Wednesday, December 26, 2012

two of Christmas presents...

 The above is a photo of one of the towels I recieved for Christmas. it was a set . One of these days , I would like my kitchen done in chickens instead of the color green and leaves or rather vines, snuflowers might be a plus with the chickens...maybe a farmyard theme....I do have a few cow salt and pepper shakers, plus a few chickens...hey I like both.

This is another present I least a kit on aryclic painting...This is my first painting based on the kitchen towel set I got.....I think I do pretty good for the first attempt. I first rew the rooster on free hand then painted.....I know I need wortk on the rooster`s legs and the sunflowers and the tail as well.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

This morning after opening our gifts and watching my oldest try some ribbon candy, I thought of my dad and christmas of long ago when I was a child. The thrill of opening gifts...the joy of having a few new clothes and some toys when I was age approiate.....My dad would always think of different ways to get in as many family meals as he could. We didn`t always go to both sides of the weather didn`t always cooperate...but fun was still had, whether their was weather or not. Both grandparents house was always alot of relatives around, most of the time gifts weren`t handed out, but the love was there. The meal was usually a whole table full and if you didn`t get what you wanted the first go around, their usually wasn`t nothing left the second as like said alot of relatives. My paternal grandparents had 9 children and the maternal grandparents had 12 living children even though she had 14 in all.. Both sets of grandparents are gone now , but I still remember the good , fun times and the ones that are God`s angels, at least that is what I think and just waiting for each loved one to enter the gates of Heaven they can give a big hug to you.

I thank all of the soldiers who are fighting to protect our freedom and all the families as well.

Everyone have a blessed Christmas and remember HE IS the REASON for the season.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

clowning....biopsies results...questions....

I know I have not posted in about a week or more...just didn`t have anything interesting to post.

Thursday was the youngest daughter`s last day of school until the new year. My girls go to two different schools. The high schooler didn`t have school Thursday., her school lets those that don`t miss any days in the quarter miss the day that finals are on. I dressed in clown and went to school, as I was requested by the Kindergarden teacher. I am truly sorry didn`t get any pictures. When I arrived the kindergardener were having a tea party and I was asked to join in and they gave me a little cup of tea. I went thru my little skit while enjoying my cup of tea. They truly enjoyed it and so did I.
Next I went to First grade.....big mistake...they are mean....They stepped on my shoes/feet, seemed unhappy with the simple balloon animals , I did my little skit for them...the whole time saying mean things...then I left that class room and went in the gym were it was nice and warm and the second graders and third graders were having gym and I waited until they were done and went to the second graders class and did balloons and some of skit...then went back in to the gym to warm up and the first graders were in there and they tried to pull off my wig...needless to say ...the first grade class will not be visited again , at least those group of kids...they did redeem theirselves at the end of the day with a hug , but I will not visit them again. ( I usually visit at the Easter Parties).

Now on to the Biopsies result as I have stated on another post that I had a scope done and they seen abnormal tissue in the scope. Problem? When they did the scope the doctor came in when I was still out of it and told what they found..Question...Why dont they wait until you are aware of what is going on before informing you of what they did?
I went to the doctor and he told me I had acid reflux., in which I knew I had, I have esophagitis and a small hiatal hernia and then he mentioned something about barretts syndrome ,but only in passing and deciding what I could take over the counter , as I do not have insurance.The medicines I was taking isn`t strong enough. I then went to the Primary doctor and she stated basically the same thing and she added that the biopsies contained some barrett syndrome as well and kept asking if I expected that....Then I get a letter from the doctor that did the scope and it says nothing about barretts...I was just curiuos Why?...It just seems confusing when the letter says nothing about it......the specialist mentions it only somewhat and the primary mentions it and asked me what I think......and the letter like I said has nothing on it about it.

Could it be they don`t want me to worry about it , since barretts is a precancer? least that is what I seen on the internet about it......and in my medical book.

well everyone have a blessed day!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Basketball...other things....

Well , my youngest got to meet the team, the certain team memeber was very nice to her....I think the young lady has changed , at least that is what I think. The next night we went to the game, they did win one game- the jv and the varsity almost won...that one was a close game. One of the team member posted on facebook that they was gonna win for their coach, theriselves and of course for my proud, that they can think of her in that way, of course that is what the organization is for . Children committed to kids  is the name of the organization, they take children who are sick and team them up with a sports team...awesome, is all I got to say. She had a blast sitting with the team and the coach...who got very irrate...even stomping his foot a few times..but I guess that is what coaches do to get their point acroos sometimes...I have never seen it done until this game, but  oh well. I am glad her own basketball coach doesn`t do that. He does make them run at the last 10 minutes of the pratice....each child takes a free throw shot...if they miss they run the length of the lately they have running the most of the last ten minutes...they so need pratice.
We do have basketball hoop here at the house and she has been praticing with it here last the few days and she has gotten quite a few in the basket.

