Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Walk thru the Garden....

Since I haven't had a garden blog in some while, at least a couple of weeks....I decided to post aware this is photo heavy.....
the above pic is one of the climbing roses....
that one that is doing great.

                                                                  a row of Irises

Here are the two tomatoes plants I have planted with marigolds...they are blooming...
haven't seen any little tomatoes yet.

one of the potato's towers
I have this year, this will be as high
as I will built it this year.

                                        one of the new blackberry briars planted this year

two different views of the same rose
the second pic you can see the white on it
                                                             the ice plant in the sink

                                                                my two hostas

                                               another rose bush. Can you tell I love roses...


The other tomato plant I have planted so far this year....its blooming as well...

Hens and chicks in cooler
                                        one of the grape vines I planted last year is in bloom.yay..

                                                    mound of Mums

                                                           Squash coming up...have planted more

                                                  A row of peppers, green peppers

                                                                Another rose in bloom

                                                   My creeping thyme and lavender.


                                                                 row of leaf lettuce

            first time growing Swiss chard, now to find some recipes to use this in

                                              first time growing broccoli as well

just a few more pepper plants...about 4 of these are jalapenos
my bean plants.
Wasn't gonna grow any beans this year until the youngest decided I need to need to...she loves to go out in the garden and just eat them off the bush/vine....
have started another afghan ...will post pic soon.

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