Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice, Snow....ugh........more thoughts from cricket

Yes , that is right more snow for here in the ozarks is headed our way. The weatherman are stating it`s gonna be ice first, then snow anywhere from 1/2-3/4 inch of ice....then on top of that 6-12-inches of snow......ugh is all I have to say. Where did the nice weather that we had friday and saturday was so nice then.....oh yea, I forgot we are in missouri, where if you don`t like the weather...wait it will change. The way the weather forecastors are saying , I think we might be snowed in for awhile and possibly power outages......... I hope not I guess we will have to wait and see what we get regarding ice and snow.....But I don`t want either.

Saturday ,we went to my aunt sue`s surprize birthday party, little cricket came too, in which she seemed so bored Her thoughts of the day;

This place is so boring All I get to do is sitting on a lap ....things to eat but I don`t get to at least try anything.....bored , bored. Oh their is another little puppy here, he looks as bored as me...he don`t get to eat anything either. We smelled noses but that`s all I was allowed to do, I don`t think I wanted to play...too many people around and every once in awhile I hear a swaek from something....they say it is a bird of sure don`t look like a chicken or a duck...they are so fun to play with sometime. Then we went to a place where green grass and terrible barking of two other dogs.....I so wanted to be friends , but the big hairy one was a little scary to me...I think she thought I was something to eat....oh, I so don`t like it here with this big hairy thing.

The big hairy thing was my mom`s shih tzu, Ruby, who really thought cricket was a play thing, maybe even a hot dog , lol.....well that is all I have for now

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh spring, you are near.....

Yes, spring is around the corner. Here is a picture of some Easter Lillies coming up, I do have some more planted , but they don`t seem to be showing as of yet. It was nice today and I was gonna pull some weeds out and worked the raised beds some, but muddy as can be. The frost was alittle heavy this morning and so creates mud. Why can`t this happen in the summer when the gardens need of course then it would be called dew. I am so looking ofrward to spring and all the flowers , besides the garden vegetables....the ones bought in the store don`t have the same flavor as the ones from your own garden or per say a farmers market.
This is an Eagle flying , even though it don`t look like much. We had just gotten back from town and seen this Eagle flying and it perch on a tree and stopped so I can get a picture and it started flying. I just love to watch the Eagles soaring overhead. It makes me Proud to be An American when I see this national symbol soaring in the sky, free as can be. I also like looking at American Flags flowing in the wind like a kite on a summer`s day just floating in the wind and drifting as the wind takes all I have to say.
Tonight is the first home game me and the girls will be attending. The youngest one is cheering tonight, the oldest opt out this year of being a cheerleader , even though she has said that she will help if needed. The oldest is having some knee trouble , don`t know what it is, a couple of days ago it was swollen alittle. She has had some trouble in the past with the knee hurting and got it x-rayed , but they didn`t find anything wrong, so if it still giving her trouble she will be going to the doctor hopefully tomorrow, if I can get her in. Somethings not right about it, I think it might be her knee cap not fusing like it is suppose to , But I don`t know.......

Monday, January 24, 2011

gearing up for spring.. ..other ramblings

Yes , I finally bit the bullet and couldn`t stand it anymore looking at all the seed packets. I got some , just a few. I am also trying to think what I want to grow in the garden this year as well. of course, they will be green onions...( Oh , how I love green onions), tomatoes, yellow squash and zucchini ( they did good last year, alot). I am planning on trying to grow two different types of pumpkins , of course jalepenos and radishes ( didn`t do great last year), and turnips and corn ( didn`t do well either). I have planned on putting the corn and radishes in a different spot, hopefully I will have better luck this year.
The seeds I have so far are as follow: Radish-Early Scarlet Globe,French Breakfast,Sparkler White top , I am gonna look for some white ones too.: Turnip - Purple top white globe; Garden beans ( green beans) Contender( bush); Jalapeno M; dark grren zucchini; early Prolific Straightneck squash ; Cantalope ( daughter choice); Jack O`lantern pumpkin and Small sugar Pumpkin. It looks like I am gonna be busy planting
I tried working in the beds today, but it is just too muddy still yet. I did clean out another two chicken pens today and put the manure in the one of the beds. I think I am gonna try and get another two beds up and running for spring somehow. I might have to use rocks to go around the beds for now, in which their is plenty of here on the farm.