Wednesday, I go for my scope, I am kinda nervous and hope they find something that is causing the pain anyway and causing the feelings of food being stuck in my throat, which is happening alot lately. Last night , I took some fajita meat and brown it and chopped up a onion and few mushrooms and saute them , then put a can of rotel tomatoes and some corn and mixed in some angel hair was good but it seemed like the fajita meat was hard to get swallow...the rest of it was good.
Well, I am gonna go and enjoy the nice weather...windy though.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


we are on that season again, at least the practice part for now. My youngest lives for basketball. Since last time we were playing I have found out about an organization that puts children with life-threatening diseases with sports teams Champions committed to kids....needless to say I signed my youngest daughter up for that...Guess what sport she picked.......that`s right basketball.Yes, the Leukemia is gone, but their is a slight chance it can come back, and we do deal with the after effects of the chemo...being so tired so easy at times, like this past weekend...I let her stay up Saturday until alittle past 10 pm and the first two mornings of this week...she was back to my little grizzly bear...I do mean grizzly bear...not a happy camper...Last night I made her go to bed at 7:30, she usually goes at 8 :30 ,but she needed that little extra she is meeting the coach and the team tonight after excited for her. I am glad that there are organizations out there like these. She has been thru alot with the chemo...she lost her hair not once ,but twice....I look back at pictures of her when she was on treatment and she looks so ...I can`t find the exact word...let`s just her picture now are different then back then. I know she is older...but she has been thru alot in her 11 years that no child should have to go thru. not to say that my oldest hasn`t been thru alot either. Neither one of my girls should have to go thru what they have been thru in both their lives....but I am sure that God has a wonderfull plan for them and that is way they have been thru so much.I know it has made them stronger in some sense.

Sometimes, during practice I look at all of the other girls on the team and my youngest looks different then they do.....I think what my mom told me is true that she should be an inspiration to them and to all that play against her...I know we are to treat her like she is normal, but sometimes it is hard as a parent to do that...we have been thru so much with her.

Back to the team she is meeting which she knows one of the girls......and I am a friend to on facebook, despite the fact that she somewhat disliked my oldest and picked on her when they were in school together, likely now they don`t go to the same youngest is worried about her not being nice to her when she meets her...I told her that she has to be nice to her...that is part of it...maybe she ( my youngest) will teach that young lady  on the team something about respecting everyone and not picking on certain kids , just because they are different or just because they don`t like them.......
Anyway , she gets to be announced as their honorary team member during the first home game....I am excited for her on that....and get a jersey of the seat on the bench with the team.....
I hope tonight goes good.

On my oldest, she doesn`t like basketball and wants nothing to do with it....but is looking forward to the game because of the nachos.....her best friend also will try and be there for the game as well.I can not post with out mentioning something about the oldest as their are jealous issues there.

I hope the game goes well, I have told everybody that I can think of the know my youngest daugher about it..they said that they will try and make the game. Hopefully my youngest will be their good luck charm of sorts.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my banty Cochins

 ok I thought I might show a post on my banty cochins, I really don`t know what color you would call this rooster , but he is one of the hatch from this past spring...maybe a calico??????
                              This is a golden lace ...rooster, of course I do have a hen that goes with him , but you she is occupied with a baby of sorts......from this years hatch.
                        Here is another rooster of course, solid black and also from this years hatch.
                 I think this one might be a buff columbian but not for sure...also this years hatch.
               This is a columbian , he is such a big rooster, he is from last years hatch, don`t know how I turned out with this color...I wished I knew.....I have him paired with hen below.
                 I hatched out one from these two this year, not saying that they laid only one egg, but that is the only one that hatched out in this color....I think their were out my big birchin color rooster that I had and something got........
                        I really don`t know what color this one is either...but ain`t her head beautiful...the golden colors and the rest of her is black.....
               Here is my one and only birchen color cochin, like I said before I did have birchen color rooster but something got him....
Here is the Golden lace oldest said the other day that she is not a chicken...she cross the road while my hubby was pulling out of the driveway headed to

That is all my cochins in the banty variety.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

another busy somewhat week.....

