Wednesday, November 28, 2012


we are on that season again, at least the practice part for now. My youngest lives for basketball. Since last time we were playing I have found out about an organization that puts children with life-threatening diseases with sports teams Champions committed to kids....needless to say I signed my youngest daughter up for that...Guess what sport she picked.......that`s right basketball.Yes, the Leukemia is gone, but their is a slight chance it can come back, and we do deal with the after effects of the chemo...being so tired so easy at times, like this past weekend...I let her stay up Saturday until alittle past 10 pm and the first two mornings of this week...she was back to my little grizzly bear...I do mean grizzly bear...not a happy camper...Last night I made her go to bed at 7:30, she usually goes at 8 :30 ,but she needed that little extra she is meeting the coach and the team tonight after excited for her. I am glad that there are organizations out there like these. She has been thru alot with the chemo...she lost her hair not once ,but twice....I look back at pictures of her when she was on treatment and she looks so ...I can`t find the exact word...let`s just her picture now are different then back then. I know she is older...but she has been thru alot in her 11 years that no child should have to go thru. not to say that my oldest hasn`t been thru alot either. Neither one of my girls should have to go thru what they have been thru in both their lives....but I am sure that God has a wonderfull plan for them and that is way they have been thru so much.I know it has made them stronger in some sense.

Sometimes, during practice I look at all of the other girls on the team and my youngest looks different then they do.....I think what my mom told me is true that she should be an inspiration to them and to all that play against her...I know we are to treat her like she is normal, but sometimes it is hard as a parent to do that...we have been thru so much with her.

Back to the team she is meeting which she knows one of the girls......and I am a friend to on facebook, despite the fact that she somewhat disliked my oldest and picked on her when they were in school together, likely now they don`t go to the same youngest is worried about her not being nice to her when she meets her...I told her that she has to be nice to her...that is part of it...maybe she ( my youngest) will teach that young lady  on the team something about respecting everyone and not picking on certain kids , just because they are different or just because they don`t like them.......
Anyway , she gets to be announced as their honorary team member during the first home game....I am excited for her on that....and get a jersey of the seat on the bench with the team.....
I hope tonight goes good.

On my oldest, she doesn`t like basketball and wants nothing to do with it....but is looking forward to the game because of the nachos.....her best friend also will try and be there for the game as well.I can not post with out mentioning something about the oldest as their are jealous issues there.

I hope the game goes well, I have told everybody that I can think of the know my youngest daugher about it..they said that they will try and make the game. Hopefully my youngest will be their good luck charm of sorts.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my banty Cochins

 ok I thought I might show a post on my banty cochins, I really don`t know what color you would call this rooster , but he is one of the hatch from this past spring...maybe a calico??????
                              This is a golden lace ...rooster, of course I do have a hen that goes with him , but you she is occupied with a baby of sorts......from this years hatch.
                        Here is another rooster of course, solid black and also from this years hatch.
                 I think this one might be a buff columbian but not for sure...also this years hatch.
               This is a columbian , he is such a big rooster, he is from last years hatch, don`t know how I turned out with this color...I wished I knew.....I have him paired with hen below.
                 I hatched out one from these two this year, not saying that they laid only one egg, but that is the only one that hatched out in this color....I think their were out my big birchin color rooster that I had and something got........
                        I really don`t know what color this one is either...but ain`t her head beautiful...the golden colors and the rest of her is black.....
               Here is my one and only birchen color cochin, like I said before I did have birchen color rooster but something got him....
Here is the Golden lace oldest said the other day that she is not a chicken...she cross the road while my hubby was pulling out of the driveway headed to

That is all my cochins in the banty variety.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

another busy somewhat week.....

