Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today is my birthday and it is cold outside. I was hoping for warm weather ,so I could take a nice walk, ( I have added a few pounds on). Mother Nature has other plans, north wind blowing, whisteling thru the trees...brrrrrr. No big plans here ,as it is too cold outside and my hubby has to work tonight.
My two daughters have already given me my birthday card that they had made, these are always better then the ones you get from the store.....Homemade with love. I think the gifts that you make yourself are a gift of yourself to that person. Some of their friends also made me a card, in which I am alittle mad at, or rather upset at......she put my age on there..... My youngest daughter wrote the ageof 21... lol. Oh well, birthdays are a celebration of life.....and what life that has been so far......2 marriages, birth of 3 beautiful children, loss of one of those children...a child coming down with cancer, who is in remission, yay and thank God for that. I thank Him everyday for the many blessings he provides. It is almost time to go get the girls, so I will stop for now.....Everyone have a good day and night!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

cat riding horse... update on afghan

Yes, this is a picture of Panther,

my oldest daughter`s cat ,born on her birthday. Panther will ride in a bag on her bike down the road, and loves it. It did ride Cocoa for a while earlier. This was the best picture of him setting on the miniature horse, Cocoa. It is small I think for his age, He was born back in the spring of this year. His eyes are a yellowish-green, so pretty. He is not solid black, he does has a few white hairs, but from afar looks all black.

The other picture is ,this is the first block I have done on the Baltimore Quilt Afghan that I am doing. This is block 26. I am working the row of blocks as I am doing it , to make it easier hopefully. I did have to take it apart several times, hince so it would be right.

The rose in the middle I think was the hardest part of this block.
I am now working on block 27 ,which has stems and cherries on it., so far it looks ok.

I made turkey chili today with the leftover turkey. We have leftover dressing and pumpkin and chocolate pie left from the feast on Friday and it has been nice today.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Their is alot to be thankful for here on the farm. I am doing my baking today, as we are having Thanksgiving tomorrow, thanks to this Missouri weather. It stormed last night , and actually snowed today, just a light dusting of snow. I called my mom and she stated she had about a 1/4-inch of snow today. It is supoose to be bitter cold tonight , down in the teens ( 18). Brrrr that is cold and it`s not even officiality winter yet.
My hubby and I usually go out and are one of the crazy people that do Black Friday shopping at wally world here in our local town. I can not imagine going to a big city and doing black friday, anywho, this year I am not gonna be going as my hubby works tonight and will be there at wally world working and laughing at the people.
The things I was interested in was to be sold at midnight anyway and I don`t want to leave my two girls alone here at the house and it is gonna be bitterly cold so, I am not gonna go this year to black friday. Of course ,that don`t mean I might stop by there tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

need new stove..and other things...

Yes ,the title is correct I think I need a new stove. Last night we had a treat and I fixed frozen pizza, wanted something simple since, I will be cooking Thursday . I started smelling something burning and it wasn`t the pizza. The smoke alarm went off, I looked in the oven and it didn`t need cleaned out, in which I try and keep it clean. So , the pizza was cut in half and put in the toaster oven, till I could further investiage what the cause of the burning. this morning I looked at the oven and the bottom piece under the bottom piece (close to the broiler) was apart and was very close to the burner. So ,told my hubby and he states it could possibly be welded back. My hubby is not a welder, we called up a friend and he says just bring it by and he will see what he can do. So I will be using the toaster oven until I get it fixed or a another one. I am sooo hoping for another one, since this one is quite old.Another stove is gonna be hard to find, since the space is 36-inches and I have looked at those and they are quite expensive, hopefully we can find a used one somewhere . I am gonna start tomorrow the baking of the pies for thursday and get my dressing ready for thursday ,so all I have to do is stick it in the oven.

Remember the Baltimore aquilt afghan I am working on, I am redoing it. I did not like the squares and thought the squares looked too narrow to fit the applicate in and I tried it on one block and it was. I followed the pattern to the letter, needless to say it is being redone and I am fixing the pattern so it will look better for the squares. So I am taking it apart.

The chihuahua`s got a new crate to sleep in while they are in the house and a new pillow to put in the crate. You should have seen Trixie prancing around in front of Spunky, I got a new , a new crate. Princess liked it as well and was very happy about the new crate. It just seemed Trixie was very excited.

Friday, November 19, 2010

remember when....

