Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gastro doctor visit

 Today I went to the gastrologist , they are going to schedule a scope to be done as well as another test where I eat scrambled eggs and they watch how it digest ( two hour test). Other then that everything went fine. When they do the scope, if the burning from the acid juices has narrowed the esophagus they will stretch it out. ....then after these two tests I go back and see him. so, now the next appt which is Thursday ...cardiologist.

Last night was Family Fun night at school. The girls got two pumpkins , that we will carve out tonight, as well as get the oldest costume ready...she will be ....Miss USA. She gets to dress up at school and she gets extra credit for doing so. The youngest daughter`s school don`t let the children dress up. not even the kindergarten or preschool. Difference in the schools.

It has been a beautiful day today...started out cold  but now the sun is shining....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

things going on...

Next week will be very busy with everything going on. I have two doctors appts next week, in which I am nervous about. I go first to gasentlogist , to find out I throw up pretty much almost every morning and sometimes when I pack my stomach at night, especiality with spicy foods, oh how I like tacos sometimes, anywho..oh that account..I get real bad burning in chest and then need to throw up and I feel better afterwards. I have been doing this most of my life..a little known secret of mine. I do have Gerd.

then the next appt is the cardiologist about my heart, in which is hurting off and on and do get short of breath easily.. I also am easily tired out..Hopefully I will found out if I can go back to work, since I haven`t started back yet.

On a later note, I had one of my cochin hens thinking she needed to set on something..I gave her an egg to set on..Needless to say, she hatched that one egg out, in which I do not really know who laid it,  a cute little bronw colored chik ( not cochin). I have had elizabeth and mascara hatch out babies. Elizabeth hatched out 5 and mascara hatched out 2. Mascara still has 1 left , since they free -range ., I decided to let them free-range during this hatch instead of penning them up...so that is why Elizabeth has lost hers. Zoey is setting as well under the porch, Sparkles was setting as well until Tux broke her up--he so loves duck eggs. i try and watch him when he is out of his pen, but sometimes he does get the eggs.
It has turned off cold here..I don`t think Mother Nature can make her mind on what kind of weather she wants, lol.
Well, I am getting tired, so gonna go and watch some tv and probably fell asleep, everyone have a blessed evening that the almighty GOD has made. Good Night!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a health scare...

Yester while I was at work and had just got there . I had been there for about 30 minutes. I started having chest pains and dizzy headed. I wrote the chest pains as my GERD acting up , so i waited until about 11 am to see if both would go away. Needless to say it didn`t. I did feel my heart flutter, at least that is what it felt like for a few minutes. I called the family ( I work in home health) then called office. I went home...I know I should have been driving ...being dizzy but I really didn`t want to leave my car there . .. I made it home and called the doctors office and they couldn`t get me in...so on to the urgent care.
On the way to urgent care my right lower jar started hurting as well. I got there at urgent care...the doctor told me what for and why didn`t call an ambulance....no insurance..bill, I didn`t want to pay. hence, my blood pressure was 145/95 two nitros...o2 on and an ekg which was abnormal and she told me I was goning to the ER by ambulance no if s ands or buts.....
 The ambulance got there while I was on the gueney and being wheeled out to the ambulance the gureney dropped while I was on it....they apoliugized and stated glad I was 90 year old woman with brittle bones...I would have broken something.
I got to the Er and they did labs and another EKG and chest x-ray...everything came back normal...And as always follow up with your primary care doctor.
I did that this morning and she did a EKG which showed that I had heart attack, and she stated that I was having something and the nitro shut it down. I am now on high blood pressure medicine and have nitro on hand in case I need it and being referred to a cardiologists and told me I need to exercise and loose a few pounds and eat a more healthy diet. So , I think I am gonna be taking a few weeks off to get my health back in order.

Everyone have blessed day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

muscovey ducks ..other..

 Yes, you are seeing correctly, Elizabeht ( Muscovey hen) has just hatched out. She hatched out 5.She started hatching on Saturday...yes, I know brrrrrrrrrr. Mascara also hacthed out a couple of weeks ago, she only hatched out two, she has one left, they do free range, and we do have coyotes in the area. And thanks to a friends game camera ...bobcats as well. Needless to say during the day the ducks are everywhere.
 This one of the ducks I would like to rehome if I could or she will be in the freezer, sad to say.


                                               close view of stripes
                             Heart and Stripes foraging
                          This picture turned out a little blurry, sorry. I took this picture while me and my hubby was walking to the game camera to switch out the memory card. i just love seeing these small berries on the cedar trees  We did have our first frost here on the farm. tata for now ,everyone have a good week.