Tuesday, June 25, 2013

more garden, a little farm along the way.....

         These two hollyhocks, I did not plant this year or any other year. .surprise!....where the deeper pink is , one came last year in the same spot, the lighter pink is a new spot, they are so pretty.
Thank God for those flowers

 On to the beans, sorry no tators here this year....I have one wee little bean on this pole bean....

                                          This pole bean is starting to bloom, soon beans

                                                  Have gotten a few yellow wax beans

                                    Just another view of the pole beans and wax bean in the iron bed
                                   I am planning on canning some beans this year , I will be mixing them,
                               while canning them, hopefully everything will work out, I might have
                            beans coming out everywhere.

On to the cucumbers, they aren`t going crazy like the pole beans on the other side, but they are starting to travel up the rope alittle. I have had a couple of little cukes before this one , but they looked dried up so, I pinched them off , I hope that this don`t start looking all yellow and dried up.

                              I have marigolds planted in several place in my garden,...a few ladybugs, I tried to get a picture of one, but it turned out fuzzy. I have not had any issues with the horn tomato worm so far this year, knock on wood.

                                                               now on to the farm
  My oldest hen Indian, first time she has ever set and she did good so far, she hatched out 9 and I hatched out about 10 in the bator and have rehomed a few and she has the 3 that I decided to keep
A silkie mix, cochin and mixed brown egg layers that is chocolate in color, hope they aren`t roosters
By the way , Indian is about 4 years old, and when she was laying, she laid about an egg every other day...she is a mixed hen....the silkie mix is her grandbaby ...I kept a pair from her last year, was gonna rehome them but the hen started to lay and decided to keep.

                                        Lavender hatched out 15 babies...they have been rehomed
                                         Mascara is next in line to hatch and noticed today that Aflac
                                        has started laying.

                                  A picture of baby chicks that were hatched out of incubator
                                               Different colors, mostly black this time around
                                Both incubators are full, one due next week again.

   Here is what I have harvested from the garden the past two days, sorry the one little tomato didn`t make it to the picture....it sure was good, even though the size wasn`t so good. Sorry when I was getting green onions, I didn`t post a picture of them or the turnips I have eaten either.
One of blackberry briars have slowly started to ripen , a few each day....I need to go and check the wild ones. I am planning on keeping these until get enough to can at least the beans, don`t know about the blackberries.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden post for the week......

We went to Ozark this past week , I snagged a few plants that were on clearance at Lowes, 2 lilies, one was in bloom, and a rose bush that needs T.L. C. as you can see from the above picture.........
I love getting bargains, got all three plants for 3.00....would have gotten more plants, but wasn`t in the budget.

Here is a rose that first time blooming...very light pink in color....

 Surprise plants or rather the ones I couldn`t remember what I planted turns out to be squash....

At this picture , can`t hardly tell but it is a bean on the yellow wax bean plant the only one that made it.. Pole beans are starting to bloom and I do have tomatoes, but not ripe yet, I guess fried green tomatoes...mmmm no wait till they ripen. I do have some holly hocks that are in bloom, surprise ones in two different places....I seriously don`t remember ever planting any holly hocks, oh well....

These two are the same plant........

Everyone have a wonderful day......

Friday, June 14, 2013

muscovy duckling, first this year

                                                  just three in this first batch, I guess

Tippy and her babies, I would have thought she would have hatched out more. I checked her eggs yesterday and threw out two that was rotten....I am thinking that maybe a snake had gotten to them...she was under a crate so could not tell how many eggs were under her initially.

Next to hatch should be lavender and I know she has more then 3 eggs under her, then mascara( she took lavender`s spot this year , under the porch.) Then it will be survivor/sparkles, at least that is all who is setting at the moment plus a few chicks thrown in there along the way.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

new plants.....other things

First off, got this lily , yes on clearance and it won`t bloom again until next year, but I think clearances are bargain for the garden to a point/

  I got three of the above plants, very happy with them, they too was on clearance, half-price, I have them spaced out evenly in one bed with the rose bush that has not bloomed yet...it`s suppose to be white, same bed with my lavender and creeping thyme that I planted last year.

Thought I would show the two beds of cannas, the top bed is not very deep and does get full sun, maybe that is why they aren`t very tall...will work on getting this bed deeper over the fall....
the bottom bed is well fertilized and has manure from the chicken pens as well as the coffee filters and other scraps that from my kitchen and the last few years from the garden....and these bulbs were a clearance item that I had picked up.

                                                  my yucca plants are getting ready to bloom.

                                      The pole beans are starting to climb...yay!

                             The one and only wax bean is beginning to bloom

                                         Cucumbers are beginning on blooming, not vining yet though.

                               Honey suckle are here is in full bloom...no wonder the hummers aren`t visiting the  feeders.

I have two ducks setting on the same nest, they take turns setting on the nest it seems right now...the top picture shows sparkles waiting her turn and while the bottom shows survivor on the nest.

Last but not least one of the rose bushes the are in full bloom....very happy with it so far...by the way clearance item.......

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

alot of gardening and a little quilting

                                 I thought we would look at the many roses blooming here first

                             Looks like I got fungus on this rose bush, it is planted in the front yard, I need to
                                                                  get out and spray.

The above picture are from the same rose bush, PiƱata climbing rose, so much difference in the two blooms, the other rose of this kind is not blooming right now. Of course this is why I chose this rose because of the yellow ,red , orange color....so beautiful

                                  Don`t know what this is , I forgot what I planted here, I know that I did plant some watermelon, cantaloupe , and I think pumpkin, maybe squash. oh well, I guess I should remember what I planted or written it down some where, lol. time will tell.

                                    My lavender is doing great and has expanded some

                                       My pole beans are starting to do what I want them to do, a little. Can`t wait for the green beans to come, I think I will can some this year, if I can get them before the youngest gets to them .

                                               I replanted this redbud tree in the garden , in the bottom portion of the garden with my blackberries and irises.

                              One of my blackberries are starting to turn red ,....soon Blackberries.
We went fishing the other day and notice that the gooseberries were starting to get plump and sour , didn`t try any, thought about it that day, but I was having issues with coughing, in which I do from time to time.

I seen this plastic bottle tower on YouTube and thought I might put in my garden , but instead of using dirt in it, put mulch and let it break down then plant morning glory in it or some other vine of some sort, cucumbers, beans...endless possibilities, hopefully it will work how I want it too, time will tell.
I also seen building made out of glass , plastic and tin can, it was very interesting and of course old tires, a way to keep these out of the land field, thinking about making  one for my chickens, but collecting all of that is the problem.
Gotta love YouTube.
Now on to the little quilting!

I have started working on a new quilt, don`t know how long it will take me, but this is what it looks like. I so like the piecemakers calendars, they always have a beautiful quilt with the pattern as well. I got this pattern a  few years ago.2011 is the year of the calendar. I wonder how long it will take. Each block has beading on it, ribbon embroidery along with regular embroidery, so a lot of work.
                       I am working on the center block first, since it has a lot on it, I will try and take a picture of it when it finished . It has felt on it  and other material that I can not find here local , so am putting my own little twist on it.

 I just finished this one, at least the last block in the process of putting the last row on it. It has ribbon embroidery on it. I want to hand quilt it. I have never hand quilt a quilt except maybe tie tack one , so this will be something....well I am gonna go and work on it. Everyone have a good day.