Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where or where can the rain be....?

It has been dry here for quite awhile. Yes, we have had a few teasers in the way of rain, but nothing to measure in the rain guage.The grass just crinkles under your feet. My garden is so dry, the tomatoes are done for the year,the corn bit the dust and I have pulled up the stalks and saving them for fall decorations around here.The one lone watermelen plant is still green with a little yellow here and there and is still flowering , so maybe ( might be wishfull thinking). We have had some hopes of rain, but when it reaches the dry missouri air , it frizzles out.The cool nights have been a joy,Haven`t ran the AC, which is nice.
If anybody out there in blog-land has an excess of rain can you please send to missouri.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bandit...the crazy heeler

I thought I would blog about our crazy Red Heeler pup named Bandit.His oringal name was bandana, but the girls shorten it to bandit.I was wanting a varmit dog, one that would chase away coyotes and get possoms and coons away from my pouultry. I have tried mountain cur dogs, and I thought maybe a heeler . I seen a beautiful red heeler in back of a truck one day and told my friend what a beautiful dog she had. Later she told me that her daughters boyfriend`s dog was gonna have pups by her male, I told her I wanted one, a male if possible.
I got him and didn`t know how crazy he was then.He is about 6 months old now and is crazy as a loon. He will chase and attack your shadow, chase a red laser light at night and try to get it. We have a duck pond ( a old turtle sandbox) that he goes in and digs and and bites the water. He hates to have the water hose spray him, but he will chase the water from the hose and bite at it.The last time we got rain, which seems like forever, he attacked the rain as it fell off the roof.Bandit has gone after rocks, I think he has ate a few, lol.If I throw out something out the back and he is in grabbing distance ,he will gobble it up ,no matter what it is, so no-one else will get it. He has woofed down a tomato slice, a jalepeno( seeds and all), now when I throw something out he does smell it unless others are around, like the the chihuahuas or chickens or ducks.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

new ducklings, birthday, showers....

Lavender ,that was sitting under the porch has hatched out about 15 baby ducklings, ok I lost count how many that makes of muscovies, lol.All seemed to be the usual coloring of her other batch.
Yesterday, was my mom`s birthday and we took out for ice cream at Uncle Rooster`s, I sooooo love that place.She got a strawberry sundae and got her picture tooken with a rooster hat on it, and of course the girls wrote on the floor, yes this place is where your kids, or you for that matter can write on the floor.It`s also an orchard as well. I looked at the peaches, I plan on going back sometime next week and get some to make some more jelly.
We have gotten a few showers ,but not enough to put water in the rain guage or to settle the dust.Bandit, the red heeler pup loved the rain, snapping at the rain drops as they fell.I swear this pup was dropped on his head sometime before we got him, lol. He will barked at your shadow and try and get it and get a mouth full of grass.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brumley gospel music

I went thursday to the annual Brumley Gospel music concert in lebanon,missouri.I went with my mom and it was awesome. I seen 6 groups plus a very funny comedian, who told jokes without using foul language. All of the groups were very good.The cocert started at 7 pm,but really it started at 6:45 pm because all of the groups got on stage and sung some of the old time gospel tunes that we all know and love written by brumley, I`ll fly away is one of them. The cocert started out with the Isaac`s singing the National Athem, Star Spangled Banner, it gave me goose bumps to hear this beautiful song with the beatuiful voices of this group.Each group sung about 30-45 minutes a piece. Did say it was awesome.I seen the Lesters, they sung a song about faith, which I don`t remember the name of the song.Then it was the Booth Brothers, in which one ws not there, they was very energic, I don`t remember what my favorite song they sung that night was.Then it was time for the Perry`s ,all of the music sung was good, The feamle singer of that group reminds me of my Aunt Sandy.I also seen the Triumphant Quartet which sung the bluegrass song the Old white flag, which was very funny to watch, I so love that song.I also seen the Isaac`s and jeff and Sherri Easter. The comdian`s name was Aaron Wilburn.The brumley gospel music is for four days every year

We also visited a couple of quilt shops that was in Lebanon and both were easy to find

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

is is hot or what

We have been having a heat wave around here. It has been about 100 degrees and that is in the shade. Their is heat advisories out and for the first time in it`s history Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield,mo is closing it`s carnival portion until till 4 pm.
I haven`t made it to the fair as of yet.
I threw out some lemon wedges and I have the Welsummers out of their pen and they went after the lemon, not a pucker in sight from their beaks, it surprize me that they went after the lemon, since saturday they got some oranges after I had made orange jelly with, they just sneared their little beaks up at that, lol
I did make some homemade lemonade, yummy.