Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dial-up and electronic devices

I am posting this half awake or is it half I was up until 3:30 am getting the youngest daughter`s new ipod on the computer, which has been an ordeal. Needless to say it is still downloading on the computer......Have I mention how much I hate dial-up? It has took me awhile to be able to download just itunes 10.0...a newer version then my oldest daughter`s ipod. I had to delete some files I had on the computer before I could get the itunes to download and forward the phone to a cell...that the signal comes and goes....the joys of living in the ozarks, in which I love very much and wouldn`t change where I live and bring up my children.
Needless to say, it took all night just to download this new version of itunes and I still don`t have it installed on the computer.......I am close though , I think, lol.
I was and thought I was gonna sleep in, but I got up at 8;30 am , my hubby had it so hot in the house with the wood stove, I bet it was about 90 degrees in the house...too hot to sleep, lol...and he asked if he didn`t to put another log on the fire.....huh no. Hopefully one day she will be able to put songs on her ipod..... I have been going at this for about 3 or 4 days......itunes showed an error and I finally got a good answer from somebody and who told me I needed more space on my computer that why`s it wouldn`t let me I delete some games and some files I didn`t need I am downloading the new software , so I can install it. I sure didn`t have this much trouble with the older daughter`s ipod.....I am about to fell asleep , so I will go for now and post this

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I thought I post on the rabbits today. I put their cages out in the sun yesterday and clean out from under the cages. I thought ...mmm.. it would be nice to have some baby rabbits next I thought I had a doe and a I put the I took out the youngest daughter`s rabbit ( buck) and put in with the oldest daughter`s rabbit ( doe, I thought). I know you are suppose to put the doe with the buck. I thought if they were to start fighting I can take one out. The oldest daughter`s rabbit is a hoodoni of sorts, it will get out of the other cage. Needless to say in my surprize ....I have two buck rabbits. I guess I will have to find a doe somewhere. Some neighbors down the road have some rabbits, I am hoping I can trade one of the bucks for a doe.
I don`t know which one I will try and trade with as I like both of the bucks, lol.
I guess I will go for now.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

new addition... ramblings

My oldest daughter got her Christmas wish.....a dashund puppy. She named her cricket..not she don`t sound like a cricket. She has settled in to her new home....other then thw whining at night , which has gotten better. she is chocolate and tan in color and is already spoiled rotten.
Now the youngest wants a puppy and wants to name it .....homework, yes thats right homework....leave it to her to want to name a pup something different....The child who wants bandaids for her birthday every year and has asked for them as soon as she could talk, lolol. To each her own.
Cricket has had two baths in Dawn dish soap so far because of the bad black bug....fleas...their is not a one on her now, The Trixie and Princess don`t seem to like cricket very much..they kinda of ignore her....the ducks are scared of little cricket..she hasn`t met any of the chickens as of yet. Bandit ( the crazy heeler) thinks she is a squek toy to play with.

We went to mom`s for the Christmas dinner and her Chihuahua, Baby thought cricket was her baby. Seymour sure got a lot more snow then we did. We got snow flurries and none didn`t stick around for to long, yay. I made home -made waffles this morning as Santa bought me a waffle -iron like the motels have that you flip to cook. Ohh the waffles were good.He also bought me a meat therometer and a salad spinner and another ceramic cat to my collection of persian ceramic cats, of course I also collect chickens and I got one of them as well. I started collecting ceramic cats because I remember my grandmother had ceramic persian cats, needless to say I have a few along with the ceramic white ducks and chickens and recipes.

Friday, December 24, 2010

remembering the reason....

On this day the shephards saw the star , so bright and followed it till they found a babe laying in the manager, because their was no room for them in the inn.
The babe in the manager might have had humble beginnings , but he became a King.
Happy Birthday to him, JESUS


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas memories...traditions...