This week is gonna be somewhat busy at least the first part. Thursday is Thanksgiving and of course my hubby has to work on the day and not just a few hours but a whole 8 hours and he also works on Black friday in the we will be having our Thanksgiving on Tuesday. so , tomorrow is when I will be doing the baking of the pies...pumpkin and chocolate  and getting my dressing ready to just put in oven at mom` I have a doctor`s appointment in town...then the youngest has a veteran`s program at school, I am not a veteran but after the program they are gonna retire the school`s flag and I wanted to attend to watch many things to do on Monday. Tuesday will be making Thanksgiving dinner after the girls get out of school....another busy day.....Wednesday leftover day as well ...I might depending how I feel have a turkey dinner again on Thursday ...maybe just for my hubby6...I do like turkey....we might still have leftovers then though...mmm we will see. Today I was in the mood to play with decorating with cake frosting..buttercream frosting..I have not done for a while as you can see from the above youngest was in the woods looking for that buck deer...they didn`t see anything at all. well everyone have a blessed day

Monday, November 12, 2012

Test results...other things

Last week I had two tests done, the first one gastric empty which the doctor stated that it is not always just depends on if the stomach is acting up when the test is took two hours to do it. I could not eat anything before the test, needless to say those egg beaters tasted good...I prefer real eggs from my own chickens--who are on strike for the winter as always. I took a nap during the test and woke up coughing as usually in regards to me since I was laying somewhat flat on my back during the test...note, I do not like to lay down after eating as it always ends up coughing spell and throwing up some of the stuff I had eaten, anywho I didnt do the up thing, almost did...thank goodness I didn`t., I think anyway. I got the results from that test and they didn`t think my stomach was empting slowly ...normal speed , whatever that is.

Second test was a strees test, where I get on a thredmill and walk...never been on one before..thought I might be able to keep up with it...or like fell off the thing. I was able t o eat for this test...yay for me...I know i don`t always eat alot....hmmmmmI do have my days though where I do eat, at least that`s what I think. The tech thought she saw a narrowing of one of valves , but not for was like she stated a little of the narrowing to a extent...she stated that sometimes it looked that way, but not all the time.....the doctor was there and looked at it and said yes.....then said all your ok, nothing wrong with the heart, and I asked what could be causing my chest pain and he stated could be any number of things.....lungs, acid reflux, gall bladder....the list goes on.

I was able to butcher two of my ducks, my oldest was gonna bury them..she is my girlie girl..and a very picky eater...needless to say I told her that I was gonna make duck stew and of course duck al orange...I do have old southern cookbook with orange recipe in it and recently bought a cookbook with the duck stew recipe in as well.

My youngest daughter and my hubby/her dad went out in the woods sunday and didn`t see a thing except a squirrel and a few turkeys...hopefully they will get a deer soon..I so want to make deer jerky again.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Choices... other things....

This weekend was youth deer season. My hubby and youngest daughter went out..Saturday they didn`t see anything....Sunday was a different story...they saw two bucks and one doe..I as well seen a doe and young doe in the back field.. Saturday, my hubby told her that after school he would take her out for a few hours....the choice comes here.....I told him that Basketball pratcie starts Monday...she will be pratice until 5:30 pm. Last night , she states that she don`t wanna play basketball or go to pratice , cause she wants to go out and hunt....This same girl asked for a basketball last year for her birthday...and just adores basketball...lives for the game.....would play basketball all year round if I let her....Needless to say she is gonna go to pratice today, tomorrow and Wenesday...I told her that the coach is counting on her to play...then she states no he is not...their is alot of other girls playing.
So this little girl will hunt this weekend with daddy.....Hopefully they will get a deer.

On other things , this week will be another busy week, Tomorrow I will go for the gastric empty test..eating scambled eggs...yummy...laced with something so they can watch how it digests...yuck, I hope I can`t taste it. Then Friday, my youngest has her yearly doctor`s appointment and I go for my stress test. I am still having pains in chest area off and on and still sometimes fell like my heart is not getting any air...don`t know.....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

cardio visit...

Well back from cardiologist visit and he seems to think the chest pain could be my stomach but not for sure. So I get to go have a stress test done next week , then we will go from there. Why would they say they it might be my stomach when the EKG showed abnormal and possibly heart attack ( the one at urgent care) and the next day it was abnormal EKG and poss. heart me that just don`t make sense ....but who am I , not a doctor. I know I can tell a difference in myself since the 15 of last month....I just don`t have the engery or rather the get -up-and-go....And some days I have chest pain all day and some days it comes and goes.....I noticed the I do have a small swelling in ankles at the end of the day, not very can tell where my socks were at on my ankles...I guess we will see next week what the test shows...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gastro doctor visit

 Today I went to the gastrologist , they are going to schedule a scope to be done as well as another test where I eat scrambled eggs and they watch how it digest ( two hour test). Other then that everything went fine. When they do the scope, if the burning from the acid juices has narrowed the esophagus they will stretch it out. ....then after these two tests I go back and see him. so, now the next appt which is Thursday ...cardiologist.

