Tuesday, May 28, 2013

flowers blooming here

I thought I would do a flower garden post this week, this rose has been planted here for about two years. It was blue the last couple of years, but this year it bloomed pink, don`t know why,...it was a pretty blue, but I guess it wanted to be pink this year....lol.

I so love the color of this rose...Denver`s dream, miniature rose
one of the piñata climbing roses are starting to think about blooming
My oldest picked this rose out and I think it is very beautiful pink.
Now on to the irises

I just love my irises, I guess that is why I have them planted everywhere it seems....and always see ones I like to have.
a climbing rose bush this one is in the front yard and was suppose to be yellow, and yes it is in a tree stump.
When a tree fells in the yard and it is hollow ...put a rose bush in it.
This squirrel I guessed wanting his picture taken,,,I had my camera out and taking these picture today and my youngest says, mom came and see this squirrel and get a picture.
new baby, just come out of the egg.
We went to St Louis Friday, it`s been along time since we got to go on a Friday, we got listen to Cornbread in the morning , a local dj on the radio. Everything came back fine on the youngest labs, except her vitamin D, found out that sometimes children can be low on the vitamin d that have token chemo, so next time go to town, got to pick up some vitamins with 400 vitamin D in them. We stopped by Purina farms on the way back, thought we was see a dog show , the one that catches Frisbees and the like , but the show was over. But we did get see a heeler do some tricks in the cat house, she sneezed on command and caught a ball, both girls seemed to like it.....I guess I need to finish this so, everyone can see the pretty flowers, everyone have a beautiful evening.  .

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

around the garden, farm.....

Two of the tomato plants have small tomatoes on them,....can`t wait for a tomato sandwich.....yummy . I so love home grown tomatoes, better then those store bought.

My radishes bit the dust...all top and no bottoms...no radishes this year from garden, maybe farmers market.

                                        Here is pic of three of the tomato plants, I picked up at a swap meet this past weekend.
                                                      Another tomato plant

                           just turnips lettuce and tomatoes and few green onions and garlic now in this bed, thinking on putting a pumpkin in here or watermelon, not sure as of yet.

  I promise I have weeded this bed or at least this area of the bed ,... A gardeners work is never truly done , lol....soon the cucumbers will be able to climb up, first time I have tried this, hopefully it will work that way I want it too.

                    These pole beans are the same bed as the cucumbers, soon hopefully they will climb as well. Am thinking I might put a string across the two ropes, though.

                                  This lone wax bean plant looks like it might be a vine instead of a bush bean...not sure about it.

 Thought you might want to see the grape vines,since the top one do get a little frost on it earlier, since Mother Nature couldn`t make up her mind, what season she wanted it to be, I think they are doing good.

                                       Blackberries are in full bloom and have notice on some of them a few small berries.
            Our latest addition, my youngest two baby chicks, that she got at the swap meet, given to her, she first had one, then decided she needed two to keep each other company, don`t really know what they are, just they are mixed banties.

                    Lavender has chosen not to set under the porch this year, but in a dog house, their is a chicken setting with her as well on the same eggs,...think she has enough down around those eggs. Tippy is setting as well, under a crate where I can`t get too.

Last but not least of the picture , A hen that due to start hatching out sometime this weekend. She has a lot of eggs under her. At last count 12, the other hens keeping laying in her nest. I also have another hen setting or at least wanting to set without any eggs under her.....I am going to get some eggs that I seen on craigslist, ..maran eggs that are very pretty to put under her, I am thinking anyway.

On to the storms, We did not get any damage here, but my heart and prayers go out to those in Oklahoma.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

garden is growing....

                Cannas are coming up good, these I saved over the winter and planted them

                         These cannas I got for clearance, photo on what they look like on a previous post

 I put out some tomatoes, even though a little leery about it due to having snow on the 3rd of May, I  got these at a Mother`s Day plant sale for only a buck a piece....I got one cherry tomato, I do like to pick these off vine and eat right in the garden, I also got 2 beefsteak and 1 golden jubilee, just love the color of the goldens.

                            My one and only Wax bean coming up, I planted them in two different places and with all the rain this is the one that is coming up...never planted wax beans before.

Here is a picture of one of the pole beans or rather two of them, I put two seeds per hole, seems like both have come up. These are planted in the bed frame and planning on letting it climb around the frame.
                       Cucumbers are finally coming up, yes, I know I so need to pulled weeds around these.

Last but not least, a picture of my Mother`s day rose in bloom. Hope everyone has a beautiful day, it is suppose to be close to 90 today. I am clowning today at the school in a few hours.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a look around the garden...growing up....

              I got the above rose today, my youngest needed to go to the doctor ...she has an infection in her ear. Got this at Lowes. It wasn`t the same as the one I had seen earlier that I liked at Wal-Mart, but it is about the same coloring I wanted for that area where I put it at...by the piñata climbing rose. This rose is a miniature and is called Denver something. ...it seems like I forgot what it is....old age creeping up on me...lol.

                                                                  A tulip I transplanted

                                            Wheelbarrow  with hens and chicks

                                         a picture of one of the piñata climbing roses

                                                 A peony I transplanted , so my hubby wouldn`t mow it down, he so hates to mow around things sometimes.

      Sorry about the blurriness of these two picture, the top is a marigold I rescued and the bottom is one of the peonies I planted that I got on clearance....ooh  woot it`s coming up.

                              The pole beans are coming up despite the weather Mother Nature has bring to us.....Snow in May....mmmmm, odd...frost as well....yes ,these were covered up, hopefully no more frosting her ,at least until November

                              A row of Irises that I have been transplanting ...putting them in small rows of each color as they bloom, so far only purple has bloomed
           In this place I do believe I will plant more irises along the fence and up against the building....this place was had a dog pen, in which we got rid of and this area has been grown up for the past couple of years, and it is awful rocky here and I think Irises will do good here

I thought I would put a light color iris photo on here , this one is in the bed beside the house.