Wednesday, December 26, 2012

two of Christmas presents...

 The above is a photo of one of the towels I recieved for Christmas. it was a set . One of these days , I would like my kitchen done in chickens instead of the color green and leaves or rather vines, snuflowers might be a plus with the chickens...maybe a farmyard theme....I do have a few cow salt and pepper shakers, plus a few chickens...hey I like both.

This is another present I least a kit on aryclic painting...This is my first painting based on the kitchen towel set I got.....I think I do pretty good for the first attempt. I first rew the rooster on free hand then painted.....I know I need wortk on the rooster`s legs and the sunflowers and the tail as well.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

This morning after opening our gifts and watching my oldest try some ribbon candy, I thought of my dad and christmas of long ago when I was a child. The thrill of opening gifts...the joy of having a few new clothes and some toys when I was age approiate.....My dad would always think of different ways to get in as many family meals as he could. We didn`t always go to both sides of the weather didn`t always cooperate...but fun was still had, whether their was weather or not. Both grandparents house was always alot of relatives around, most of the time gifts weren`t handed out, but the love was there. The meal was usually a whole table full and if you didn`t get what you wanted the first go around, their usually wasn`t nothing left the second as like said alot of relatives. My paternal grandparents had 9 children and the maternal grandparents had 12 living children even though she had 14 in all.. Both sets of grandparents are gone now , but I still remember the good , fun times and the ones that are God`s angels, at least that is what I think and just waiting for each loved one to enter the gates of Heaven they can give a big hug to you.

I thank all of the soldiers who are fighting to protect our freedom and all the families as well.

Everyone have a blessed Christmas and remember HE IS the REASON for the season.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

clowning....biopsies results...questions....

I know I have not posted in about a week or more...just didn`t have anything interesting to post.

Thursday was the youngest daughter`s last day of school until the new year. My girls go to two different schools. The high schooler didn`t have school Thursday., her school lets those that don`t miss any days in the quarter miss the day that finals are on. I dressed in clown and went to school, as I was requested by the Kindergarden teacher. I am truly sorry didn`t get any pictures. When I arrived the kindergardener were having a tea party and I was asked to join in and they gave me a little cup of tea. I went thru my little skit while enjoying my cup of tea. They truly enjoyed it and so did I.
Next I went to First grade.....big mistake...they are mean....They stepped on my shoes/feet, seemed unhappy with the simple balloon animals , I did my little skit for them...the whole time saying mean things...then I left that class room and went in the gym were it was nice and warm and the second graders and third graders were having gym and I waited until they were done and went to the second graders class and did balloons and some of skit...then went back in to the gym to warm up and the first graders were in there and they tried to pull off my wig...needless to say ...the first grade class will not be visited again , at least those group of kids...they did redeem theirselves at the end of the day with a hug , but I will not visit them again. ( I usually visit at the Easter Parties).

Now on to the Biopsies result as I have stated on another post that I had a scope done and they seen abnormal tissue in the scope. Problem? When they did the scope the doctor came in when I was still out of it and told what they found..Question...Why dont they wait until you are aware of what is going on before informing you of what they did?
I went to the doctor and he told me I had acid reflux., in which I knew I had, I have esophagitis and a small hiatal hernia and then he mentioned something about barretts syndrome ,but only in passing and deciding what I could take over the counter , as I do not have insurance.The medicines I was taking isn`t strong enough. I then went to the Primary doctor and she stated basically the same thing and she added that the biopsies contained some barrett syndrome as well and kept asking if I expected that....Then I get a letter from the doctor that did the scope and it says nothing about barretts...I was just curiuos Why?...It just seems confusing when the letter says nothing about it......the specialist mentions it only somewhat and the primary mentions it and asked me what I think......and the letter like I said has nothing on it about it.

Could it be they don`t want me to worry about it , since barretts is a precancer? least that is what I seen on the internet about it......and in my medical book.

well everyone have a blessed day!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Basketball...other things....

Well , my youngest got to meet the team, the certain team memeber was very nice to her....I think the young lady has changed , at least that is what I think. The next night we went to the game, they did win one game- the jv and the varsity almost won...that one was a close game. One of the team member posted on facebook that they was gonna win for their coach, theriselves and of course for my proud, that they can think of her in that way, of course that is what the organization is for . Children committed to kids  is the name of the organization, they take children who are sick and team them up with a sports team...awesome, is all I got to say. She had a blast sitting with the team and the coach...who got very irrate...even stomping his foot a few times..but I guess that is what coaches do to get their point acroos sometimes...I have never seen it done until this game, but  oh well. I am glad her own basketball coach doesn`t do that. He does make them run at the last 10 minutes of the pratice....each child takes a free throw shot...if they miss they run the length of the lately they have running the most of the last ten minutes...they so need pratice.
We do have basketball hoop here at the house and she has been praticing with it here last the few days and she has gotten quite a few in the basket.

Wednesday, I go for my scope, I am kinda nervous and hope they find something that is causing the pain anyway and causing the feelings of food being stuck in my throat, which is happening alot lately. Last night , I took some fajita meat and brown it and chopped up a onion and few mushrooms and saute them , then put a can of rotel tomatoes and some corn and mixed in some angel hair was good but it seemed like the fajita meat was hard to get swallow...the rest of it was good.
Well, I am gonna go and enjoy the nice weather...windy though.