Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hope everyone has a wonderfull Thanksgiving

Monday, November 18, 2013

Gardening is never really over......

                                 Here is some limbs down to due to the high winds we had over the weekend.
                Prayers go out to those out east where the tornados hit.

                                                          Now on to the garden!
I am planning on extending the garden I can have more beds and of course more blackberry plants.
                                                        this is the spot before work
                                           This is the spot that some of the blackberries will have to be moved since Hubby and neighbor talked about putting a gate hence the blackberries will be moved come spring.....I told hubby that their pretty much is a gate of sorts here....just remove the one post and take down barbed wire....their is already a panel there....round here the could be a gate....I have counted about 8 plants need to be moved.....the joys of transplanting.....
                                        This is some things I have done around the garden.
                                          I moved the rocks on the side and put up some landscape timbers
                              that were in my chicken house that I am in the process of tearing down, planning on building another one in the future.
                                    more landscape timber put here....I think it looks better to extent
                                              some of the rocks went round the old wheel barrel

                              I just think this mum is still beautiful with the cold/frost hitting it
          work being done one the new place for more beds and of course the blackberries that will be transplanted next spring.
Well enough for now, gonna go and enjoy the day while the wind isn`t blowing

Monday, November 4, 2013

what I have been working on....

I have been tearing down one of my chicken pens and then taking the boards and making something new.....a new pen.....of sorts.
                                using only the boards that are good, is hard to find...a lot of 2 foot boards not that many longer boards....the frame going together....
                         the frame is all put together...tigeress had to check it out....I almost run out of screws to put this together.....just enough to put together....yay
                                           now putting the wire around it, one side is done.
                                             the top is on....who should go in this new pen.....
My cochin/buff cross and her 5 babies...they are loving it outside...
These babies will hopefully be some of my layers next long as they are not all roosters,lol
I have one more hen that has two babies with her as well...late hatches...they insisted that they set instead of laying any eggs, so I gave them eggs to set on and let them hatch out these babies.
I have also working on my youngest an afghan similar to the one that I made my oldest, hopefully I will get it done before Christmas and finally finished her animal quilt to get the back fabric and batting so I can tie tack it...
Well that is all for now.