Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still here.....

I am still here, I didn`t float awy down the stream or rather creek. I did think about building an ark though with all the rain we recieved. And it is raining again..ugh. Well , to catch up in all the details of the past week...Let`s see.....the modem was hit by lightning , just got that fixed today or rather yesterday and just got the tower back today before the rain started again. Trip to St Louis is done until a couple months, all is well with the youngest, she had a test to see how best she learns as we are having some problems related to memory and a hearing test...The hearing test came back A-ok , in which I knew it would, don`t know what the other test results until a couple of weeks.

I soo enjoyed myself or rather my clown side enjoyed as well as the kindergardeners in the area school. I handed out rainbow seeds and donut seeds as well as bown-E`s and Black and Pink -I`s and of course a couple of black-I -P`s and a couple of blue -J`s, the blue -J`s flew away and the kindergardeners caught them,besides making a few balloon animals, mostly dogs. The children figured out who I was a couple of days later,...they went around saying you were the clown, you were the clown and you handed out skittles for rainbow seeds and cereal for donut seeds. I sooo enjoyed myself. I also visited some of the other classes in clown. I told the kindergarden teachers any time they needed a clown , just let me know.

Our Princess, Chihuahua has been missing since we got back from St Louis, We think one of several things happened..someone picked up up, coyotes got her, or someone hit her with a car, or she had a seizure and is gone. We have looked everywhere and calling in on the local radio station`s trading post and still no luck in anyone seeing her.

Next week will be busy week, the oldest has a field trip about every day except maybe Monday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy, Busy....more Busy...

The next few weeks will busy around here. We have a trip to St Louis, Field trips at school- that I want to attend and of course my oldest daughter`s graduation to go to, oh yea , I forgot JR Cattle-barions balls to go to tooo- The youngest got selected to go to it this year and she gets to ride horses and see horses........of course the family is invited tooo.

My grandmother passed away this week and her funeral in Saturday, I will so miss her. She has been in a nursing home for a couple of years and had Alzheimer's. She would have been 91 years young. She always made the best biscuits and the best gravy that went along with those biscuits. I have family coming in that I have not seen in a coon`s age, as they live in Kansas and cousins that I don`t remember seeing since they were little things. Well, I am bout to cry , so I will go on this blog and happy things.

Today, I will be clowning at my girls school...Balloon animals ( the simple kind right now) and of course being silly as well

Next week , a trip to St Louis , in which the appointment will be an all-day thing. A Field trip to Glade Top Trail as well.

The first week in May...ummm last see the oldest has a field trip everyday except Monday. Track meets, Softball tourment, trip to Jefferson City and Silver Dollar City, in which , I am thinking will be going with her on the last one.

The second week in May...Another week of field trips. that weekend .. JR Cattle-Barion Balls

Then the week after that.....GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!

Busy, Busy, busy as the saying goes

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trip to the ER...

The youngest daughter woke up with her left hip hurting slightly. Later in the morning it was hurting so bad and I could not touch took to the ER... They x-rayed her and didn`t find anything wrong, but told me to limit her activity for a few days and if still bothering her to follow up with her regular doctor. They asked if she had a limp with which she didn`t and stated it was probably her muscles around her hip bone and that if it was bone cancer , nothing would show up on the X-ray. Thanks for that knowledge and let`s not go there , after all she is in remission from Leukemia.


We just found that a minister friend Cancer has come back. He had Leukemia a few years ago. He was diagnosed shortly after our youngest was. I know this is rough on the family. I have heard when the cancer comes back it is more rougher then the first time around, and it is harder on the adults then on the children. So , I am asking for prayers to be head his way from all that is all there in blogland. I don`t know where exactly the cancer is right now, but I know after you are in remission from cancer , it does have a chance to come back.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

another trip to Branson... among other things

Sunday, my hubby had the day off , so we went to branson , mainly to get the oldest daughter a pair of shoes for eight grade graduation. We stopped off at forsyth and had a picinic lunch before heading on in to branson . The oldest wasn`t feeling that great, but her classmate was gonna be singing at the Branson Mall again, and this time she actually had a pacific time to sing. Our first stop...Branson Landing and we went to Debs to get the shoes and she found what she wanted, even though we thought the heels were alittle high for her. These were the only pair she liked that were in her size....6, in which they did not have a alot to choose from in size 6, but at least they had size 6. Then the next stop was at the Branson mall....and yahoooo Mariah had a time slot, so we goofed off in Walmart until time for her to sing. The youngest taped her performance on her ipod. If you want to see and hear her sing go to youtube and search mariah Thomas....I think one day she can be a singer , as long as she stays with it. Now on to other things...The yougest is gonna be going to the American Cancer Society`s jr. Cattlebarion ball next month. She is so excited , she will get to ride horses and see horses. every story at school has to have a horse or pony in it, even if the teacher says to write a story about something other then horses. I think this will be perfect for her. She is kinda of mad at her older sister , who gets to go to Silver Dollar City for her field trip ( annual 8 grade trip), and she states that the oldest cant go to the horse thing. We heard a song the other day , that brought back memories....I am Strong by the Grascals.....this song touched us so deeply....So we are now looking for the cd of this group. We bought Randy Owen cd, just because of the song braid my hair, in which we are so fortune it to see the youngest brush her hair and all the other things she does. Everyone have a good night and bless you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

blooming here...ahhhh Spring

Here is a young cabbage plant that is one of my beds, along with some radishes and about 4 pansy in the color purple. The frost that we have had here last month didn`t touch it
Here are some tulips in all the blooming glory. Yes, that is a barbeque grill in the background, it is part of the bed. I planted tulips in there as well, in which they didn`t come up. I am thinking I do need to need to replant them.
Even one of the irises, in which I have lot of, decided to bloom as well!

Here is one of the apple trees, I planted last year, budding out....The other one I do believe bit the dust, not budding out at all
A beautiful redbud tree in his purple glory!

One of the daffoils in the yard, I bought this one last year at lowes

Of course , I can not forget the greatest smelling flower bush....the Liliac in all the sweet smelling goodness

And lastly a wild plum tree in bloom. The dogwood are in bloom around here as well, besides all the other budding things around here on the farm . I didn`t get a picture of the dogwood as of yet, I didn`t walk that way this morning where their are a few trees and I didn`t take my camera either. All of these photos are of in my yard or garden area, or rather in the different beds that I have. Yes, the watery eyes and the running nose is apparent here as well for myself as well as my youngest daughter`s ..she has the scratch in the throat as well.....I think the chemo that has been in her body makes her worse for her . Thank You GOD for all this beauty of Spring!!!