Last night was Family Fun night at school. The girls got two pumpkins , that we will carve out tonight, as well as get the oldest costume ready...she will be ....Miss USA. She gets to dress up at school and she gets extra credit for doing so. The youngest daughter`s school don`t let the children dress up. not even the kindergarten or preschool. Difference in the schools.

It has been a beautiful day today...started out cold  but now the sun is shining....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

things going on...

Next week will be very busy with everything going on. I have two doctors appts next week, in which I am nervous about. I go first to gasentlogist , to find out I throw up pretty much almost every morning and sometimes when I pack my stomach at night, especiality with spicy foods, oh how I like tacos sometimes, anywho..oh that account..I get real bad burning in chest and then need to throw up and I feel better afterwards. I have been doing this most of my life..a little known secret of mine. I do have Gerd.

then the next appt is the cardiologist about my heart, in which is hurting off and on and do get short of breath easily.. I also am easily tired out..Hopefully I will found out if I can go back to work, since I haven`t started back yet.

On a later note, I had one of my cochin hens thinking she needed to set on something..I gave her an egg to set on..Needless to say, she hatched that one egg out, in which I do not really know who laid it,  a cute little bronw colored chik ( not cochin). I have had elizabeth and mascara hatch out babies. Elizabeth hatched out 5 and mascara hatched out 2. Mascara still has 1 left , since they free -range ., I decided to let them free-range during this hatch instead of penning them that is why Elizabeth has lost hers. Zoey is setting as well under the porch, Sparkles was setting as well until Tux broke her up--he so loves duck eggs. i try and watch him when he is out of his pen, but sometimes he does get the eggs.
It has turned off cold here..I don`t think Mother Nature can make her mind on what kind of weather she wants, lol.
Well, I am getting tired, so gonna go and watch some tv and probably fell asleep, everyone have a blessed evening that the almighty GOD has made. Good Night!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a health scare...

Yester while I was at work and had just got there . I had been there for about 30 minutes. I started having chest pains and dizzy headed. I wrote the chest pains as my GERD acting up , so i waited until about 11 am to see if both would go away. Needless to say it didn`t. I did feel my heart flutter, at least that is what it felt like for a few minutes. I called the family ( I work in home health) then called office. I went home...I know I should have been driving ...being dizzy but I really didn`t want to leave my car there . .. I made it home and called the doctors office and they couldn`t get me on to the urgent care.
On the way to urgent care my right lower jar started hurting as well. I got there at urgent care...the doctor told me what for and why didn`t call an insurance..bill, I didn`t want to pay. hence, my blood pressure was 145/95 two nitros...o2 on and an ekg which was abnormal and she told me I was goning to the ER by ambulance no if s ands or buts.....
 The ambulance got there while I was on the gueney and being wheeled out to the ambulance the gureney dropped while I was on it....they apoliugized and stated glad I was 90 year old woman with brittle bones...I would have broken something.
I got to the Er and they did labs and another EKG and chest x-ray...everything came back normal...And as always follow up with your primary care doctor.
I did that this morning and she did a EKG which showed that I had heart attack, and she stated that I was having something and the nitro shut it down. I am now on high blood pressure medicine and have nitro on hand in case I need it and being referred to a cardiologists and told me I need to exercise and loose a few pounds and eat a more healthy diet. So , I think I am gonna be taking a few weeks off to get my health back in order.

Everyone have blessed day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

muscovey ducks ..other..

 Yes, you are seeing correctly, Elizabeht ( Muscovey hen) has just hatched out. She hatched out 5.She started hatching on Saturday...yes, I know brrrrrrrrrr. Mascara also hacthed out a couple of weeks ago, she only hatched out two, she has one left, they do free range, and we do have coyotes in the area. And thanks to a friends game camera ...bobcats as well. Needless to say during the day the ducks are everywhere.
 This one of the ducks I would like to rehome if I could or she will be in the freezer, sad to say.


                                               close view of stripes
                             Heart and Stripes foraging
                          This picture turned out a little blurry, sorry. I took this picture while me and my hubby was walking to the game camera to switch out the memory card. i just love seeing these small berries on the cedar trees  We did have our first frost here on the farm. tata for now ,everyone have a good week.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

coupon express....

I jumped on the coupon express. My mom used coupons when we were growing up, it seems to me that is bigger now then when I was growing have websites dedicated to couponing and it is a mast amount. youtube videos showing you how...All I know is that you clip the coupon you want on the porducts that you use...then go to the grocery store and get that item.....Their is so much out there now.

