck hens have hatched out something this year, except for aflac. Mascara is setting again. Tippy and Zoe are sharing one baby, the rest of them were taken by a coyote, we have named that one survior,sparkles has had two batches this year ,she has two left, and finally lavender has two left as well. the rest of the hens don`t have any babies.

well that is enough for now.