I was stumped for awhile on what to blog about...then I thought why not blog about Christmas since it is Saturday. So here it goes.
The traditions of our family are always having family, a big bowl of nuts and another bowl of apple and oranges and fun times. Their has always been bowl of nuts, sometimes not a big bowl, but none the less nuts and of course apples and oranges. I remember sitting in front of the tv and eating peanuts till they about made me sick....ooh how we love peanuts, salty goodness. Of course my dad would always get as many dinners as possible in. We would have a dinner with mom and dad, where if you didn`t get the first time around the table forget you wasn`t getting a second helping of what ever it was, mine was usually mashed potatoes and gravy, mmmm good. Then we would get to mom`s side of the family dinner... not always enough tators for me...but everyone ate good....My mom would then fix dinner for just us and plenty of mashed potatoes. We would always have chocolate covered cherries, at least one box of them and ribbon candy.
The tree was always put up the week of Christmas. The presents were always put under the tree before Christmas , once they were wrapped of course.
I now , as parent put the Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas eve after the girls have gone to bed, their is still nuts and apples and oranges in the house. We don`t go to as many dinners as when I was a kid. My dad has since passed as well as all my grandparent except for one, but she is not able to cook anymore as she has alzheimers...I think a disease that robs you of your family. Candy is still in the house and memories are still there of the past of my growing up. I am making new memories with my children now. Every Christmas eve my hubby and the girls make cookies to put out for Santa along with a glass of milk, who the cats usually get. The oldest one don`t believe anymore but the gifts don`t go under the tree till the go to they like to snoop.

Friday, December 17, 2010

thoughts of days gone by.....phones

Today when I was out shopping, I seen something that made me miss some things that have gone by. I seen a grandmother entertaining her grandchild, who was I say about 2 or 3 years old, playing with an app on her smart phone ( a game of some sorts). Remember when you just needed a phone to call a friend or a loved one. Today a phone is more than a phone, it`s a camera, or it could be a game system to play games on, it`s more then just a phone. You can even get certain apps to let you know of weather forcasts and daily remaiders of things that need to be done.
This so amazes me of the techology that we have, shoot 10 or 20 years ago who would have thought of a phone being more then a phone, a entertainment device.
I remember when I entertained my children myself, besides them bringing their favorite toy along to the store, or letting them play with some small toy that didn`t cost that much, of course the child ended up with it. Or giving them a set of keys to play with or a doll for a little girl to play with. these days , children want the latest electronic thing out there....
What happened to just pure and simple phones and simple things....when a phone was a phone,....a camera was a camera to take pictures with.
Yes, I agreed I do like some of the modern things, I don`t think I would let my 2 or 3 year old, if I had one that young, play with my smart phone..... I think I payed too much for it and it isn`t a play thing for a 2 or 3 year old. I hope I am not alone on this.

Remembering the things of days gone by I guess is not important....I just wonder what kind of things will be out there when my two girls are grown-up and have kids of their own...Will they look back and remember and think that these times and things that are out their now are simple ....... What will things be like then.....What kind of toys will they be......Just some questions that have come to my mind.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Program....

The girls school put on their Christmas program last night. The youngest had a speaking part and I thought she did really well, of course I am bias. My mom reminded me that next year the oldest will not have a Christmas program unless she is in music, that is so sad, and I doubt she will take music, she likes music, but doesn`t like to sing in public...teenage thing I think...ohh the blessings of having a teenager. So she will get to go and watch the younger one perform next year. The oldest really didn`t do anything at the program last night, the eighth graders were in charge of props and sound and effects, needless to say she is not one of the favorites at the school, yes the small school plays favoritism and alot of politics there, but I am not gonna get started about that, even though I could easily.
The Christmas program was very good, and a few laughs were had by all, the children are so funny sometimes during these programs, especiality the younger ones.

We are suppose to get some freezing rain here some time today. Ohhh , what joy.......freezing rain......I think I would rather have some long as I didn`t have to drive in it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

bitter cold.....under the weather....