I have done shopping twice so far and have saved combined both times about 20.00 ....yay.To my understanding you use the coupons while the items are on sale and you get the amount off the coupon states. In our local community, we do have a grocery store that sells some of their meat ( hamburger, steak or whatever) where you buy 5 packages for 25 dollars. this is a big saving there...most of the packages are over 5.00 a piece, if you buy more then 5, each additional item is 5.00 a piece.I am just starting out on my venture of couponing .
I have read that the Sunday paper has coupon inserts, but since we live in a small town and the big city of Springfield is about 50 miles away, their is usually no inserts in the Sunday paper that is delivered in this least that is how I think it is. some way with the store flyers...well it is thundering outside and I need to shut the computer down. so tath,tah for now.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hooping it up.....

Well, The local schools hooping it up has started and the youngest is playing again. She has one more year in order to play. She is the only girl on her team, each team only has one girl....I know their is plenty of other girls that play in this area in that grade level.
Her team lost the first game, needless to say it was a close game 24-20, the other team did have a couple of taller boys on the team...I know just because they are tall don`t mean anything. The youngest did have the ball a few times and did try to shoot a couple of times, but she was a little low from the basket, she is kinda of out of pratice.

Monday, September 17, 2012

a look around....

Can you imagine this is Tippy, all grown up
This is Lavender and two of her babies, that we have kept so far. my oldest daughter does have them named ,but for the life of me ,can`t remember what the names are, I know it has something to Hunger Games movie.
Sparkles and two, one she has adopted and is really no hers, survivor and another I don`t know what the name is, hunger games character name.
                                                              Heart and Stripes

My pumpkin vines have gotten out of hand, not too many pumpkins....note to self only plant one seed .
 the biggest pumpkin on the vine so far, Ohhh I hope it does get bigger...

can you imagine , pumpkin pie, or should I say jack-o-lantern first!

Don`t know what kind the next flowers are , but I do think they are pretty, they grow wild along the creek bank , close to the house.

Some of the persimmons are looking alittle ripe yet though , no frost here yet.
Their is still some green ones on the tree though
A couple of the treees are loaded with them as you can see, from the above picture
just another picture of a lone persimmon........
 I think the thistle flowers are so pretty, even though they are ouch to touch! lol

Saturday, September 15, 2012

PBR Rodeo

 Last night we went to the PBR rodeo...bull blast...It was funnnn. My youngest daughter had two of her teeth pulled before we went, , so she was tired. We stayed until the last bull was rode..PFI`s boot daddy, needless to say the rider didn`t get his 8 seconds on bootdaddy, no extra 5,000 for him. He only stayed on for about 2 seconds. I am so sorry ,I was gonna get pictures , but realized I forgot my camera when we got there.
MSU campus is very large, and alot of people were there
Hooping it up starts back this weekend as will be blogging some on that, my pour little one was so tired this morning, I had to have her down at the school this morning at 8:30 and we got in at midnight last night. She went to spend the night at Grandma`s house for tonight, so , it is just the oldest one and me tonight.
I think if we get the chance again to go , we will alot of pretty bulls, at least I think was televised on the sports network. This was the first time I had gotten to go to a PBR rodeo, it was different then the other rodeos, I have been was more exciting,....I think the is the word I am looking for. Moe Bandy, the country singer sung a few songs before the rodeo actually started.

I so enjoy the rain today, maybe we can get caught up on the rain here in the ozarks and finally shoot off the fireworks my hubby won thru a local radio station over the summer.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clowning, applefestival

 Waiting in line for the parade to start, I am inpatient at times.
What does a clown have in her bag?......Candy for the partade, balloons,my balloon pump, B-collection, my rubber chicken, plus a few other tricks,lol

 Anyone want a apple or about some B`s
I made the out fit special for Seymour , Missouri Apple Festival for this year, I so enjoy dressing up in clown and walking in the parade. It is so fun, even if some are scared of clowns....mostly the big kids, not too many little ones. I know my make-up is not very good, but hey , I am learning and I don`t get dressed in clown awhole lot.
                                                       The shriners were there

                           This was one of the many hot rods, that was in the parade, then my oldest daughter said the camera batteries died.

