Friday, October 29, 2010

not much happening here....

Like the title says, not much happening here on the farm, still got a crazy muscovey duck setting. It is Elizabeth that is setting on 1 egg, I figured that she could at least keep one baby warm ,maybe.
Last night ,we got the first hard freeze of this season. It got the oldest daughter`s watermelon plant. I threw the one little watermelon to the pen of the quackers ( ducks that quack, Cayuga breed) and did they eat it up. It didn`t get the one rose that is blooming, which is still as pretty as it was yesterday.
The oldest daughter had a 24 hour bug yesterday, I went and got her from school, she ached all over and had a low-grade temp. I hope the youngest don`t get it. Now watch her get it the next weekend, we are planning on going on a girl scout field trip to dixie stampede. OOOOOOoooo how I love their soup, besides the other food, .........oh yea the show as well will be the christmas show. I love the navity scene that they do , it is all so magical, of course the season of christmas is magical and all the wonders of the season in which we celebrate. The way they do it is so pretty.
I think I will be setting up my Christmas village this year, already got my navity scene up, not I can`t wait for black friday weekend to put it up, or I could put it up before then , no I will wait.But I can start thinking about it and how to display the buildings and the different layers of the village. Our local Wally world don`t have any village pieces this year that I have seen, I guess I will have to look elsewhere. My birthday is coming soon and that is usually what I ask for is a village piece of some kind. I think I need more trees for the village. I might go out exploring and use what mother nature has such as sticks.
I guess that is all for now, it is almost time to take the cupcakes that I made to the school for the youngest daughter`s halloween party. The oldest had to bring something salty, so chips was the thing to bring.

Oh Yea, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone out there in blog land

Monday, October 25, 2010

busy weekend.. birthday... girl scouts...

This past weekend has been a very busy weekend. Friday, we celebrated the youngest birthday, 9 years old. She won a few months ago , a gymnasitics birthday party, so that it what we had. We were limited to 15 children, I invited 8. Only one of those 8 came, her best friend. They had a blast, even though there was only three in total. Both my two girls and the one friend that came. I was very disappointed ,that nobody else showed up. I mean how often does one from our small town get to go to a gym and learn and play on balance beams, uneven bars, etc. oh well.

Saturday was a girl scout function, and really the youngest actual birthday. So we went....a big disappointment. They separated the girls in our troup and put them with others they didn`t know. The hay ride was soooo sloooow and not very exciting. Next was picture taking ,which was not at all exciting, Picture being taken with other girls, who didn`t want to talk to the other girls from our troup, Our girls tried to talk to them, but they didn`t answer them back. So we all decided to leave . I thought We might go to the annual pig roast our volunter firefighters have every year, nobody was there, it was over with, so the girls and I went home.

Sunday was a day of rest and to try and figure out what the girls would wear , since the next day was hippy day at school, This is red ribbon week.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

witch`s stew

This recipe is from what my youngest and I came with. She has to journal sometimes on her school work. She has a theme for each day on the journal entry. So here is our witch`s stew recipe

1 heaping cup of monsters
11 frogs, slimy is best
10 spiders
3 scary jack-o-lanterns
1 black cat

Mix all ingredients in big black pot and stir with broom handle until done.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a new addition

We have a new addition here on the farm. Another rabbit , who just happens to be a doe. Her name is Hope. Here is the story on how we got her. My mom who lives in town , was outside and she seen something white and she went to investigate and low and behold a bunny. Needless to say she got it and bought it to us She first tried to catch it with a carrot, it wasn`t interested in that, then lettuce leaf and that is when she caught it. Hope belongs to the oldest daughter, her rabbit that she bought in the summer months died from the heat. Now I can have some baby rabbits, someday. Yah. The other rabbit we have is a buck and small as well. His name is fluffy, I think he might be possible have lion head in him ,cause he has somewhat of a small mane. Hope looks like a dawf bunny with the small ears. The oldest daughter named her Savannah Hope , Hope for short. At first she wouldn`t eat rabbit pellets, but now she is.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

crazy duck

Why do I say I have crazy ducks? Elizabeth ( muscovey) is laying and thinks she wants to set, which would make her eggs hatch somewhere about the middle of November, if it was spring I wouldn`t mind her setting on some eggs. But fall is another story, it gets cool in fall and sometimes down right cold in November here. A couple of years ago ,we had a muscovey hatch out in the fall/winter time and needless to say her babies didn`t make it.
Lavender is also laying under the porch where no-one can get her eggs, unless a person crawls on their belly to get them.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

do I look that old......