We didn`t go to the local Christmas parade because of the bitter cold and the chance for snow, I do not like to drive in it. We did get a light dusting of snow along with bitter cold winds along with it. If it wasn`t nailed down , it blew and ended up somewhere else in the yard or fields around us. We got a couple of nights with single digit temps. Saturday night because of of the wind half watched frosty on the television, What I mean by that is the wind kept taking out our signal, I hat digital tv becaue of this, The picture is great as long as the wind isn`t blowing or nothing in the air to keep the signal from coming thru, needless to say I am glad it will be coming on the tube again. We just have regular tv here , so no satulite here just regular tv. It is nice to watch the cartoons that I grew up watching whith the girls, The holiday cartoons that is.

Sunday it was still bitter cold and so was I and the older daughter, she had caught the stomach bug that has been going around, so both of us was sick. I have some sort of head cold, it is the season for it, but doesn`t mean I have to like. I have much rather have it then my girls to have. The youngest wasn`t ill, but complained of a sore throat, so both stayed home monday, Both are back in school today and the school`s program is tonight. I am feeling better today and still feel at time like the energy has been drained from me. I was gonna bake some Christmas cookies sunday , but I did not feel up to it, Oh well their is still all next week anyway to make them, both girls will be home for the Christmas break , so we will get some made then along with some homemade bread of some kind for the chickens and ducks. Well I better be going for now.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby , its cold outside.......

Today is a nice day for winter, ok not officiallity winter yet here. But tomorrow will be a differnt day. The high for tomorrow will be in the 40`s ,then the bottom will drop out and it is supposed to be rainy and might get some snow. Today the high is in the 50`s. The local parade is tomorrow and we will not be going due to the weather, I feel sorry for all those cheerleaders walking in the shortskirts,their legs are gonna be soo cold.
The chickens are out today just a scracthing in the leaves, and getting all the goodies that they can find.I am gonna cut this blog entry short so I can go and enjoy the weather.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

update on afghan.....

This is the bottom row of the afghan. it is what I have so far, it is getting heavy with just this much so far. All of it is done in sngle crochet.
The picture above is of block 30. It is a bowl of sorts with roses and daffadils. I di d not like the pattern for the daffadils ,so I used another pattern I had for the flowers from a music box doll that had all sorts of flowers on her dress. I have made these in the past, music box dolls and have sold these as well. it is hard to find the dolls now.

This is block 29 ,just a stem with finger flowers
This is block 28. A block full of grapes. The pattern stated to have blue grapes and I put a bunch of purple and blue. I did not like the pattern of the grapes, so I made my own pattern, based on a grape doily pattern.

Last but not least this is block 27. This block is suppose to be a couple of branches of cherries. To me they look like some pretty red flowers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

trip to st louis...

Yesterday was a long day. We left at 4 in the morning, got in St Louis about 10 am and started with her appointments for the day( youngest daughter). First to do the OT and to my surpirize PT eval as well. The therapists made it so fun for her. She is weak in the legs and ankles ,so she need to do some exercises every day about 30 minutes at a time. They gave her some therapy dough ( like silly putty) .This is to stop the neuropathy in her hands, so she gets to play with some dough at least 30 minutes a day. They suggested to have her make cookies or dough of some kind ,mixing it with hands, playing board games with her feet.
Then on to the next appointment of the liason, doctor, and social worker. She is starting to have some trouble with her comprehension at times after reading a book. The local school has what they call AR goal the every student has to do, they read a book and take a test on it, The test scores have to be at a certain level, or rather they want it at a certain level and then each quarter they get to do fun things if they meet the certain percentage on the tests.

The doctor says ,that alot of parents complain about their child being so tired , so they suggested to increase her activity, so the being tired won`t be such a big deal. In which some ways that makes since, but in other ways don`t. Some days school wears her out completely.

Then on to the other doctor and then labs . Her ANC was very good. Then on to home yay.

We got home late yesterday so we let both of them sleep in for awhile and took them to school, the youngest was still tired, and I know both will have alot of homework tonight.