This week is gonna be somewhat busy at least the first part. Thursday is Thanksgiving and of course my hubby has to work on the day and not just a few hours but a whole 8 hours and he also works on Black friday in the we will be having our Thanksgiving on Tuesday. so , tomorrow is when I will be doing the baking of the pies...pumpkin and chocolate  and getting my dressing ready to just put in oven at mom` I have a doctor`s appointment in town...then the youngest has a veteran`s program at school, I am not a veteran but after the program they are gonna retire the school`s flag and I wanted to attend to watch many things to do on Monday. Tuesday will be making Thanksgiving dinner after the girls get out of school....another busy day.....Wednesday leftover day as well ...I might depending how I feel have a turkey dinner again on Thursday ...maybe just for my hubby6...I do like turkey....we might still have leftovers then though...mmm we will see. Today I was in the mood to play with decorating with cake frosting..buttercream frosting..I have not done for a while as you can see from the above youngest was in the woods looking for that buck deer...they didn`t see anything at all. well everyone have a blessed day

Monday, November 12, 2012

Test results...other things

Last week I had two tests done, the first one gastric empty which the doctor stated that it is not always just depends on if the stomach is acting up when the test is took two hours to do it. I could not eat anything before the test, needless to say those egg beaters tasted good...I prefer real eggs from my own chickens--who are on strike for the winter as always. I took a nap during the test and woke up coughing as usually in regards to me since I was laying somewhat flat on my back during the test...note, I do not like to lay down after eating as it always ends up coughing spell and throwing up some of the stuff I had eaten, anywho I didnt do the up thing, almost did...thank goodness I didn`t., I think anyway. I got the results from that test and they didn`t think my stomach was empting slowly ...normal speed , whatever that is.

Second test was a strees test, where I get on a thredmill and walk...never been on one before..thought I might be able to keep up with it...or like fell off the thing. I was able t o eat for this test...yay for me...I know i don`t always eat alot....hmmmmmI do have my days though where I do eat, at least that`s what I think. The tech thought she saw a narrowing of one of valves , but not for was like she stated a little of the narrowing to a extent...she stated that sometimes it looked that way, but not all the time.....the doctor was there and looked at it and said yes.....then said all your ok, nothing wrong with the heart, and I asked what could be causing my chest pain and he stated could be any number of things.....lungs, acid reflux, gall bladder....the list goes on.

I was able to butcher two of my ducks, my oldest was gonna bury them..she is my girlie girl..and a very picky eater...needless to say I told her that I was gonna make duck stew and of course duck al orange...I do have old southern cookbook with orange recipe in it and recently bought a cookbook with the duck stew recipe in as well.

My youngest daughter and my hubby/her dad went out in the woods sunday and didn`t see a thing except a squirrel and a few turkeys...hopefully they will get a deer soon..I so want to make deer jerky again.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Choices... other things....

This weekend was youth deer season. My hubby and youngest daughter went out..Saturday they didn`t see anything....Sunday was a different story...they saw two bucks and one doe..I as well seen a doe and young doe in the back field.. Saturday, my hubby told her that after school he would take her out for a few hours....the choice comes here.....I told him that Basketball pratcie starts Monday...she will be pratice until 5:30 pm. Last night , she states that she don`t wanna play basketball or go to pratice , cause she wants to go out and hunt....This same girl asked for a basketball last year for her birthday...and just adores basketball...lives for the game.....would play basketball all year round if I let her....Needless to say she is gonna go to pratice today, tomorrow and Wenesday...I told her that the coach is counting on her to play...then she states no he is not...their is alot of other girls playing.
So this little girl will hunt this weekend with daddy.....Hopefully they will get a deer.

On other things , this week will be another busy week, Tomorrow I will go for the gastric empty test..eating scambled eggs...yummy...laced with something so they can watch how it digests...yuck, I hope I can`t taste it. Then Friday, my youngest has her yearly doctor`s appointment and I go for my stress test. I am still having pains in chest area off and on and still sometimes fell like my heart is not getting any air...don`t know.....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

cardio visit...

Well back from cardiologist visit and he seems to think the chest pain could be my stomach but not for sure. So I get to go have a stress test done next week , then we will go from there. Why would they say they it might be my stomach when the EKG showed abnormal and possibly heart attack ( the one at urgent care) and the next day it was abnormal EKG and poss. heart me that just don`t make sense ....but who am I , not a doctor. I know I can tell a difference in myself since the 15 of last month....I just don`t have the engery or rather the get -up-and-go....And some days I have chest pain all day and some days it comes and goes.....I noticed the I do have a small swelling in ankles at the end of the day, not very can tell where my socks were at on my ankles...I guess we will see next week what the test shows...