Saturday, March 17, 2012

no title really at all.....

Yesterday, we went to springfield to get the girls some clothes. The oldest daughter is just so picky on jeans...they have to fit just right or she won`t wear them, the youngest could care less, we also delivered our last girl scout cookies...yay!. The oldest daughter ended up with three pairs of jeans and 3 tank-tops( she wears these under her tops), and a couple of tops. the youngest got two pairs of jeans and another donkey konk shirt ( yes, I said Donkey Konk, that makes two shirts and a hoodie of donkey konk) and a couple more for her.We did have to stop and eat at the Golden Corral....mmmmmmgooooood....they had a chocolate fountain in the dessert area and I had some strawberries dipped in chocolate, and even tried pineapple dipped in chocolate....mmmm, it was good. We also was asked if we had any money, so the young lady can get her something to eat.......we didn`t give her anything...I know bad on our part....but we did struggle here to buy what we do buy, and we do bargain shop .....needless to say I thought the young lady was dressed alittle better then we were........and she didn`t look like she had missed too many least that is what I thought..., I might have been wrong.

Today, was my youngest daughter`s fun game and about fell over when her grandpa showed up and actually watched the game ( he has never gone to any of her games, didn`t even go to the oldest eighth grade graduation) I am glad he was there, even if he didn`t talk to her, but got to see her make a basket during the game.
After the game, I did plant some more in the garden...mostly herbs and a few flowers. I am making a herb/flower garden. Let`s see.....i planted some coneflowers, ...fennel( never planted or even eaten it for that matters),...thyme,...lillies ( that replanted from a different area),...Iris (replanted from a different area)...,.....Lavender ( love the smell, never planted it before either).., rosemary, two different kinds of basil ( lemon-lime and purple).., more marigolds, gladoius......a rose bush that I picked last year and rooted ( will be either small pink or white blooms)...I think that is it......makes me want to go out and plant more, I just love playing in the dirt.
My radishes are coming up and as well as the green onions..

well, enough for now, everyone have a good day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring, spring.....spring.....

This bed is not full of flowers, but green onion sets. Last year , I put tomato plants here.

Double daffodils , aren`t they pretty. these were some that I had replanted a few years ago. These were actually in the bottom part of the two acres,where their is alot of rocks, needless to say I moved them somewhere I can enjoy seeing them instead of in the field, now in the yard.

Our wild peach tree is in bloom, this photo was taken today.

I just thought this was a pretty site as well, the clouds in the background just set this picture .

And last , but not least, a picture of frog eggs, I know not really spring yet, but hey, look frog eggs....that means soon tadpoles.....then frogs. The peeper frogs are out in full swing, just peeping away. My muscovies are laying and I do believe thinking about setting already, at least in one of the nest, there`s at least 15-18 eggs, of course that is with two laying in the same spot. Then another nest that i have found has 4-6 eggs in it. ( my muscovies free -range, so I have to hunt for the nest, and watch them close.)

Monday, March 12, 2012

my garden...2012

I know we got rain last night, but I was able to go out and plant one of my raised beds today and enjoy the sunshine while doing it. I have already got one bed of green onions, a mix of red, yellow and white bulbs, never know what you pull up when pulling them and eating them. ( hint - I like the purple/red ones). In the bed that I planted today, radishes ( two different varieties), spinach, lettuce, beets, parsley, sweet onions, marigolds and nasturtiums. I seen the design in a book that I checked out at the library's once. It showed one bed planted with these plants in one 3 x 8 bed, in which is what I have, at least one of ,as of right now.
I also got some potatoes, three different varieties, I have not ever planted potatoes, but thought I would give it a try this year. I got yukon gold, cobbler and some red that I forgot the name of. I know that everything that grows under ground has to be planted before or on St Patricks Day, at least that is what I remember my grandma saying. Well enough for now, gonna go enjoy some more sunshine!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Stove

Well, this is the new stove, I soooo love having a oven again, we got it in it`s spot Wednesday. We put the stove in the center of the 36-inch spot where the old one was.I think the old wone was a stove from the 1950`s and am not sure as I can`t find a date on it and have google search it and can not find a photo of the exact stove , but have seen stoves that are similar and they were from the 1950`s. I soooo love the new stove, it wasn`t the one we looked at online, the one we looked at had a pilots instead of electric ignition like this one does, but I , or other we waited for this one and it is here, so I am not taking it back.....
Funny thing , though about the oven, the time on the stove has to be set in order for the oven to work,....I guess you need to know the time in order to bake or broil, or rather the oven does, lol.
I have made a cake in one of my oblong cake pans, it baked so evenly and came out beautiful.

New frig is in place as well, I lost a cabinet shelf in the process, but I do now have a bigger frig and it doesn`t freeze where its not to suppose to.
That`s all for now.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Gardening today...

Well, my green onions sets are in the ground. Hopefully next week , I can get some good rich dirt for one of my raised beds, as I am redoing somewhat my garden area. ( We raise rocks in here on the farm , hence raised beds.) I am planning on making a knot garden in one of the 4 x 4 beds, using herbs, marigolds. I had seen a picture of a knot garden in one of my mom`s books and thought it was quite pretty and thought I might try and put one in my garden.
The book had alot of planting ideas in it as well, I might incorporate some of them as well, not for sure . the book was a herb book, it goes alittle in detail about some of the herbs, even some I have not heard of as well, such as rue, oris rrot ( which is iris flowers). Well, I am gonna go for now and dig up some easter lillies and replant them in a better location and enjoy the sunshine.Everyone have a nice day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

new frig....

This is the new frig, I got somewhat in its spot and it is plugged in and running, and not freezing any in the frig departement...yayyyy. At least, a new frig is not suppose to be that way,lol. I will get a picture of the frig when it is probably in the spot.

The spot where it goes, we have to cut the upper cabinet off and the side of the cabinet in order to get it to fit in there...I know we should have gotten a smaller frig, but you know we wanted this one and it is so much bigger. We should be getting the cabinet fixed sometime this weekend, my hubby is not very good carpenter , so hence for the wait.

This was the old frig, so long for it. It was here when we moved here, so I say about 9 years is pretty good, but then again I really don`t know how old it is. Gonna go for now, the youngest has a ball game tonight andan earlier one at that.

Monday, March 5, 2012


This week is gonna be alittle hectic. The youngest has got a basket ball tournment this week, a game tonight, two games tomorrow night and then one game on Thursday night. The games are about an hour away. Tonight and Thursday night games are at 5 . The first game on Tuesday at least start at 6, maybe I can fix a meal then for the girls.
Wednesday is the day when my new frig and stove are suppose to be here, they are already at the store. I just can`t wait. i have been doing alittle spring cleaning as well. My Cabinet the holds a few dishes and my hubbys rabbit cookie jar and carnival glass pitcher and glasses has been cleaned out and waiting to be moved for the frig and stove to come in, along with the freezer has to be moved, besides the old frig and the old stove has to be moved and scrub underneath before the new ones come in. The cabinet above where the frig goes is moved out as well, we will need to cut the part of the cabinet out to allow for the new one to go in, in which I think will be a task.......
Enough for now, I will try and post picture of the new appliances when they arrive.