I have started to research goats and their care and am thinking about getting a couple, don`t know how that will work out this year though. Our fence is just barbed wire for the most part . I think baby goats are so cute and enjoy looking at the picture over at granny best and at tonia`s and others.
I am still working on my afghan , I think it will be queen size and have not done any other blocks as of yet, but have done other rows on it and let me tell you it is getting heavy just turning for the next row. I have also made a couple of grape doilies that I plan on trying to sell this spring when all the swap meets start happening in this area, and farmers market which is in March. I am so looking forward to them and hatching baby chicks and baby ducks.

I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of my cayuga`s, but have not let go as of yet. I would like to keep the hen that lays the black egg, yes a black egg it is what the cayuga`s breed is known for besides ,the beautiful color of black and when the sun hits it shades of green and purple surface, but still not for sure on the idea. i know I do have extra drake, in which he is not pure cayuga, I think maybe alittle kaki cambell or mallard not for sure. The main drake is not pure as well, he has a look of being mixed with kaki campbell or mallard as well. I am not planning on getting rid of my muscovey , I so love watching them talk and fly, even though when they start laying it is like Easter egg hunting, lololol.
I guess that is enough rambling on , I will go for now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ozark sledding.....

What do you get when you take an old car hood.., a truck with a chain..., a little snow ? A exciting sled ride and fun, fun, fun and some more fun and a face full of That is what we did yesterday , a sled ride down the road ( gravel road). The girls had so much fun thaey want to do again, but we have to wait till more snow some of the road is showing because of the sun...which I do like to melt all the white stuff. Needless to say the ride was much more fun then any theme park ride and cheaper as well. We would buy one of those plastic sleds .....but with all these rocks it tears up after one day of riding. Ohh the joys of riding a old car will even go down a hill without the I did when I was a teenager.
I am truly sorry I didn`t get a picture , but a person can`t hardly get a picture and hang
With the two girls and me on the sled and hubby driving the truck ...noone can take the picture and concentrate on holding on or driving...... Ohhh the joys of living in country!!!!!!!

I don`t know if we will get any more snow or not, they are calling for another snow fall but this area is only expecting a light dusting...We will have to wait for another good snowfall,but with this Missouri weather who knows when that will be ?

Friday, January 21, 2011

chocolate frappe

We bought a frappe machine before Christmas , as both my hubby and me are frappe fanatics, You know they are habit forming...the one `s from mickey D`s and of course the ones at the St John`s Hospital coffee shop. i tried recipes in the booklet it came with, but that didn`t seem to have much of a chocolate taste. So here it what we came with......It is good and tasty.
Ohhh , by the way , it is a Mr Coffee Frappe machine.

Put about 2 Tablespoons of coffee in filter and 1/2 cup of water.
Then in put 3 Tablespoons Hills Bros. Cappuccino Double Mocha in container, add ice then pour in about 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream and 1/4 cup of choclate syrup, the measurement on the whipping cream and chocolate syrup is not exact. then put the container in the machine and push frappe and then pour into individual glasses and add whipped cream to top and then yummmmmmmmmmmmmy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter wonderland

This is the tree is snow and it is still snowing here, i just had to look around at the beauty! We got about 4 inches give or take.
This is looking in on my quackers pen. They have a building to get in to, but I guess they just love the snow. These are cayuga ducks. Sally is in the front , I think she is a blue swedish, but not for sure.
The muscoveys didn`t get out from under the garage and they don`t like the snow when it is this deep.
Another look of the snow lined trees

Our dog ( Crazy) Bandit eating the snow. He was, I swear running around just biting the snow and of course panting alot. He just loves the`s his first year with snow. Cricket loves the snow as well....she so has a hard time going thru that much snow... sorry I didn`t get a picture of that.