We sat down as a family tonight and watched the waltons , I have some of the series on dvd . This was good family entertainment, no worries about what the walton children would say, while watching the tv, no worry about the children getting the ideas of being wicked. A story or rather a tv show that had true values and taught true values and morals, unlike some of the shows that our children watch these days. I am not saying I don`t like some of the shows that are out there , but some of the language that is used and the comments that are being made during the show.
Can you remember back when tv was a wholesome entertainment , yes their were cop shows that we all loved; Starsky and Hutch, columbo, quincy , Chips, to name a few. Their were family shows like All in the family, the waltons, little house on the praire. Remember when we weren`t afraid of letting our children watch anything on tv.Now ,we worry about the shows they watch on tv, because of the content of the shows.
Just a thought I would throw out and a pondering of my soul , or a longing for these shows to get back on tv. Wholesome show , like tese instead of shows like 2 and half men or the other ones out there

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

got rain.....and other things...

We finally got some rain, at least enough to get rid of leaves that have fallen and some brush. We didn`t want to start a fire and set the whole place a burning. Their is several fields around us of dry grass. My husband is just dying to burn the leaves around the house, but with the wind and dry conditions, not gonna happen.

The youngest is home sick today, caught some bug of throwing up that is going around school. Of course she has been complaining of feeling like she is gonna throw -up for a week now, she finally did it yesterday, she is feeling ok right now, so I guess she will be going to school tomorrow. The school has it`s annual Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, where the parents and grandparents can come and eat dinner with the kids. The youngest daughter said, " mom, you don`t want to eat their food, it`s no good". The oldest daughter agrees, I guess you know how they feel about the food by their statements, the oldest says it`s either burnt or not done.

I guess that is all for now......need to go and pick up the older daughter from school and take her to her girl scout meeting...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The things happening here

It is first day of deer season here. We usually don`t go deer hunting around here. the couple of times that my husband has gone since we have been married, he came home without a deer. He usually sat in or put his hand in a cow pile, needless to say he doesn`t go deer hunting. We have had deer meat, but from someone else that had extra.
My husband just threaten to get on his brown coveralls and hold up his deer rack and run streaking thru the woods, He wondered all many would shoot at him, I would say alot , lololol

I have started another afghan, I didn`t like the stained glass window one , so I broke it down and started the baltimore quilt afghan. I have had to teared it apart three times, first it was the needle, I used the wrong size, it called for G hook and I was using the H hook, I was on row 22. Then I realizied that I didn`t have enough stitches, I had 220 and it called for 225 foundtion chain. Then I had 223 stitches. I sooo glad I got it right this time. I hope I can finish this project. It calls for over 300 rolls , and then the same amount of row for the sides, besides the patterns for each square.
I am also working on the buck-a-block from last year , it is done in copper and white. Besides this years buck-a-block in which I am doing in two colors, mauve and a purple color.

I guess that is all for now, Good luck to those deer hunters out there

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

not much happening here....

As the title says not much happening here on the farm, for the time being. Just the usually thing gearing up for winter, Bringing wood to the house and piling it up to dry out a bit. We use wood as another source of heat.
Last week the youngest daughter was home basically all week from somekind of bug. Stomach flu is going around at school.
Dixie stampede was a very good show saturday, as usually. Two of the girl scouts that went have not been there before , so they enjoyed it so much. My youngest was watching the show and stating to me which horses were which during the show, yes, she memorized their names and what they looked like....she had her favorites... which were competeing for our side. lol.
We all had fun.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

flu shots....

The girls both had a doctor`s appoitment in springfield yesterday. both got their flu shot, or should I say flu mist, which looked easy enough to take and not quite painful. Leave to my girls to make mountain out of a molehill as to regards to shots. The oldest had to have three nurses hold her down ,just to get the mist in her nose. I can`t wait and see what she does when having a baby,.... Ok I can wait since she is only 13... I don`t want her to have one until she is at least 30. lol.
The youngest wasn`t as bad, she still had to be held but by one nurse. She also had a shot of hep A, which she thought should be done in her finger( that`s is where her labs are done every 6 months). Needless to say it is always a experience to take my girls to the doctor, especiality when shots are involved.
I visited the Ladybug shop also, Girl Scouts, to get 2 patches for the oldest daughter`s sash to be ready for saturday. I so loved that shop, well enough for now.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This is just a let everyone know , you need to go and vote tomorrow. I know their has been some controversary over proposition B here in missouri. I am voting No on it. Just letting everyone know how I feel about this issue.
I have been a hobby breeder at one time. I took care of my dogs. I took care of the animals I had and have. The animals that I used to breed , were and are Pets first, then were breeders next. I still have the two females that I had bred in the past and they are members of the family and will not be bred again as like I said are pets and loved members of our family. I no longer am a breeder, but I still know some that do breed their animals and these people love their animals and would not mistreat them. They have water and are fed well and have shelter.
So please those bloggers out there that live in missouri vote no on proposition B.