For last week , my youngest daughter`s friends have thought I was her grandmother instead of her mother. Yes , I am her mother and I have the scar to prove it ( She was a c-section) and I did carry her for nine months. I really don`t think I look that old . I am in my middle forties and I had my children late in life. I was 37 when I had my youngest and I would not change that. Considering what my husband and I have been through in our marriage. Their is four years difference between my two girls. I did not want another child after our son was born, because we did not think we could handle the possibly of having another child like him. I don`t regret having him. When We decided to have another child ,we wanted the oldest to know what it is like to have a normal sibling, of course what is normal. Cody was around the clock care, seven days a week, not that normal children aren`t. A person could not sleep during the night, since he could not swallow and had to be suctioned out. Yes, he was fed by a feeding tube and I never heard him say momma but I loved him just the same.
I do admit I do have grey hairs, I have natural frosting of my hair, lol.I love being a mom to both of my girls, even though they can be a handfull at times, red hair comes with tempers to match.
I have been thought I was a grandmother from both children and a parent. Who both don`t know our family. They are children ,whose family have moved into the area. So please don`t assume that a person picking up the child is a grandparent just because they have grey hair.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

history ponders......

The other day I was helping my husband mow the cemetary and I was thinking about the different people buried there , especialty the old graves. What they would think of the world today in which we lived. What stories they would tell of the days in which they lived. Are they any relatives that they have that remember them from days that have gone by.
We have mowed the cemetary for at least 2-3 years now. During memorial day ,the older graves do not have flowers on them. I know some of the family that is buried there ,but not all.

This remembering of history that has gone by ,got to me thinking of how I got started in family research. I was putting flowers on the grave where my paternal Grandfather is buried at Oak Grove in the old town of Owens, which is between Hartville and Norwood, Missouri and my grandmother told me I was related to all of those people, who were buried there. My relatives on my father`s side founded the little town of Owens, all is left is the sign stating where the town once was and the old store building , in which a relative owned and ran for many years.

I just wonder what they would have thought of this economy, of our president of United States,
of the techonology, One person can talk to another person by just using the computer or using the telephone, what they would have thought about the world wide web ,we call the internet, the cost of our food and clothing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is here....

Fall is here in the beautiful ozarks. The trees are just starting to show the colors of fall, brown ,yellow, orange, red.We have had our first frost, patchy at best here.The nights are cool, where you need a jacket. Time to bring out the sweatshirts.
My oldest daughter`s watermelon plant is still going strong, their is one watermelon on the vine I am watching.The last of summer`s goodness. Persimmons are falling from the trees. I am thinking about making some persimmon butter. Their is a spoon in the seed ,which means some shoveling in our future. I will put that thought on the back burner for now. I somewhat like winter, but not the snow or ice.I think though if I lived somewhere where it didn`t snow or ice, I would miss it.
The girls have had their school carnival, in which we came home with a cake, in which I won at the cake walk, among other things. My youngest bought a ceramic cat, she seen the day before, which is very beautiful.I also got a exprssso maker, I have not tried it out yet. Neither one of my girls got to be queen or princess for the carnival, but they are already princess for the Give The Kids The World in Florida.
Soon it will be the Glade Top trail walk the school has annually, it is so beautifull up there with all the falls colors in glory.
It also will be soon the youngest daughter`s birthday, she will be turning 9 years old. Of course who could forget Halloween, then on to November and all of the birthdays, not everyone`s birthday is in this month, but I have at least 1 birthday each week.I guess that is it for now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

cocoa bean

This picture is of Cocoa is a few years old. My camera`s batteries are dead and even though I was at wally world last night, I forgot to pick some up.
Anyway this is my daughters minature horse, who I swear is part goat, sometimes.We got him when my oldest was four years old, she is now 13. He was a stud and a friend told us he would be more gentle if we cut him. So our friend found someone who could do it. When he was being cut, my daughters and I were in the house. The oldest at the time thought they was killing him, try to explain to a four old.Any way he is a gelding as of the moment.He is green broke. At that time he was our oldest daughter`s horse.
He has been sold to some friends down the road, they gave him back when the youngest was diagnosed, so techically he is the youngest`s daughters horse. But we all love him ,even though he is spoiled.I told my hubby, that he is not gonna to sell him again .That is all the youngest talked about when she was in the hospital.
Let`s see he has eaten roasted marshmallows. got it all over him. He has eaten weeds I thought he wouldn`t eat, he ate them cause I said he wouldn`t eat it ,just to prove me wrong. He will race with my hubby.He is spoiled rotton, everytime we go to the garage ( where we keep our feed) he thinks he needs to be fed also, even though he was fed earlier in the day, with hay or grain.
When winter hits ,as you can see in the picture he looks like a wooly little horse.
He loves it when I am pulling weeds out of the flower bed in our yard, I just throw over the fence and chomp, chomp he goes.