This is such a perfect snow angel that my youngest made today.....they got to have a snow day....and probably will be tomorrow as well...not for sure. The youngest has cheerleader practice tomorrow...I so hope they have school.
We are expecting another round according to the weather man sunday into monday

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dreaming of Spring......

Morning Glories in all the glory for spring.

These are just a sampling of whats to come in my yard.....I didn`t plant morning glories last year, but I am this year.......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thoughts from cricket....

Hi! My name is Cricket and I am a little puppy of the Dashund ( not sure of spelling as I am a puppy) variety. Sometimes 2 of my humans , in which their are a total of four of them ( how lucky am I) get on this big yellow thing....or would I say they disappear into this big yellow thing....then beep,beep,beep sound goes off and the big yellow thing goes down the road to somewhere. I missed those two girl humans terrible when they get on the big yellow thing and go away. But later I do get to see them, sometimes I have to wait for hours , in which seems like a lifetime to little me. I am told by one of my humans that the big yellow thing is a bus, but not for sure what a bus is.

One day one of my humans took me to loud place ,at least I thought it was loud at the time...alot of screeming going on....I just looked around and snuggled in the sleeve of the humans coat and soon their was my favorite two human girls coming to hold me......hahahahahaha. I was so happy to see them.... This place was a school that I was tooken to. I kinda of now enjoy going there as I know I will soon see the two girls who I adore.

I so love my humans. They play with me and my favorite part is snuggling with them and going to sleep.

I thought this might make some of you that follow me a laugh.... Enjoy and a have a happy day!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tinker is back...

Yes, that`s right Tinker is back. Both me and my hubby was thinking she was dead somewhere. Three days gone and she appears out of the blue. I just wonder what she has been doing the past three days. I am so glad she is back. We have missed her terribly. That just goes to show don`t give up hope on animals that disappear.
She seems like she really don`t know what the fuss is all about. Almost like do I know you from somewhere. She didn`t seem at all hungry....I just wonder where she has been the past three days. We have looked all around the fields around us and down the road and called all the neighbors to see if they had seen her.

I am glaaaaad she is home finally.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wanting to rush things....

I went to town today and lo and behold they had seeds at the local Wally world.....Flowers and some know the seed packets that cost only 20 cents....ooohhh how i thought about getting a few....Pumpkin, yellow squash, a few flowers seeds. Needless to say I looked on the back and seen I couldn`t plant them until March/April.....darn-it.....they shouldn`t temp me like that..... I am waiting patiently I swear. I didn`t get any of them..not to say I didn`t want to. Ooh I do need to do some gardening...Maybe I could start cleaning out the beds and cleaning out the Chicken Coops and adding that to the beds. It will be warmer tomorrow ....that is what needs to be done. Maybe that will get my need for playing in the dirt for now .....until the spring planting time begins.......ahhhh I can`t wait

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

disappearing dog....Tinker

I got up this morning and went and made sure all the animals had water. My hubsand had had his coffee while he walked outside earlier and turned the heeler loose. Needless to say the old dog....Tinker was missing ...not in her dog house....she is deaf and blind to some extent....She is 14 years old. At this writing she is still missing ,...the heeler has come back ( Bandit), but still no Tinker. I think possibly she went off and died , but not for sure. Our Chihuahua Jake did this about 3-4 years ago and we have not seen any bones from him....just up and disappeared.

Tinker has been a good dog. She is a chow/lab/heeler and what ever else mixed in there. She has killed amany possoms that were after my chickens as well as coons, even a skunk after it sprayed her in the face. She did everything we asked her to do. She loved to play hide and seek with my husband in her younger years. she has drunk out possoms under the porch.....possoms from holes........skunks out from hole in the ground and protected us from harm. She is/ was a good dog and she will be missed if she doen`t come back to us. I am sure if she is gone to her heavenly reward she is up there running rabbits...squirrels and possoms amuck.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spring.....oh where r u?