Friday, September 7, 2012

SO excited......clowning

Tomorrow is apple festival time close by. Well, needless to say, I will be in clown in the parade, I have a new outfit, that I made myself, apple themed, new wig for the occasion. i think I look rather cute in my new outfit, I hope it don`t rain, I know we need the rain, but I just don`t want it to rain on the parade....Oh yea, I forgot I have three big bags of candy that I am gonna to pass out....even rainbow seeds( skittles). Will try and post a picture later of me and my new outfit.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anniversary, bless the rain

Friday was our anniversary, We have been married 16 years, so we had a date night, which we do not do very often. We went to Springfield and ate at Houlihan`s . It was good ,alittle dim light,couldn`t hardly see the menu and quite pricey.We had gotten a gift card from the junior cattle barion`s ball, my youngest told me that we could use it for our anniversary. Needless to say, like I said very nice restaurant.My hubby had the baby back ribs, very tender and I had the grilled shrimp on bread salad( which I never heard of) and another salad I don`t rember what all it had in it. I would recomended this place to anyone.
It was a rainy evening due to Isaac, in which I was very glad to see the rain, so I didn`t complain about it. I am glad it was not gully washers, even though we did go thru some down pours. Flooding wasn`t really an issue here, the ground actually got the rain, instead of it washing away, in which I Thank God for.Now , maybe my garden can actually produce something. All I have left are a couple of tomato plants and pumpkin plants that have been blooming but thats all, and some mint, basil( three different varieties), and a few flowers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still Here....

No, I have not fallen in some  hollar around here or tripped on some rock, and knocked coo-coo, of course I am a little silly at times. It just took us along time to get a new computer since the lightning fried the motherboard on the old one.Still getting the hung the new one, so ,I have not put photos on the new one as of yet.
 I am now working two days aweek, in home health, one income was just not cutting anymore, in which I know everyone out there in blog land can relate.

 Their has been so much happening here, it seems like forever. First off , WE NEED RAIN badly. We have gotten some rain, but not e3nough maybe a drop here and a drop there, not any gully washers.

Second everyone of my duck hens have hatched out something this year, except for aflac. Mascara is setting again. Tippy and Zoe are sharing one baby, the rest of them were taken by a coyote, we have named that one survior,sparkles has had two batches this year ,she has two left, and finally lavender has two left as well. the rest of the hens don`t have any babies.

well that is enough for now.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fun outing and other stuff

Last Saturday we were invited to go on a trip to a private lake called Isaiahs Run. Grant Wistrom, former NFL player was the one that sponsored the trip, needless to say, we had a good time. My youngest got to ski for the first time, as well as canoe and go on a innertube thing at this lake , plus fish. The trip was a short notice thing, but thankfully we was able to go.
A lady on the board of the cattle barion`s ball asked us if we wanted to go, of course the youngest is all about going. She caught three big catfish and won a fishing pole for the largest ones caught.
Grant Wistrom, former St Louis Rams Player has this organizations that takes young cancer patients and their families to fun things to do, needless to say, I am glad for this. I have been saying their needs to be a group in this area of Missouri that does these things, other then in St Louis. So, it won`t be a s far to go to.

Tip hatched out 11 babies, more whites ones , of course plus a few blue. Thank goodness for the rain we got the other day, I know I lost 4 of the baby Rhode island  red/easter eggers, that i hatched out. One of my cochin hens has been setting , I put some baby chicks under her and she took them gladly, they are a mix that I got from a friend of mine ( his egg, hatched out of the incubator)
Well, thats all for today.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

no title really

We are still without internet at the house, but on my phone, on which I cannot blog but just go to facebook.....Most of the baby muscovey have found a new home except for , Heart, stripe and Lillie. I am expecting more babies in the next few weeks- Tippy  and Zoe is due to hatch, then in little over a month Aflac will be.....
The babies from eggs, that I had gotten from the fordland swapmeet hatched out so pretty ( Rhode Island Red/america), all in different colors except for the few rhode island red. More eggs are due to hatch this weekend..a mix that I got at the Bradleyville swap meet, in which one of our friends has put together. During the swap mett I managed to get a blue laced red wyandotte hen, she hasn`t layed yet, but I am hoping soon she will.
If anybody has any spare rain you could send some to the ozarks, we are needing it badly.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ducks,ducks, everywhere

It has started baby ducklings everywhere here on the farm. Sparkles hatched out only two ducklings, they have been rehomed. Then came Elizabeth, who staked out her nest in a dog house, she has hatched out 15, various colors in this batch, even solid white and a silver and white--I am planning on keeping the silver and white and another one that has a heart shape on it`s head.....I will try and post pics once we get the computer up and running......Unique has hatched out about 7-8 --more whites in this clutch a well. Next to hatch will be lavender, in which should be due anyday now, then Mascara and then Tip. Well my time is about up here, only limited one hour on the computer.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

babies everywhere....

Well, I have put one of my incubators up and we have hatched out about 20 chicks so far, in all different colors and sizes. I put eggs in there from the cochin pens, in which there is only one of as of right now, some from the welsummer pen and some of my old english game pen, so I do have a variety of chicks and both girls have picked out their favs.
One of the ducks have started pipped, at least the eggs...Sparkles in the one in hatch at this far as I know, as I am using someone elses computer to write this blog. Enough for now

Monday, April 2, 2012

lightning strikes...

