Thursday, March 28, 2013

some clowning around....

 The kindergardeners at the local school made me, at least the clown part of me , some valentine`s I kn ow valentine`s day was last month, but I just got the pictures gifts

  Here is another pic from the valentine`s party....I am handing out some Brown-E`s....I told the children they were alittle chewy....they had to try for theirselves though....I really didn`t know what to say...after all they were brown-E`s
           They all loved their balloon animals.....even though they are guareteed to pop

  They was explaining to me the different picture that they put on the cards....I was swinging on the swing set on one..... they all are wonderful artists in the making . They also taught me how to hula hoop,at least they tried...they said I couldn`t move just right....some of them could hula hoop pretty good.

 This is my Hubby aka Mr. Skit-tales...he was a trooper and did a magic trick with me ..I have been dying to do for a while....This was tooken yesterday at the Easter Day party. He voluteered to help me do the class loved  it , but thought he was alittle weird...he didn`t know his colors when it came to the balloons . We did the yellow bandana is on youtube...I really don`t the address.....the children didn`t know what to think when he put the yellow banana in his pocket.....I wish I could have had someone tape it somehow , so I or rather we could watch it back....The teachers were also laughing so hard and love it !
 These are our gifts besides the above pics a pencil holder with a pencil that needs to be sharpen and a scrap book page that says to skittles.

We had so much fun...clowning is a blast!!!!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ahhhhh Spring

 Sorry this pic looks little blurry, it really don`t capture the beauty.

 I think these daffodils look like they are saying Hello Spring, or rather Hello sunshine

                                                                   One of pale yellows

                                                  double one

 These ones have not bloomed since we lived here...looks like they will be double excited. I think after they get done blooming I will replanted them in a better location. Looks like they were planted in front of the house that used to be here. I am planning on replanting my peony s as my hubby wont mow them down. I have radishes and green onions planted as well as garlic( first time planting this).
 When I was outside taking these photos...cocoa the mini had to see what I was doing
he tried and got his nose in it

The above sign is one of oldest drew out. I have been invited to do balloons in clown the local Easter Egg hunt...I so Eggcited about it. I have also been invited to do another event this summer in clown.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

busy,busy, busy....

It has been really busy around here.March winds are howling today.....

One more game then basketball season is over for the youngest daughter...we have had two tournaments, the first one the team got 4 th place and the second one they got 3rd place. One more game to go. The second tournament had to be rescheduled because a leak in the roof at that gym. One game was cancelled because of weather, as far as I know it will not be rescheduled.

I have been working on a new clown costume...spring themed...butterfly/flower outfit. I have been invited to twist balloons at the local Easter Egg hunt...I really don`t want to wear my apple theme costume to that...besides the school`s Easter party with the children. I am super excited about that, and so are the children. My hubby has volunteered to be my assistant so, I can do the yellow bandana trick, at least for the kindergarten class...( you go to YouTube and look up this trick or skit).
I think the children will love it...last month ..they told me the clowns do magic, so in a way the trick is like a magic trick with a twist.

I have started thinking about getting the incubator up and going as well, as soon as the chickens start laying more.
I have started downloading my cassettes( in which I have alot of them) on to the computer and gonna try and burn a cd with them on their , so I can put them on a mp3 player...
My oldest daughter has this rash of sorts , that we have been dealing with for over a year now and Friday she goes and sees a doctor again for it, hopefully we will find out something...yes ,she has been to doctor`s before with it...about 3 in fact, one was a dermatologist -but not in person, so Friday is the day....I pray we find out something and what causes it and what we can do to make it go away for good. Well  everyone have a good day!