Wednesday, September 26, 2012

coupon express....

I jumped on the coupon express. My mom used coupons when we were growing up, it seems to me that is bigger now then when I was growing have websites dedicated to couponing and it is a mast amount. youtube videos showing you how...All I know is that you clip the coupon you want on the porducts that you use...then go to the grocery store and get that item.....Their is so much out there now.

I have done shopping twice so far and have saved combined both times about 20.00 ....yay.To my understanding you use the coupons while the items are on sale and you get the amount off the coupon states. In our local community, we do have a grocery store that sells some of their meat ( hamburger, steak or whatever) where you buy 5 packages for 25 dollars. this is a big saving there...most of the packages are over 5.00 a piece, if you buy more then 5, each additional item is 5.00 a piece.I am just starting out on my venture of couponing .
I have read that the Sunday paper has coupon inserts, but since we live in a small town and the big city of Springfield is about 50 miles away, their is usually no inserts in the Sunday paper that is delivered in this least that is how I think it is. some way with the store flyers...well it is thundering outside and I need to shut the computer down. so tath,tah for now.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hooping it up.....

Well, The local schools hooping it up has started and the youngest is playing again. She has one more year in order to play. She is the only girl on her team, each team only has one girl....I know their is plenty of other girls that play in this area in that grade level.
Her team lost the first game, needless to say it was a close game 24-20, the other team did have a couple of taller boys on the team...I know just because they are tall don`t mean anything. The youngest did have the ball a few times and did try to shoot a couple of times, but she was a little low from the basket, she is kinda of out of pratice.

Monday, September 17, 2012

a look around....

Can you imagine this is Tippy, all grown up
This is Lavender and two of her babies, that we have kept so far. my oldest daughter does have them named ,but for the life of me ,can`t remember what the names are, I know it has something to Hunger Games movie.
Sparkles and two, one she has adopted and is really no hers, survivor and another I don`t know what the name is, hunger games character name.
                                                              Heart and Stripes

My pumpkin vines have gotten out of hand, not too many pumpkins....note to self only plant one seed .
 the biggest pumpkin on the vine so far, Ohhh I hope it does get bigger...

can you imagine , pumpkin pie, or should I say jack-o-lantern first!

Don`t know what kind the next flowers are , but I do think they are pretty, they grow wild along the creek bank , close to the house.

Some of the persimmons are looking alittle ripe yet though , no frost here yet.
Their is still some green ones on the tree though
A couple of the treees are loaded with them as you can see, from the above picture
just another picture of a lone persimmon........
 I think the thistle flowers are so pretty, even though they are ouch to touch! lol

Saturday, September 15, 2012

PBR Rodeo

 Last night we went to the PBR rodeo...bull blast...It was funnnn. My youngest daughter had two of her teeth pulled before we went, , so she was tired. We stayed until the last bull was rode..PFI`s boot daddy, needless to say the rider didn`t get his 8 seconds on bootdaddy, no extra 5,000 for him. He only stayed on for about 2 seconds. I am so sorry ,I was gonna get pictures , but realized I forgot my camera when we got there.
MSU campus is very large, and alot of people were there
Hooping it up starts back this weekend as will be blogging some on that, my pour little one was so tired this morning, I had to have her down at the school this morning at 8:30 and we got in at midnight last night. She went to spend the night at Grandma`s house for tonight, so , it is just the oldest one and me tonight.
I think if we get the chance again to go , we will alot of pretty bulls, at least I think was televised on the sports network. This was the first time I had gotten to go to a PBR rodeo, it was different then the other rodeos, I have been was more exciting,....I think the is the word I am looking for. Moe Bandy, the country singer sung a few songs before the rodeo actually started.

I so enjoy the rain today, maybe we can get caught up on the rain here in the ozarks and finally shoot off the fireworks my hubby won thru a local radio station over the summer.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clowning, applefestival

 Waiting in line for the parade to start, I am inpatient at times.
What does a clown have in her bag?......Candy for the partade, balloons,my balloon pump, B-collection, my rubber chicken, plus a few other tricks,lol

 Anyone want a apple or about some B`s
I made the out fit special for Seymour , Missouri Apple Festival for this year, I so enjoy dressing up in clown and walking in the parade. It is so fun, even if some are scared of clowns....mostly the big kids, not too many little ones. I know my make-up is not very good, but hey , I am learning and I don`t get dressed in clown awhole lot.
                                                       The shriners were there

                           This was one of the many hot rods, that was in the parade, then my oldest daughter said the camera batteries died.

Friday, September 7, 2012

SO excited......clowning

Tomorrow is apple festival time close by. Well, needless to say, I will be in clown in the parade, I have a new outfit, that I made myself, apple themed, new wig for the occasion. i think I look rather cute in my new outfit, I hope it don`t rain, I know we need the rain, but I just don`t want it to rain on the parade....Oh yea, I forgot I have three big bags of candy that I am gonna to pass out....even rainbow seeds( skittles). Will try and post a picture later of me and my new outfit.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anniversary, bless the rain

Friday was our anniversary, We have been married 16 years, so we had a date night, which we do not do very often. We went to Springfield and ate at Houlihan`s . It was good ,alittle dim light,couldn`t hardly see the menu and quite pricey.We had gotten a gift card from the junior cattle barion`s ball, my youngest told me that we could use it for our anniversary. Needless to say, like I said very nice restaurant.My hubby had the baby back ribs, very tender and I had the grilled shrimp on bread salad( which I never heard of) and another salad I don`t rember what all it had in it. I would recomended this place to anyone.
It was a rainy evening due to Isaac, in which I was very glad to see the rain, so I didn`t complain about it. I am glad it was not gully washers, even though we did go thru some down pours. Flooding wasn`t really an issue here, the ground actually got the rain, instead of it washing away, in which I Thank God for.Now , maybe my garden can actually produce something. All I have left are a couple of tomato plants and pumpkin plants that have been blooming but thats all, and some mint, basil( three different varieties), and a few flowers.