Well a few weeks ago, lightning striked the house and we seen big spark and looked around to see what it had hit. Later that day we plugged up the computer and tried to go online and to no avail.....the lightning got the mother board on the tower of the computer....we can do everything , but go online...soo needless to say offline again until we get another tower.

Most of the ducks are setting ....\sparkles should hatch out sometime early this month, then lavender is under the porch has just started setting, then unique is setting and Elizabeth is too, that leaves mascara,tippy and aflac to start setting ....I know alot of baby muscoveies running around. My garden is coming up good as well, except the potatoes...I think they have gotten waterlogged with all the rain we had after I planted.
Well tahhh for now.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

no title really at all.....

Yesterday, we went to springfield to get the girls some clothes. The oldest daughter is just so picky on jeans...they have to fit just right or she won`t wear them, the youngest could care less, we also delivered our last girl scout cookies...yay!. The oldest daughter ended up with three pairs of jeans and 3 tank-tops( she wears these under her tops), and a couple of tops. the youngest got two pairs of jeans and another donkey konk shirt ( yes, I said Donkey Konk, that makes two shirts and a hoodie of donkey konk) and a couple more for her.We did have to stop and eat at the Golden Corral....mmmmmmgooooood....they had a chocolate fountain in the dessert area and I had some strawberries dipped in chocolate, and even tried pineapple dipped in chocolate....mmmm, it was good. We also was asked if we had any money, so the young lady can get her something to eat.......we didn`t give her anything...I know bad on our part....but we did struggle here to buy what we do buy, and we do bargain shop .....needless to say I thought the young lady was dressed alittle better then we were........and she didn`t look like she had missed too many least that is what I thought..., I might have been wrong.

Today, was my youngest daughter`s fun game and about fell over when her grandpa showed up and actually watched the game ( he has never gone to any of her games, didn`t even go to the oldest eighth grade graduation) I am glad he was there, even if he didn`t talk to her, but got to see her make a basket during the game.
After the game, I did plant some more in the garden...mostly herbs and a few flowers. I am making a herb/flower garden. Let`s see.....i planted some coneflowers, ...fennel( never planted or even eaten it for that matters),...thyme,...lillies ( that replanted from a different area),...Iris (replanted from a different area)...,.....Lavender ( love the smell, never planted it before either).., rosemary, two different kinds of basil ( lemon-lime and purple).., more marigolds, gladoius......a rose bush that I picked last year and rooted ( will be either small pink or white blooms)...I think that is it......makes me want to go out and plant more, I just love playing in the dirt.
My radishes are coming up and as well as the green onions..

well, enough for now, everyone have a good day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring, spring.....spring.....

This bed is not full of flowers, but green onion sets. Last year , I put tomato plants here.

Double daffodils , aren`t they pretty. these were some that I had replanted a few years ago. These were actually in the bottom part of the two acres,where their is alot of rocks, needless to say I moved them somewhere I can enjoy seeing them instead of in the field, now in the yard.

Our wild peach tree is in bloom, this photo was taken today.

I just thought this was a pretty site as well, the clouds in the background just set this picture .

And last , but not least, a picture of frog eggs, I know not really spring yet, but hey, look frog eggs....that means soon tadpoles.....then frogs. The peeper frogs are out in full swing, just peeping away. My muscovies are laying and I do believe thinking about setting already, at least in one of the nest, there`s at least 15-18 eggs, of course that is with two laying in the same spot. Then another nest that i have found has 4-6 eggs in it. ( my muscovies free -range, so I have to hunt for the nest, and watch them close.)

Monday, March 12, 2012

my garden...2012

I know we got rain last night, but I was able to go out and plant one of my raised beds today and enjoy the sunshine while doing it. I have already got one bed of green onions, a mix of red, yellow and white bulbs, never know what you pull up when pulling them and eating them. ( hint - I like the purple/red ones). In the bed that I planted today, radishes ( two different varieties), spinach, lettuce, beets, parsley, sweet onions, marigolds and nasturtiums. I seen the design in a book that I checked out at the library's once. It showed one bed planted with these plants in one 3 x 8 bed, in which is what I have, at least one of ,as of right now.
I also got some potatoes, three different varieties, I have not ever planted potatoes, but thought I would give it a try this year. I got yukon gold, cobbler and some red that I forgot the name of. I know that everything that grows under ground has to be planted before or on St Patricks Day, at least that is what I remember my grandma saying. Well enough for now, gonna go enjoy some more sunshine!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Stove

