Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So excited.....

For the last week, we have been shopping or rather looking at new refrigerators and stoves, we only looked at two places and found the one we want. New stove...why, well I have been using a toaster oven for the past year or two , since I don`t trust the oven in the stove that is in the house, was here when we move in....it is an old stove...the kind that has the storage area on the side...the pan above the broiler needs to be spot welded......it is a 36 inch stove , we are getting a 30-inch stove, so their will be a small gap, but hey it is a new stove....the 36-inch ones are way over a 1000 dollars and who can afford that on a tight budget. The new stove will be here next week, Don`t know what to bake first in the new stove....hmmmmmmm.
New refrigerator because the old one sometimes takes spells where it freezes everything, and I do mean everything...frozen eggs, milk. I so hate ice in my milk. The store bought milk ,separates once it freezes and then thaws out, but you didn`t know that. Needless to say the cats sometimes get alot of milk around here as well as the other critters.
We will have to cut part of the cabinet off to fit the new frig in , but hey it will be a bigger one then the one we have. The one we have is a 16 cubic foot, the new one is 18 cubic foot. Would have had the frig this week, but they had to order the stove in, so instead of them making two deliveries with gas prices the way they are...besides we have to move a few things to get them in the kitchen...better to move things once then twice.That is all for now, off to deliver more girl scout cookies.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter finally...

The clouds are rolling in....ready for the first snow of the season....not really.

Can you see Aflac?

Tip is alittle more visable.

Boy , ain`t it deep.....we got about 3 1/2 inches.

Unique sure does stand out in the snow

Boss with two of his ladies, they really didn`t like the snow. They was up on the hillside and I had to go get them up to feed. The chickens didn`t even go out yesterday...they do not like the snow.

Everyone have in the snow while it lasts!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo Saturday...

Winter has hit here in the ozarks, brrr is all I can say.
The above picture of Bandit swimming was not taken today, but last week, during one of our walks...no have not taken a walk today. He so loves to swim.

This is a house that my hubby and me found during one of our walks, sometimes on his days off, we do go for walks together.
The house below is further down our road, along with the flowers that is the next picture. I wonder what these two houses would say if they could talk. I wonder if the houses would tell of the good times, and what bad times the would tell.
That is all I have to say for today, everyone have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I know we haven`t had that much of a winter as of yet here in the ozarks. I am so thinking of spring, and so is a few of my plants outside, I mean I have Easter Lillies coming up, one is thinking about blooming, the tulips are coming up, my lilac bush is budding, my muscovey hens are looking for a place to nest at. A few of them checked out Bandit dog house the other day, and he did catch them, doing it, he looked at them ,like what are you doing in my dog house, lol, needless to say they left his dog house after he discovered one of them looking around inside the doorway, and Sparkles and Mascara coming out of it.I haven`t really seen Boss doing his thing, but then again they have been staying by the creek in the next field next to my garden spot, not a very safe place, but so far so good on that aspect, no coyotes coming as of yet, not to say I don`t hear them at night. The muscovies are usually in the yard under the pole light at night, to get the few bugs that are flying around, they soo love those bugs.
A couple of the cochin hens have started giveing me a present every couple of days, of course no rooster in the pen they are in. I so need to find me another Cochin Rooster, I would like to have a blue. I need to get me a few younger chickens this spring as well, alot of mine are a few years old, including my cochins. Well enough rambling for one day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chihuahuas...trixie and tux

This Trixie , one of my chihuahuas. She is not the little frail thing , you might imagine, she is husky built and alittle fluffy, you might say.When I take a walk, she goes along as well as the bandit. When Bandit thinks he has something in a hole or whatever...Trixie thinks she can go after it too, she stands there like I`m here, I`m here, I can help,I can help, lucky the two instances where Bandit went after a skunk, she didn`t want to help with that, but then again who would.lol.

This is Tux, Trixie`s son. He gets to go on my walks sometimes as well. He is blue and white, all four paws are white , so hence that name , Tux. He has a happy go lucky attitude, and very energic to say the least.He is not as chubby as his momma. He jumps in the creeks and ponds in the summer time with Bandit and loves the water only during the warmer weather. He tries to keep up with Bandit, but fails.