Oh where can you be ? Yes , to some point I do like winter, but I have had enough of it for now until maybe December 2011 or January 2012. I know here in Missouri, we have at least the rest of January and then February and then March which sometimes winter weather peaks it`s little head up for. Ohhh, I want spring with the warm weather, the flowers of different colors, the fuzzy baby chicks and baby ducks, the farmers markets, the swap meets, the trees with leaves, the dogwood flowering out.........Ohhh you are just a few months away.

We got about inch of snow here and wind blowing the snow off the trees, which were so pretty last night. I was gonna get a picture of the snow covered branches......mother nature had other the wind blowing it off before I woke up. I am sure I will get my chance to take pictures of the snow covered branches as snow is expected again this weekend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

This our road this morning when I woke up. It started last night about 9 with the first round of snow. the forecastors are thinking we might get 1-2 inches of snow. I say we got about 1/8 -inch of snow already. This is part of our driveway and looking down the road. I seen the muscovey this morning taking a snow bath......they try and take a bath everyday....cleaniness is a have to look your best......I didn`t get a picture of this as I was just having my morning coffee.
This is Spunky, our bob-tailed cat wacthing for bird at the suet feeder , which you can barely see in the top left corner of the picture.....He thinks the tree is hiding him.....the birds are smarter then that. Yes , he is in the bird bath...another use I guess. This tree would have gone in the house ,but the space I put the tree wasn`t big enough....So the birds got it.

This is another picture of Spunky trying to watch the birds with Panther the black cat asking " Are You having any luck ? Panther is the oldest daughter`s cat, he was born on her birthday, he is rather small and enjoys riding in the basket on her bike down the road. i tried to get a bird at the feeder , but with the bird watcher there ............I don`t think so....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

R u ready for spring?....gardens

I am so ready for spring to come. I have been watching Victory Garden and am anxouis about digging in the dirt, planting vegetable seeds,...just seeing green on the ground instead of brown grass. Seeing the flowers around here bloom...... Oooh how pretty are the irises while they are in bloom, I have several different colors of them...purple, white which are so lovely..., yellow...............ohhh poo, it is only the first part of January. not April, May or even June. January is not the time to be diggin in the dirt, for one thing it will be frozen probably or so cold the fingers would wonder what I was thinking......
I guess I will have to wait till then. But it is so hard to wait for springtime......
I am gonna try and grow pumpkins this year in my garden, I would like to try two different kinds, but I don`t know if that will work and am thinking about growing some more gourds again as well...they make beautiful bird well as the normal things such as green onions, tomatoes and squash. This year hopefully I can expand my rasied beds to maybe a couple more beds, but I will have to wait and see how it goes. I use raised beds because of the rocks, in which we have plenty of here on the farm.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

introducing cricket....

This is the farm`s newest member to the family... Cricket, my oldest daughter`s dashund pup. She is about 8 weeks old and is a sweetheart. She so likes to snuggle, or rather loves too. She loves both girls so much. She is starting to get length on her, not very much height. She was the runt of the litter, so I am hoping she won`t get that big.
she was so lost without the girls yesterday, since it was the first day back from the Christmas/New Year break, when they got home, she wouldn`t let them out of her site, lol. I took her to school when I went and picked them up and she was so happy and so was the girls.The afghan she is laying on, is one of the girls and is since now Cricket`s. Last night my youngest was carrying cricket around all snug in the afghan like a little baby and saying look at my baby, lol

Sunday, January 2, 2011

update on afghan....

This one is block 24, which is a vine of leaves.
This one is block 23

This is block 22, a heart of hearts

This is block 21

I am done with 5th row of the Baltimore Quilt afghan, and now working on the 4th row. It is getting especiality heavy, but it is realy warm under while I am crocheting a new row.
I did not get a picture of block 25 as of yet.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...

Ok , I didn`t greet the New Year in, I liked about 10 minutes in greeting it in, My brother from St louis called and woke me up at 12:10 this am, so I was alittle late, lol.
Happy New Year to everyone in blogland, may your year be filled with blessings of life and may you prosper beyond belief.