Tuesday, July 30, 2013

update on garden , chickens

Thought would start with some flowers, these are growing beside the house, don`t really know what they are called, but think they are pretty.....

                          The volunteer holly hocks beside the house are leaning over with blooms

                                                            cherry tomatoes

I have been getting plenty of cherry tomatoes, I so like just washing them off and popping them in my mouth.....yummy....

                                           the pole beans on the bed frame aren`t vining like I want them to ...oh well still producing a few beans.

                                        Here is the pole beans going across the rope I set up in the garden....next year , I think I will plant them like this again , but on both sides...
                                        I haven`t picked that many roma tomatoes off the plants, the plants do look pretty though........they are full of tomatoes though...waiting for them to ripen.

                                           Yellow squash is producing good.....I have gotten a few from them.
          I cooked them using them in a foil packet , put an onion sliced and salt and pepper and margarine  and then cooked in oven....yummy.

                          I haven`t gotten very many cucumbers this year...not gonna plant them like this I don`t think next year.....they are not vining like I want them to.....

                                       One of the mums are starting to bloom some....I can`t wait until they are    
                                                full in bloom.

                                 These are doing good after I transplanted them

                                                Canna`s are blooming, at least these are.

                                              Rose of Sharon bush in garden in full bloom

This is the last of the blackberries, I am slowly waiting for them to finish ripening up

                          A new blackberry plant , I got and put in the garden...triple crown variety
                                           I need to transplant this one, further down in the garden , not in the walkway....their is two of them here.....We are getting much needed rain here today.....Thank you Lord for the rain......

                                                  Fred, one of my buff orphington roosters,...follows me around, the other one is named George.

                                              This is Daisy, she has two bantam cochin chicks, I bought so , I could get to stop setting, her chicks are about a month old and she is laying now, I have gotten two eggs from her so far....her chicks are not all feathered out yet.....can`t tell if they are pullets or roos yet....

I went out to get a picture of cheetah setting hard on the nest ...on a plastic Easter egg, don't want her to set, I keep taking eggs from her....will let her have a few when the next incubator hatches out, it is her first time setting....the picture above is a hen laying a egg on top of her almost,....wasn`t expecting this, I took a picture of the egg after the hen ...hummm drop it.....a nice brown speckled egg....
just laid.......literally......I took it from cheetah......

                                        Elizabeth  setting in the old dog house....she has a lot of eggs under her.
                              One of the chicken hens has laid a egg or two under her and I think she is setting on them two, I took a couple of them and put in the bator....still chicken eggs there though....will put them in the bator after she hatches out if they are still under there.

My youngest daughters new chick...I hope it is a rooster, that is what she is thinking....she got it at the local swap from the same person that gave her the last two.....she can`t put it with her two ...they fight it....It will eventually go out there with them two.......

Monday, July 22, 2013

babies here now.....

                                  A frizzle showed up in one of my cochins, this one is out of my Columbian pen  .I do have a birchen hen in there. I did have frizzles at one time

I kept this one back just to see what color it would turn out  to be ...he was chocolate in color as a chick...looks like a roo, from my brown egg layers. The top two are with Indian.

                                           A blue cochin, I picked up at farmers market

                                           A black cochin , I picked up at farmers market
                                       the above two are with a mixed hen that insisted on setting

                                          This little one`s wings looks like a butterfly wings....looks like a rooster

                                              I hope this one is a hen......a calico, maybe...

                                                                    Spike, a frizzle roo

                                              Don`t know about this one, it has some gold leaking thru the blue,
                                               another roo I think

                                          another roo looks like it
                          The above 5 are from a blue cochin hen I picked up at a local swap

                                                  Introducing Mis Mary Margaret
                                               Mascara`s baby we are keeping

                   This is Lilly according to my oldest....I think glimmer, can`t tell in the picture , but it looks light silver......survivor/sparkles baby, don`t really know which one as they both were laying there at the same time...lol

                                             This is another chick from the Columbian pen , only a few days old

I know this one isn`t a baby, but he is my new roo...a buff bantam cochin....hoping to raise buff barred bantam cochins...now need a barred hen...I do have some buff hens for him .

Here are some more babies.....tigeress had four little kitties....looks like 1 male and 3 female, two have tails and two don`t....tigeress is a bob-tailed kitty

that is all the babies for now......I just love baby animals...they are so cute.......

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

alitte of everything.....

 First off , the garden.....the green horned tomatoes worms have hit...grrrrr. I have been picking them off by hand and watering them every day with soapy water, this is helping somewhat, still have to pick them off though.
                                                   The above pic of the tomatoes

 A couple of pictures of the hens and chicks in the garden. The one in the cooler I just moved from a washer tub, they wasn`t doing what I wanted ....I wanted them to grow out of the little holes in the tub. Was thinking on trying to find some glass pop bottles, to put in this cooler, don`t know where I could find any, that isn`t expensive. I replanted the little ones in the wheelbarrow to spread them out alittle.

                                        My one and only so far canna blooming, one of the clearance bulbs I got

                                                            Mums are starting to bloom

                                                  Cucumbers are having to be trained to climb up

                                                   A daylily blooming

   this is a picture of the chicks that have hatched this week, two are which of are cochins...yay... they are from my Columbian cochin pair, I do admit their is a birchen hen in there as well.

                                            This is Mascara with her little one, in which am keeping for now
                                 have named her Mary, the oldest calls her Mary Margaret from once upon a time

             The above picture is buff cochin banty hens I traded for Muscovy ducklings to get these. will not trade with these people again, unless their birds are better looking then these were....they was half dead...I gave them some apple cider vinegar water and have given tlc and still have not put them with my chickens. Yes I did get two reds one as well. They do look better then they did when I first got them. I probably won`t use them for eggs or breeders this year.

                  last of the chickens, this is my standard cochin Big boy, he is such a sweetheart.

                                                                     Now on to quilting
                                              The center block is done except for the star...beading

                                                   January block is done except for the star( beading) and some of the branches for the tree....gotta try and find what I need to do the branches. also need some grass on there as well.
This is a start to the August block, I know I should to do the next month , but have decided to do the block with the lions on it, so I won`t use the yarn up for the mane of the lion.

Well everyone have a beautiful day.....