Wednesday, April 25, 2012

babies everywhere....

Well, I have put one of my incubators up and we have hatched out about 20 chicks so far, in all different colors and sizes. I put eggs in there from the cochin pens, in which there is only one of as of right now, some from the welsummer pen and some of my old english game pen, so I do have a variety of chicks and both girls have picked out their favs.
One of the ducks have started pipped, at least the eggs...Sparkles in the one in hatch at this far as I know, as I am using someone elses computer to write this blog. Enough for now

Monday, April 2, 2012

lightning strikes...

Well a few weeks ago, lightning striked the house and we seen big spark and looked around to see what it had hit. Later that day we plugged up the computer and tried to go online and to no avail.....the lightning got the mother board on the tower of the computer....we can do everything , but go online...soo needless to say offline again until we get another tower.

Most of the ducks are setting ....\sparkles should hatch out sometime early this month, then lavender is under the porch has just started setting, then unique is setting and Elizabeth is too, that leaves mascara,tippy and aflac to start setting ....I know alot of baby muscoveies running around. My garden is coming up good as well, except the potatoes...I think they have gotten waterlogged with all the rain we had after I planted.
Well tahhh for now.