We also were told after the next appoitment, we will only have to come once a year, yay . This will be in the summertime, another plus, no dealing with well is it gonna snow I am trying to get back rested up and things geared up for Christmas. I have the tree up ,but not decorated yet.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

insights to living with cancer....

I decide I would make this blog entry about life with a child that has been diagnosed with Leukemia. When you first get the news, you feel like the floor has just drop up underneath you. No ,it can`t be my child, why,why!
It was hard for her going thru the treatments, taking the yucky medicine, besides losing her hair twice, yes ,I had a bald little girl at one time, wearing a mask everytime we went somewhere and having people stare at her, those that don`t know. Wondering if her counts were good ,so she can go to school or go someplace fun or even take the mask off. Wearing the mask is to prevent her from catching something, in which she still caught a few bugs during that time. I had one person came up to me during one of those times of wearing the mask and he asked if she was gonna to hold up the station, I just said her counts may be low and you could give her something, he didn`t say anything after that. Her treatments have been over with for alomst 3 years, yay!
The people around here that know her, each time we say well we are getting ready for another trip to St Louis, is she sick? No, we just have check-ups every 6 months, to make sure everything is ok. Just like her teacher, who I asked how she was doing with her school work, oh she is doing ok and she is done with her treatments so their shouldn`t be a problem now.She may be done with the treatments, but their is still the late-effects from those treatments. My biggest complaint is her being soooo tired at times. Sometimes ,a full day of school wears her out soo much. She falls asleep on the way home. She would like to play Basketball, but I am soo worried about her....I could just see her laying on the bench during a game and sleeping, lol.
I think she is starting to have trouble in her school work, its not really showing yet, except for her reading ,in which she can`t remember what she just read and does bad on the test for the story she just read.In which this is a late-effect from the chemo that she had.

I remember thinking one day while at the drug store, while waiting on them to make her meds, while she was taking chemo, I seen the lady come up with a mask on and she had just made her medicine am I putting in my daughter, then it occured to me, these meds are making her better and keeping the cancer away for now, so she needs them.

So ,please remember that after the chemo is over, their are still late effects that the families have to deal with.

Friday, December 3, 2010

pic of x-mas tree facts..

This is a few pictures from my christmas village I put up every year. This first picture is of the skating pond along with a business selling trees, looks like they are all sold out ,except for one.

This picture is of the barns that are in the village, in which no village is complete without the barns. I have a dairy barn as well as a horse barn. By the dairy barn their is someone milking a cow ...oooh first milk.

This one is of one of my favorite churchs that I have in my collection. It is fiber-optic and is very pretty when it is plugged in. Their is a small navity scene by this church as well as a family of deers.Yes, you do see a cabbage patch figurine in this picture , I have several toy figurines in the village. I even have Santa Claus, which moves around the village at different locations, which I am the one moving him around. The girls always look for him and of course move him.
I did not light the village up this year as it is hard to find enough plug-ins so as to light up the whole village.
Now, on to some fun Christmas tree facts. These facts came from the girl`s school newsletter.
There are approxiamately 25- 30 million real christams trees sold in the U. S. every year.
There are close to 350 million Real Christmas Trees currently growing on Christmas Tree farms in the U. S. Alone, all planted by farmers.
Norht American Real Christmas Trees are grown in all 50 states and Canada. Eighty percent of artificial trees worldwide are manufactured in China, according to the U S commerce Department.
Real trees are a renewable, recyclable resource. Artificial trees contain non-biogradable plastics and possible metal toxins such as lead.
There are more than 4,00 local Christmas Tree recycling programs throughout the United States. For every Real Christmas Tree harvested,1 to 3 seedlings are planted the following spring.
There are about 350,000 acres in production for growing Christmas Trees in the U.S. ; much of it preserving green space.
There are close to 15,000 farms growing Christmas trees in the U. S. and over 100,000 people are employed full or part-time in the industry.
It can take as many as 15 years to grow a tree of typical Height ( 6-7 feet) or as little as 4 years, but the average growing time is 7 years.