Tuesday, April 30, 2013

mushrooms...garden...girls scout trip...

                            I know it maybe hard to believe but, I have never gone mushroom hunting or even tried wild mushrooms. This year I did, the above photo is the one mushroom that I found, rather proud of finding this one...morel.......

My hubby found a bunch while out hunting for turkeys

                                       These are the first morel mushrooms that I have ever fried, tried and all I can say is yummy, I want some more!

                This past Saturday, went on a girl scout trip to Branson, Ride the Ducks....so enjoyed it. the above pictures are only two of the pictures I took...the Captain was a hoot...I mean his name was Captain Hoot...he was very funny...would go again...would like to go sometime this summer , when the weather is a little more warmer to say the least. The day started out as raining but by the time we got to Branson...it wasn`t , so thankful for that.

                      The above is Roxy the raccoon, my new pet for my clown character, he is a spring puppet, been practicing with her...the instructions say it`s a he but, I say a her...Roxy is a girl`s name, I think. last night my hubby was eating a candy bar and I was playing with the coon, he bust out a laughing.....so funny, lol .    Ok, at least he had a smile on his face and asked Roxy to go away while he was eating.

                                                       Killdeer happened to stumble on.
                                                                   on to the garden
                                                          last of the tulips blooming

                                                  some of my pole beans are coming up, this one is in the bed frame bed, I have some more coming up around the trellis made out of clothes line poles.

                                                 different irises are coming up

                                            I stumbled across some marigolds for a reasonable price, even though they had gotten frost bitten a little. I have planted around my garden area, these are in the grill.

                                                    A new small bed taking shape. This bed is almost complete in making except for the planting of course. The rose is the background is one of the piñata climbing roses, I got. I did get two of the piñata climbing roses, I planted them one on each side of the old clothes lines poles. I also got a pink tea rose, they was on clearance, my oldest insisted on getting the pink one, her favorite color. The other rose, that I had seen that was similar in color to the piñata climbing rose, I could not find....I will find it again, at least I hope.

                                                    Here is the pink dogwood, my youngest insisted on me getting. I think it`s dead looking , but planted for her. I planted in the lower part of the garden.

 Here is one of the irises that are blooming, and I am transplanting...my goal is to plant by color, or rather have them planted one color in one area, so when they multiply, I can rehome a few. I know your not to suppose to plant until fall, but one of the beds that have the most irises , all different colors mixed together, I digging up when in bloom so I will know what color they are when planted.
This bed I know has white, purple, dark purple, orange, yellow and red I think. The orange one was suppose to be a rebloom and bloom twice a year instead of once a year, it has only bloomed once a year for me. All in all, I think my garden is taking shape in how I want it. My hubby wants the iris bed to be gone , so he can mow where it is. It has been so nice the past couple of days,  in the mornings I have been working in the garden, planting, transplanting, digging, removing rocks( never ending task), removing glass that I dig up( seems like a never ending task as well). I think where my garden spot is past where the bulldozed the old house that was here, that had burned,...hence the glass. It is suppose to turn cold again towards the weekend, and here it will be May...who knows about this crazy weather, I am just glad I don`t have tomato plants out yet, but thinking on getting some next week sometime. I think that is enough for the day...everyone have a blessed day.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gardening...transplanting some 2013

                          The above picture are two of the irises I transplanted, the darker  purple over the weekend and the other one today, after the rain...Thinning out by color.

                           Here are the ones I transplanted in the spots I chose for them....in this bed I want different colors of irises, it is close to a tree, in which I am trying to train a wild rose bush to go around the tree, hopefully it will bloom.

                             My mom loves irises and cannas, each year she plants the normal red bloom flowers and every fall she digs then up and then replants them and sells the abundance that she has of them each spring...they multiply. Anyway, I planted the above picture in my garden as well as some I saved from last year....they was on clearance this year, I also got my mom a package of them, as she doesn`t have any of these, at least I don`t think so. I will dig mine up this fall, hopefully they will bloom this year, I put them in a better bed, at least the dirt is richer then it was last year.

                         I planted these Dutch irises one day last week, thought I needed some other kind of irises. The bottom picture, in which you can`t see very good are them coming up, I will have to get another picture of them when they are up before they bloom and while they are blooming. the bulbs were different looking then the irises I have .

                 I thought I would throw a picture of one of my beds with vegetables in it , after the flooding we had last week. Turnips, lettuce( two different kinds) and radishes....can`t wait until I pick them...yummy!

                           The lone apple tree is in bloom, last year, I did have a few apples then we had a wind storm of sorts go thru here and that was the end of the apples on there.

                              Our miniature horse Cocoa, we have been just letting him out loose to eat on the grass, while we are at home.