Well, this is the new stove, I soooo love having a oven again, we got it in it`s spot Wednesday. We put the stove in the center of the 36-inch spot where the old one was.I think the old wone was a stove from the 1950`s and am not sure as I can`t find a date on it and have google search it and can not find a photo of the exact stove , but have seen stoves that are similar and they were from the 1950`s. I soooo love the new stove, it wasn`t the one we looked at online, the one we looked at had a pilots instead of electric ignition like this one does, but I , or other we waited for this one and it is here, so I am not taking it back.....
Funny thing , though about the oven, the time on the stove has to be set in order for the oven to work,....I guess you need to know the time in order to bake or broil, or rather the oven does, lol.
I have made a cake in one of my oblong cake pans, it baked so evenly and came out beautiful.

New frig is in place as well, I lost a cabinet shelf in the process, but I do now have a bigger frig and it doesn`t freeze where its not to suppose to.
That`s all for now.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Gardening today...

Well, my green onions sets are in the ground. Hopefully next week , I can get some good rich dirt for one of my raised beds, as I am redoing somewhat my garden area. ( We raise rocks in here on the farm , hence raised beds.) I am planning on making a knot garden in one of the 4 x 4 beds, using herbs, marigolds. I had seen a picture of a knot garden in one of my mom`s books and thought it was quite pretty and thought I might try and put one in my garden.
The book had alot of planting ideas in it as well, I might incorporate some of them as well, not for sure . the book was a herb book, it goes alittle in detail about some of the herbs, even some I have not heard of as well, such as rue, oris rrot ( which is iris flowers). Well, I am gonna go for now and dig up some easter lillies and replant them in a better location and enjoy the sunshine.Everyone have a nice day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

new frig....

This is the new frig, I got somewhat in its spot and it is plugged in and running, and not freezing any in the frig departement...yayyyy. At least, a new frig is not suppose to be that way,lol. I will get a picture of the frig when it is probably in the spot.

The spot where it goes, we have to cut the upper cabinet off and the side of the cabinet in order to get it to fit in there...I know we should have gotten a smaller frig, but you know we wanted this one and it is so much bigger. We should be getting the cabinet fixed sometime this weekend, my hubby is not very good carpenter , so hence for the wait.

This was the old frig, so long for it. It was here when we moved here, so I say about 9 years is pretty good, but then again I really don`t know how old it is. Gonna go for now, the youngest has a ball game tonight andan earlier one at that.

Monday, March 5, 2012


This week is gonna be alittle hectic. The youngest has got a basket ball tournment this week, a game tonight, two games tomorrow night and then one game on Thursday night. The games are about an hour away. Tonight and Thursday night games are at 5 . The first game on Tuesday at least start at 6, maybe I can fix a meal then for the girls.
Wednesday is the day when my new frig and stove are suppose to be here, they are already at the store. I just can`t wait. i have been doing alittle spring cleaning as well. My Cabinet the holds a few dishes and my hubbys rabbit cookie jar and carnival glass pitcher and glasses has been cleaned out and waiting to be moved for the frig and stove to come in, along with the freezer has to be moved, besides the old frig and the old stove has to be moved and scrub underneath before the new ones come in. The cabinet above where the frig goes is moved out as well, we will need to cut the part of the cabinet out to allow for the new one to go in, in which I think will be a task.......
Enough for now, I will try and post picture of the new appliances when they arrive.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So excited.....

For the last week, we have been shopping or rather looking at new refrigerators and stoves, we only looked at two places and found the one we want. New stove...why, well I have been using a toaster oven for the past year or two , since I don`t trust the oven in the stove that is in the house, was here when we move is an old stove...the kind that has the storage area on the side...the pan above the broiler needs to be spot is a 36 inch stove , we are getting a 30-inch stove, so their will be a small gap, but hey it is a new stove....the 36-inch ones are way over a 1000 dollars and who can afford that on a tight budget. The new stove will be here next week, Don`t know what to bake first in the new stove....hmmmmmmm.
New refrigerator because the old one sometimes takes spells where it freezes everything, and I do mean everything...frozen eggs, milk. I so hate ice in my milk. The store bought milk ,separates once it freezes and then thaws out, but you didn`t know that. Needless to say the cats sometimes get alot of milk around here as well as the other critters.
We will have to cut part of the cabinet off to fit the new frig in , but hey it will be a bigger one then the one we have. The one we have is a 16 cubic foot, the new one is 18 cubic foot. Would have had the frig this week, but they had to order the stove in, so instead of them making two deliveries with gas prices the way they are...besides we have to move a few things to get them in the kitchen...better to move things once then twice.That is all for now, off to deliver more girl scout cookies.