                          A quick picture of my mint, which seems the flooding didn`t effect it either. Yesterday was so nice, I put down some more mulch on my pathways in the garden...hence today it is rainy and getting colder, suppose to frost tonight and here is the last part of April. I am sooo ready for warmer weather to stay around more then a few days.
Last night one of our female cats had kittens...4 in total all with tails, two are grey and white and two are calico...the calicos looked oddly colored up so far, but we will see if it changes any .Well that is all for now. Everyone have a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

have to brag a little...

 My youngest went on her first spring turkey season and got a bird.... a 20 pounder and 10 inch beard....very proud of  her, being her first . We had Fried turkey for lunch today.

                                                         My Easter Cactus is in bloom..

Some of my irises are in bloom, at least a few of the purple ones are. The last few days have been beautiful outside...of course I have been working in my garden, weeding, and putting more of the mulch down. I did replant some iris yesterday that were in one of my iris beds that need to be thinned out some....so planted them in an area that I wanted to just be iris.....different colors of them...so far only the purple ones are in bloom, I do have a vast array of colors of them....

Everyone get out and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It rained.....

                                              This is the low water slab below our house

                                                           This is the same creek
                                       water standing in one of the beds in the garden, may have to replant

                                    another picture of the creek

                                       water standing here , if u look real close

                           another area of the garden flooded...yes, that is a toilet.

                                                            my mint is flooded

                     A little creek in a corner of the garden, this by the grill

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Been busy in the garden......

  I have been quite busy during these nice spring days, I have put mulch on my pathways in my garden area...I got this mulch last year when southern construction came thru and asked for it they dumped a bucketful in an area that the cocoa is in, he likes to lay on the pile and sun on some days. I have been tying him out on these nice spring days and he has been enjoying the green grass.

One of my incubators is up and running with the eggs, that I saved from my own hens. The incubator will be shut down after this hatch until after our annual trip to the doctors in St Louis, then start back up again.
I do have a wide variety of chickens ,seems like

The above two picture are grape plants I snagged at a Wal-mart, they was on clearance. I plant a grape vine a few years ago, least to say it didn`t make it, It last about two years and never produced any grapes hopefully these two will do better. I did lay some mulch around them and they are planted in a different spot then the last one was,  The two below pictures are the two different kinds I planted
Both are seedless varieties.

The picture below is my bed of beans, the ramps are to prevent the chickens thinking they need to dust in the bed. I also have some onions planted in there as well. This bed frame was in a different spot last year, the boards were rotting and decided we would replace them and weatherproof them as well .On each corner I have planted pole beans, hopefully the bush beans are bush beans and not pole beans like they was last year., My youngest loves raw green beans. I also planted a package of yellow wax beans, so we will see how that goes.

 The above picture is of two clothesline poles that were given to us a few years ago , when my Aunt was in the process of moving, finally got them up, Sometimes my hubby has good intentions, I put the first one up, he did help with the second one. I have planted some pole beans on one side of one of the poles and on the other some cucumbers, I would love to can some cucumbers this years, I so love fresh sliced cucumbers in vinegar during the summer, I am getting ahead of myself a little .I would like to plant a climbing rose bush in the middle of one of the post and let it climb up and over. I seen one I would like to have the other day, when I got the other one I planted, so far it is doing good. I was also thinking on planting some gourds on the other side, I have some seeds that I have saved from a few years ago from my gourds I grew. I am planning on putting a small bed on each side of the poles. I seen a miniature rose bush about the same coloring as the  climber I want the other day , of course it was a higher price rose bush, maybe Mother`s day. These  two poles will  be entrance way into the fruit area, I did replant some blackberries, that were here where the poles are now.

 This is also a new bed we put up, guess what it has in it.....Bush beans and onions and my cannas from last year, hopefully I will get a lot of beans to can and of course eat, I have not covered this bed to keep chickens out, so far they have not decided to use this bed to dust in...they do like where I first put some onions at though.

 I snagged the above two bulbs, I guess is what you would call them the other day as well, clearance at that Wal-Mart I visited. I looked at my local one and these were not on clearance yet, but then again they do have more of a selection on these as of yesterday .I did not grab any there, things are always better when on clearance right, at least I hope so on these plants.

                                     I thought I throw in some my tulips blooming, these are in different areas.

           While I was wondering around the yard earlier , I noticed that some of my irises are beginning on thinking of blooming, this bed I do need to thin out a bit. I forgot on what all colors I have in this bed, so I will thin out when they bloom. Their is an area in my garden area I want nothing but irises , it`s around a tree, that way I don`t have to mess with the root of the tree, I have started some planting of them.
This is just a update on the garden area, maybe this is a good topic for this blog from time to time and lets see how it progresses. Everyone have glorious day